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Raynham Public Library 
|Ray^ h *4A 02767 


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'R&gional 'High School 

166 'Mount 'Prospect Street 

'Bridge-water, M%. 02324 

(508) 697-6902 


Volume 38 

aving the *B est for Last 




s our high school years come, to an end, -we ait the. times that made us -who 
we are today. We remember making our ovm 
pizzas at 'Pa-pa Qino 'sfor our birthday par- 
ties and dancing to 9{ew "Kid's on the "Blocks 
"Hangin 'Tough. " Don 't forget that we always made sure 
our homework, was done before Saved by the Bell. We 
couldn 't miss any of Zack.and %elly 's romance! Oh, and 
who could forget slap bracelets? 9{p wrist was complete 
without one. Side ponytails were the rage, and different 
colored fluorescent socks kicked butt. Our most prized 
possessions were our Rainbow "Bright dolls, 9datchbo\. 
cars, and the ever-popular Teenage ^Mutant 9£nja Turtle 
collectible action figures. As we aged, the cootie-infested 
boys andgirls we grew up with were magically transformed 
into beautiful young ladies and handsome young men. 
Hand-holding was a major step in the boyfriend/girlfriend 
relationship. "When we got that first kiss in agame of spin 
the bottle, it was a memory to last a lifetime. We then 
moved on to Junior High, and our friendships werestrength- 
ened. The friends we made then would last for an eternity. 
The years practically flew by, and before we knew it, we 
were getting ready for high school. In our younger years, 

we were.. 


1. Becky Briggs and Amanda Curry prepare to enter the world of school. 

2. After a long day's worlc^ Trevor "Kelson, 1 'J Joyce, and 'Brent Cordiero 

take a lunch in junior high. 

3. Qossiping (ike schoolgirls, Jen^Hayts, BeckyStaaf and Lauren Sankus 

gather for a sleep-over. 

4. On a Wdliams Junior fUgh field trip to fjewport, Kpili McLaughlin, 

Lindsay Simpson, and 'Becky Morris have lunch. 

5. Macho men Jason Long, John 'Dechaves. Jon Kyan, Steve Jord, Shawn 

O'Brien, Keith Ledin, MarkPoreli, Steve Woodruff, Ben McKpnna, 
Jon Cucinatto, and Jim 'Detgado liven up a poolside party. 

6. After their Sthgrade graduation, Bridgewater grads rejoice in their new- 

found freedom 

7. A (Raynham girt scout troop proudly displays their badges. 

8. In Sthgrade, Qiants cheerleaders bus to their national competition in 

Myrtle Beach. 

9. 'Hicole 'Kelso and Liz Thompson shine in a third grade rendtion of Alice 

in "Wonderland 

1 0. At Jen 'slith birthday party, Kelly Qovain, Jean McLaughlin, and Jen 

Qruninsee the world from different points of view. 

11. Kemeber the innocence and carefree days of our times at Laliberte Junior 


12. Innocent as angels, Stephanie and KfUy Casey pose before a ballet 

13. Showing off their maturity at ayoungagcQregJvQTimPauline, Jason 

Kraunczaki Keith Quimby, Mike 'Kaplan, and Adam Asadorian goof 
around at a birthday party. 

14. Proudof their matching outfits, sisters Kristen and Jennifer Lozzibask. 

in holiday spirit. 

15. Kyle Bradshaw dutches his junior high diploma with joy as his buddies 

"Dave McQuire, Paul liKtheraU, 'Eric Salmon, and Jason Cjaudette 
enjoy the celebration. 





7%^** i 







■ i. 

hident life is more than just football, basket- 
-ball, and tracks It 's more than "English, history 
and chemistry. It s about the friends we met 
l@yVlZ^@1 on the bus, in the lobby before school, in the 
'■ill' 1 halls, classes, and lunch. It's about the friends 
we 've kept and will keep for years to come. 'Wk 've experi- 
enced many emotions together over the years, especially 
stress. We 've stressed over tests, prom dates, midyears, and 
finals. 'But through it all, our friends were there beside us. 
Through the years we 've groum and matured together, 
watched our friends become the young men and women 
they are today. 'By the time we started senior year, we 
realized that we were 


1. Michelle Bisson, Jen "Haynes and Jlicole Trice play 
dunces in gym class. 

2. fleeing his muscles for Jennifer Cookj. Jon Laubinger 
feels pumped after another exciting J3fP 'English class. 

3. Mike Owens races to catch up with speedsfcater Jon 
Boyd at 'DuckJPond in Boston. 
%ate Ouelette gives Mike Cjraham a piggyback, nde 
during a field trip. 

Lauren (Dowd, Lora Marden, Johanna %eay, Mary 
Qolden, and'Erin 'Daily have a holly jolly Christmas at 
a cookie party. 

6. %aty 'Wise, 9Qm Qreene, leather 9lenessey, and JU( 
%pse will be friends for life. 

7. Amy Innocenzi stubbornly refuses to reveal the name 
of her latest crush to 9{icole 'DeSrfva. 

8. Mike Owens styles the drawing with his creativity. 

9. "Ed Casabian, Ed Callahan, and Tony Jucci hurry to 
finish their in-class assignment. 

10. Manny Baros, Justin Lima, Jovon Jones, and Erin 
Qale hang out in the hallway to wait for the bell. 

11. Trying "to be all that he can be, " Matt Soderbom talks 
to a military officer about recruitment. 

12. Bemadette O Connor shows that she is full of hot air 
in Physics. 

13. 9{icole Longabard, "Rita Mason, and 2Lmy Lindsey 
touch-up during the Junior 'Prom. 

14. Stephanie Quarino, Lauren Sankus, Johanna J(eay, 
and Julie Watson smUe after a caffeine buzz at a get- 




rom the time we recognized famitiar 
faces in freshman "English to the time 
we hug that same person after gradua- 
vji r i<tijv Hon, friendships have Seen made that 
Cast a lifetime. Over the past four years, we made 
friends we can laugh with, friends we can tell our 
secrets to, and friends we can even cry at sappy 
movies with. These people wUl6e there through the 
good, the bad, the ups, and the downs of life. Always 
treasure your friends and together you willbe 


1. %pbbin Htyehrwein and Julie "Balder smile happily 
whUe enjoying the great outdoors. 

2. "lorn Cushing, TimH^esmini, and JeanMcLaughlin 

have a quality bonding experience at an after- 
prom party. 

3. Tiff any Matthews and Aja1{eiger share an inside 
joke while at their lockers. 

4. Megan O 'Connor, Adrian "Dominico, %errinLowe, 

and "Derek.Marconi make a fashion statement. 

5. Laura McCjoodwin, Tara Melo, Colleen "Kcnnessy, 

and "Brooke Albert pullover to say "hi " in the 
middle of hallway traffic. 

6. At a spaghetti supper, football players "Doug 
"Bessette and "Ken Lomba show off their warm, 
fuzzy sides. 

7. Shelly Cuellar, Caitlyn Qale, andMegan Callahan 

are the best of friends, bunny ears and all. 

8. Leslie "Pinkerton and April Morin catch upon their 

latest gossip ivhile getting books for neict period. 

9. friends gather at lunch at the "BO^cafeteria. 

10. AndreaSt. Martin and"Danielle "Dangoia shave 
their legs in preparation for the big field hockey 

11. Ale^^loyo, Jaime Chipman, Lindsay Simpson, 
and Nicole Tsika share a group hug. 

12. Taking it like a man, Steven "Hinksman endures 
a playful punch from Brian "Donovan. 

13. "Doug iVenson andSheri Cote grab a quickj>ite 
to eat in the cafeteria. 

14. Senior football stars tackle each other for a 
prime spot in the pigpile. 




[<■ *i 



<\ .. 



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-^ — - — - M 

^HV " _^^^f * "" 

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*■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■ 

1 i k. 

». - ^ML^ 


X // 






1 MPy.jflrmli ^fl Mil l 

iy-^l^'v \ m 



I 9 


■goffers an excellent variety of valuable 
learning experiences, freshman year, we 
. r/ ^.learned what countries such as 'Egypt and 
JHt^^sS' China wen like in ancient times. In "English 
u 'c Learned how to begramatically correct and compose our 
thoughts on paper in ways never imagined. Math was more 
than Basic arithmetic, and our knowledge of the land, air, 
and sea in Earth Science astounded parents during 
dinnertime conversations. H'e also learned the basics of 
Spanish and French. Sis sophomore year rolled around, we 
read classics like S\ Tale of Two Cities, Julius Caesar, and 
To "Kill a Mockingbird. Carrying on a conversation in a 
foreign language was becoming easier. Parle 'vous Jrancais? 
(Hablas espanol? Sis juniors our founding fathers were our 
teachers and the 'Declaration of Independence was our 
teictboolc. German 'Melville, Stephen Crane, and Emdu 
(Dickenson became our best friends. Trig ratios and the 
Law of 'Partial Pressures sounded less like gibberish and 
more (ike a familiar and frequent reality. (However, in our 
senior year we all reached the pinnacle of our educational 
experience, and quickly discovered that, in terms of (earn- 
ing, 'B%truly believes in 


1. Shawn (Murdoch concentrates on his chemistry lab. 

2. tyukphoo!' exclaims Megan (KfUiher as she peers out behind 
pinkbadoons in Physics. 

3. "Ryan (Protz takes a quickjnooze durng his never-ending math 

A. 7(acey (Brides masters the pottery wheel in art. 

5. "Bobby lose and "Erin Munise studufor their exams. 

6. Taking (Ms. "Burton seriously when she said she wanted her :¥P 

"English students to feel the nature images in the poem, ' 
Megan "Kellifier and Brendan (Harmon attempt to give Jim 
"Kirkcaldy the full Literary experience. 

7. "Dazedandconfused,!PeterJohnsonstrugglesu'ith his microscope. 

8. "Katy Lucas crams for her vocab test. 

9. "Renee Carr concentrates on finding just the right tvord' f order 

"English assignment. 

10. "Elise "Pelletier and Lou Orfanos team up to Learn the elements. 

11. "David McLcndon, J. Wright, and "DerekRaynard sing their 
hearts out in chorus. 

( yphcnnonLaxaaMcQoodwinpractices life-saving techniques 
in CPRtraining. 

13. Beth Leary and (Kevin Ricci prepare a world-class delicacy in 
(Home "Economics. 

14. Sophomore scientists Laura (King, (Ryan Schleicher, Creole 
Tesiko, Craig Hudcttc, Jeff Tripp, and Julie Craig make careful 
observations of the experiment in chemistry. 




ong after we forget how to find the area 
of a. circle and how to form a chemical 
equation, the intimate moments shared 
yW/jg SI with friends witt remain in our minds 
'PriHi and in our hearts. 'BK^ provides us not 
only with a strong academic background, but also 
with special moments never to be forgotten, how- 
ever, all must admit that graduation is the most 
memorable moment of our high school careers. 'Wait- 
ing for that special moment to arrive, we are 


I. Melissa Pratty smiles after finishing her gourment 
meal at the Junior 'Prom. 

J. Maryellen Anderson and "Becky Briggs steady their 
hot air balloon in Physics. 

3. Ken Lomba acts as a human coat rack_for Arthur 

4. Melissa Krappe, Kachel Carter, 9^ico(e 'Kelso, Kim 
9lalon, and Liz Thompson show off their loot at a 
Mawaiin birthday bash. 

5. Sarah ?^pyes, Becky 'Harris, Creole 'Kelso, Kenee 
Chaff e, Ashley Joy, and Jared Lucia dance the 

6. Sean Janey, Joe Luchetti, and Jared Lucia clown 
around at the '97 semiformal. 

Mary Qolden, Kelly Jeeney, Kate Oulette, Julie 
Adams, and Becky 'Ksnris practice their conga line 
before the dance. 

8. Kristin Qrady and Jen Cookjmile proudly after they 
were picked as members of the court. 

9. Brian "Heavey and Jim Tmordget down and boogie at 

the Junior Prom. 

10. 'Doug Bessette and Andy Maynard celebrate a 
successful win at a Trojan football party. 

II. As the wealthy folks of honkers, 'Derek.Kaynard, 
LiaMacrina, and "Dave Comis sing 'Call on (Dolly. " 

12. Kyle Bradshaw gets carried away with friends Jon 
Boyd, i\athan Clifford, and John Sheehan. 

13. Lesley Pinkerton and Jill Ledin stop to see Justin 
Bettencourt while racing for their cars registrations. 

14. Long time friends Jean McLaughlin, "Dave Comis, 
and Jen Qrunin reminisce about the good old days 
during the prom. 


^^^^^^^^B ^^ 

j Cap 

1 1 


\ I * 



saving the 6 est for Cast. 




h all the important Cessons we 
here at "B%, sportsmanship is no 
exception. In the real world, competi- 
and teamworkjioill play a wit in our 
lives. While we are learning these im- 
portant lessons, we are also having fun, making 
friends, and, most importantly, creating memories 
that will last a lifetime. Whether we win or lose, we 
come to learn that as long as we play hard and have 
fun, we are ultimately gaining anyway. !As time 
passes, and graduation inevitably approaches, we 
realize just how fond these moments were. Thank: 
fully, the memories will never truly end, and we will 
always be cherishing them and. 


1. Lesley "Pinkerton charges towards first base. 

2. The Trojans watch intently from the sidelines on 
fourth down and two to go. 

3. (David Stelmach and Jeff Saunders wait their 
turns on the putting green. 

4. The track_team congratulates Jess Rawlins with 
a hug after a hard race. 

5. Josh "Katz, Jon "Ryan, andTim Lawton celebrate 
their victory. 

6. Thegirls trackjeam cheers wildly at an OCL meet. 

7. Taking a breaks the field hockey team groups 
together for a picture. 

8. "Katie Simmons, Christina Pelletier, and "Ellen 
Sanderson psyche themselves up before a big match. 

9. "Hre we there yet?" asks the field hockey team 
after a long bus ride. 

10. Kurt Silvia prepares to pass the ball to teammate 
Qreg Highlander. 

1 1 . "Mike %aplan slaps high fives with "Brian Stanley 
and Jon Kuan after scoring the winning run. 

12. %evin "Mahoney focues on his opponent 's serve. 

13. Seth 9{elson and Jon Hartford share a hearty 
laugh while stretching before their run. 

14. The soccer team becomes pumped up after scoring 
the winning goal. 



L */ 






BhCl ^B^BH 

^Bp ^t 

^^l£\ / ^ 

I 1 





ctivities at f B-^aCCozu students to exc- 
ess themselves creatively and with 
others who share the. same interests. 
ih===:(jfsf 'The natural musicians can participate 
in band, chorus, and the school musical, while those 
who are more literarily -inclined can join in on the 
school newspaper, creative writing, or the extremely 
coolllnitas yearbookjtaff. Those who are artisti- 
cally talented can take part in the art and photogra- 
phy clubs, whUe the school spirited can find their 
place among the cheerleading or pep squads. While 
doing what we love best, we helped define charac- 
ter, build friendships, and just plain have fun. 

lAs we come to the end of our days at 
< Bridgewater-%gynham, we hold our memories of 
events past, as well as events yet to come, dear to 
our hearts. 9{ever again wUf we experience such 
carefree days in such a welcoming environment. We 

lookjiow to the future saving the best 

for last. 


1. Sarah Clifford, Laura Winsor, and ChrissylKall 
gossip about the latest news in '/oncers, 'Hew 

2. "Orange you glad you didn 't say 'banana '? " 

3. Jen Jlanery and Jessica Murphy rehearse their 
new song in chorus. 

4. Mr. folan roots for the robotics team by boasting 
his flamboyant clothing. 

5. Jamished 0\[HS President Chris 'Daniels supports 
If by buying a candy barfrom'Bernie O Connor, 
Michelle ^Holmes, lAuna Lundin, Leon Machado, 
Jessica Palowski, and Chris Jlynn. 

6. 9&S tour guides Jen Qrunin, 'Kelly Qovain, 
Kerry Cassidy, and Andrea St. Martin fluster 
'Kyle 'Bradshaw s mother by giving her confusing 

7. 'Becky 9{prris shows off 'Dave Comis 's fabulous 
"itfello Dolly " drawing on her barefoot.. 



r 1 



Thankjjou, Mrs. (Donna Holt 

The Class of 1999 enthuisatically dedicates the 1999 Unitas 
to a teacher whose service to the students of Bridgewater Rayn- 
ham has gone above and beyond the call of duty. 

A full-time mother herself, Mrs. Holt still manages to find 
time for her other kids here at B-R. Mrs. Holt has brought her 
intelligence, her leadership, her hard work and her trademark 
sense of humor to every aspect of the Regional. She has been the 
favorite teacher of Spanish students throughout the school, as 
well as advisor for the Class of 1998. We can also thank Mrs. 
Holt in large part for bringing the Peer Mediation program to B-R. Mrs. Holt 
advised the mediators in their inaugural year here at the Regional. 

When Class of 1999 student David Comis fell ill to cancer, Mrs. Holt didn't 
hesitate to reach out and lend a hand. She was there every step of the way for 
David, his family, and his friends. When David was unable to come to school. 
Mrs. Holt became his tutor, and a trusted friend. She frequently drove Dave's 
friends to see him in the hospital in Boston, and made sure there was always a 
constant network of support. Mrs. Holt has also taken it upon herself to ensure 
that there is a scholarship set up in David's name. 

For these reasons, the Class of 1999 would like to thank Mrs. Donna Holt, and 
wish her years of continued success in the future. 

1. Mrs. Holt is always willing to give extra 
help to students in Spanish. 

2. As class advisor, she helped the seniors 
of 1998 shine at the pep rally. 

3. Friends of David Comis gather to plan an 
appropiate tribute with the help of Mrs. 

4. "Sister Jim" gets a laugh from Mrs. Holt 

at the Senior Holiday Party. 

Since 1983, Roland Chevrefils ("Chev" to his students) has been synonomous 
with shop classes at B-R. After 17 years of both educating and entertaining 
thousands of students, Mr. Chevrefils is retiring. Chev' s colorful personality and 
zest for life have brought out the best in his students. Many of them have gone 
on in the field and become successful as a result. Chev will leave with many fond 
memories of classes and students, especialy the TJ 2 projects which enabled young 
people and adults to work side by side as equals to make a robot move to do their 
bidding. He also enjoyed the Shop BBQ of 1998. His retirement plans include 
becoming "self-employed and independently wealthy". We wish him good luck 
and success. 

Also leaving B-R was Sylvia Blakely, our Instructional Media Specialist (or 
librarian back when the IMC contained only books) She is best known for her one 
week course "Introduction to B-R's IMC" which she taught to freshman English 
classes every year . When computers came to the library, she became an expert 
in teaching students to surf the net to do research in all subjects. We wish her a 

happy retirement. 


Teachers shape our lives in eo many ways. 
They are one of the biggest part of B-R life. 
Whether it's helping us write a 
sonnet, solve a calculus problem, 
or create a work of art they open 
our minds and introduce us to 
new things. Somehow, they are our 
diciplinarians and our friends. Mr. 
Phaneuf 's colored socks can brighten any one's day and when 
Ms. Burton says "Ah, indeed!* you know you're on the right 
track. They arc there for us in the classroom and out. Ms. 
Paterna's and Ms. Fisher's school spirit cannot be topped. 
Faculty members spend countless hours at football practice 
or musical rehearsals even after a stressful day at work. A 
mere thank you is not enough for their dedication. 

1. Mr. Conroy warily tests to see whch beaker contains the 
sulfuric acid. 

2. Mr. Diaz announces the date of the mid-year exam to his 
depressed students. 

3. At the Faculty Appreciation Tea given by the Matronal 
Honor Society, Mrs. Fisher steals the last pastry right under 
the fingertips of her husband, Mr. Fisher, as Mr. Moscardelli 
and Mr. Barber pretend not to notice. 

6 5 



4-. Ken Lomba, Tony Gramazio, and Mr. deCastro contemplate the meaning of life 
during study. 

5. Mr. Crane outlines the journey of John Steinbeck's Travels With Chat-ley to his 
sophomore honors class. 

6. Micole Kelso and Renee Chaffee argue with Mr. Sarantopolous that they should 
be allowed in the halls without a pass. 

7. Mr. Cheverfils shoots Bruce Wilson and Pat Cleary the evil eye as they promise to 
get back to work. 

£. Ms. Calefs Physics class, Renee Carr, Megan Kelliher, Becky Briggs, Jim Emord, 
Brian Heavey, and Becky Morris, prepare for the marble launch. 

9. In the auditorium, Mr. Phaneuf carefully eyes his subject as he finishes his sketch. 

10. Mr. Cushing shows Chris Madden why Columbus was a rnuderous villain. 

1 1 . Good friends Ms. O'Donoghue and Ms. Mozzone act as security for the semi-formal. 


A Special Tribute: 

Thank you, Mr. Edward J. O'Donoghue 

Edward O'Donoghue had a long and fulfilling career of service to the 
children of Bridgewater and Raynham. O'D taught kids in the classroom as 
a science teacher. Himself an All-American, O'D also worked with the kids 
on the athletic field as a coach of track, weight lifting, and football. 

When O'D wasn't working directly with the students of Bridgewater- 
Raynham schools, he was working for them. Mr. O'Donoghue worked 
tirelessly at B-R as attendance supervisor and assistant headmaster. 

As superintendent, Mr. O'Donoghue was instrumental in the influx of 
new technology to the school district, keeping B-R on the leading edge of a 
new wave of education. O'D obtained new computers, and built a spacious 
technology center in the high school. B-R students will be benefiting from 
this man's efforts for years to come. 

O'D has also lent his considerable wisdom and years of experience to 
others as a guest lecturer at Bridgewater State College. Mr. O' Donoghue, the 
consummate leader, also devoted his time and talents to Project Contempo- 
rary Competitiveness and the Southeast Massachusetts Tech Prep Consor- 
tium. O'D was President of both organizations' board of directors. Edward 
J. O'Donoghue served a long and honorable career, bringing together a 
school district and countless individuals. 

O'D has left his mark on the towns of Bridgewater and Raynham. Mr. 
O'Donoghue is an incredible leader whose presence will be sorely missed. 
O'D is rightly called "The Father of B-R." 

Top: Mr. O'Donoghue 

Center: At his retirement party, O'D addresses the audience. 

Below: Former coach and ardent fan of B-R football, O'D gathers with Athletic Director Paul 

Urban, Principal Mr. Robert Mclntyre, Coach Dan Buron and his son Tyler to congratulate the 

team on their Super Bowl victory. 

"Husband, father, teacher, coach, administra- 
tor, superintendent; these terms all accurately 
describe this man. However, we are here tonight 
because of other words that describe him in a way 
that has touched us all, to some degree. These 
words are leader, mentor, friend. 

O'D is all of these things but what sets him 
apart is that he does all of these things so well. We 
also know the secret to his success. He cares! His 
passion, his energy, his high expectations, his 
loyalty, his commitment to excellence and above 
all his insistence on putting the best interest of the 
children of Bridgewater and Raynham first 
brought three school districts into one, and raised 
the quality of teaching and learning in our schools. 
This is his legacy. All who live here now and in 
the future have been given the means for success 
by this remarkable leader. 

We are here tonight to offer O'D and his 
family our warm affection, sincere thanks, and 
best wishes for continued prosperity, health, and 
happiness in the years to come. O'D, we are 
going to miss you." 

Speech given at the retirement party of Edward 
J. O'Donoghue, March 5, 1999 




Mr. Robert O Mclntyre 

Mr. Alan Peabody 
Assistant Headmaster 

Mr. Mark Jones 
Administrative Assistant 

Ms. Carol Adams 

Ms. Alice Akins 

Ms. Paticia Anania 

Mr. William Barber 

Ms. Mary Benigni 

Mr. Maurice Botelho 

Ms. Lee Berry 

Ms. Sylvia Blakeley 

Ms. Anne Botelho 

Mr. Michael Botelho 

Ms. Bette Bridges 

Ms. Cathy Brogna 



Mr. Robert Brocna 

Dr. Linda Brouillette 

Ms. Joanne Brown 


Ms. Shirley Brown 


Mr. George Cleary Ms. Charlotte Cloutier 

Mr. Paul Conroy 

Mr. Alan Coughlin 


Ms. Elizabeth Calef 

Ms. Lorraine Castro 

Mr. Frank Clasby 

Mr. Daniel Cox 

Ms. Karen Davis 


. Pushing his trusty cart, Mr. Casabian stops to chat with Mr. 

2. Standing on the sidelines, Mr. Mclntyre proudly watches 
the Trojans fight their way to victory. 

3. Einstein (Ms. Calef) helps Jon Laubinger understand the 
theories of Physics. 

4. Ms. LeFleur demonstrates algebraic functions to her class. 

5. "I told you so!" Mr. Maurice Botelho tells his brother 
Officer Michael. Botelho. 

6. Because of his leg cast earlier this year Mr. Porter points to 
the board from his chair. 

7. "Now, class, for homework..." Mr. Ro/.a announces to his 
history students. 



Mr. Paul Folan 

Mr. Ralph Goslin 

Ms. Donna Holt 

Ms. Susan Kaszanek 

UijL J 

B- - ^B 


1. Mr. Buron is hard at work on stage during "Hello Dolly!" 

2. Ms. Anania demonstrates the galaxy's orbits to her Earth 
Science class. 

3. Making a face to show his disapproval. Mr. Hyman 
demands that the chorus get the note right. 

4. Mr. Peabody goes over student information with his 
secretary, Ms. Smith. 

5. Ms. Burton discusses Beowulf with her A.P.English class 

6. Ms. Ferioli helps Jeff Beshansky with his SAT prepara- 

7. Mr. Capen and Ms. Brown analyze lesson plans while 
watching the halls. 



Mr. Paul Moscardelli 

Ms. Laura O'Brien 

Ms. Maureen Papparazzo 

1 . Ms. McGuire hurries down to get a salad in the cafeteria before her 
next class. 

2. Waving his pen in the air. Mr. Lindskog helps his students on a 

3. Cafeteria workers: Front Row: Ms. Martelli. Ms. Kelly. Ms. 
Fennel-Stern. Ms. Costa. Ms. Lynch. Ms. Mickiewicv. Back Row: 
Ms. Kelleher. Ms. Bonalewicz. Ms. D' Amarino. Ms. Elia-Mahoney. 
Ms. Pimental. Ms. Cardaci. Ms. Needham. and Ms. Hendrickson are 
proud of their food service. 

4. Mr. Phaneuf discusses an art project with students. 

5. Math teachers Ms. Fisher and Ms. Kinney defy statistics bj 
accidently dressing as twins one da\ 

6. Kim Weeks and Ms. Murphy share a laugh. "Don't you just love 
Murph the Surf?" 

7. Mr. Hyman and a photographer watch the football game 



Ms. Joanne Smith 

Mr. Jeff Sylvia 

1. Mr. Barber talks to Amy Lamson about her college 

2. Ms. Janet Smith prepares to hand back some papers as the 
class works silently. 

3. Members of the B-R faculty gather at the Junior Prom. 

4. Custodian Mr. Randall reminds Kim Pacheco. Michelle 
Byers. and Tina Marie Pittore to throw out their trash before 
leaving lunch. 

5. Stepping through the doorway to the town store. Mr. 
Phaneuf works on the set for "Hello Doll) !" 

6. Mr. Vardack helps Megan OBrian by fixing a schedule 

7. Tired from a long da\ "s work. Ms. Brown searches tor just 
the right art book to illustrate her lesson. 


^^vv^^vv^vv^ ^ 

Mr. McDavitt congratulates Mr. Buron on his 
Super Bowl win. 

2. Ms. Steeves and Ms. Fisher laugh at the football 
players doing their routine at the rally. 

3. Mr. Sarantopolous chats with Jason Gilbody. 
Kevin Mahoney, and Bryan Botelho during 


4. Ms. McGuire checks the time as Lou Ofanos 
asks her to sign a pass. 

5. Mr. Goslin takes attendence before class. 

6. Leaning back, Mr. deCastro enjoys the wit of 
his students. 

7. Ms. White, Ms. Stone, and Ms. Dooley give B- 
R school spirit two thumbs up. 

8. In Honors POD, Ms. Patcrna shakes the hand of "presidential 
candidate" Jen Grunin. 

9. Long time friends Ms. Fisher. Ms. Swann. and Ms. Burton smile 
devilishly as they plot to administer killer mid-years . 

0. Ms. O'Donohue runs to help another student. 

1 1 . "Hey, what can I saj '.'" asks Mr. Capen as Sara Werra ponders the 

12. Mr. Barber gives serious thought to answering Beth Leary's 

13. Mr. Kearney embraces Doug Bessette as the (rojans celebrate 
their victory. 

14. Rushing to resupply the school store, Mr. Fisher delivers i\\ i//lers 
to hungry students. 

Upon entering B-R on our 
first day of freshman year, 
we were in a strange place, 
surrounded by strangers. As 
the years went by, B-R be- 
came a second home, and the 
strangers became a second family. We 
will miss coming here every day, walking thorugh 
the halls, making up excuses for tardiness and 
sharing laughs in the cafeteria. We will miss 
having a locker to decorate and gather at between 
classes. The fears we had fresh man year will begin 
to resurface as we face our college experience. But 
first we will graduate as one... the class of 1999.. 
the last class of the twentieth century... 

1. le Peter Maffeo calling for help or cheering for another 
Trojan victory *? 

2. Heather Hennessy and Kerri Sawler strike a pose at ?th 
grade graduation. 

2. Kristen Dzialo, Matt Maggerty, and Franklin Purr share a friendly moment. 
4-. Peter Peruzzi and Christina Niccoli wait ever so patiently in the Raynharn lobby. 

5. Jim Kirkcaldy decides which picture package will remind him of the Junior prom. 

6. Mr. Cox's class cannot contain their senior Trojan pride. 

7. Lauren Sankus and Dhruva Shah play an intense game of tic-tac-toe on the window 
before English. 

?. Jon Boyd and Jon Sheehan liven up the class with their Halloween costumes. 

9. Jen Mackenzie and Jennifer Cook take a breakfrom the party, but only for a minute. 

10. Zeeshan Abid and Mellisa Marciso take a break from Ben McKenna's story, but 
Joe Almada and Jay Korske can't wait to hear the rest. 

1 1 . Becky Norris, Stephanie Smith, and Beth Anne Giovanonni are too busy to smile 
for the camera in Math Topics. 

~ 3 V 

Julie Elizabeth Adams 

73 Center Street (R) 

Big Adventure 1-4! Had so 
much fun w/ the gang-sum- 
mer! B-R chicks; Jim, ILY; All 
my rays of sunshine, TY for the 
laughs; David-your glow will 
never fade; Ben, ILY kid-for 
everything; TY family- for al- 
ways being there; Later, 
Taters- XOXO. 

Mary Aiello 
30 Three Rivers Drive (B) 

Ireland; P.C.C.; GT+GF; 
YKWYA; Jr. Semi; 4 Proms; 
Country + Horde Fest.; Shania 
@ GW; Hanging @ T's; Party 
@ 5=1 1 :30; Ghetto nite; Pizza 
Hut with Patriots; Breakfast; 
Dude Ranch with T.H.; IWNFY 
M.S.; ILY + TY, Mom + Dad; 
GL, Andy. 

Samantha Allen 


10 Chris John Way (B) 

European quality clubbing. '97; 
TY MBF Katja Shultze, B-R 
German exchange; See you 
soon! GT w/ BFs Leah, Stina, + 
Desiree, ILY; IWNF raves w/ 
J.W. + Leah; AC! TY Ms. Brown 
+ Mr. Phaneuf; Peace, Love, 
Unity, + Respect! ILY, Mom + 

Joe Almada 
45 Lantern Lane (B) 

M.C., S.F., R.W., J.M., J.R., 
M.P..D.B. @ Mike, Jay, M.H., 
Pearl Jam, Shania; Ski w/ Boys; 
Mike NH; K.L., IWNFY; Bev; 
Woo; '97 State champs; Hamp- 
ton, Ben; T.O., Rain, 4/11, 
table, #4, IWMY + IWNFY; TY, 
Mom + Dad; GL, T.A. + M.A. 

Andrew Anacki 

Maryellen Anderson 
7 Leslie Lane (B) 

IWNF All MBF's; Bye Bye 
Birdie; Hairking; H.D.'s 16th 
birthday party; The Mu. were 
the best!; OK! All or nothin' w/ 
N.K.; HD! "Kickline"; Cinderella; 
NHS; Wal-mart; Jr. Miss; Gold 
for Papermoon. 

34 M 

Tim Andrews 

40 Elizabeth Drive (R) 

FB 1-4 Capt.; WTr 1-4 Capt; 
St. A's w/D.H., + J.P.; Pub 
Nights w/M.W.; "hey T'; Lifting 
w/Lennon; Parties @ T's; 
Horde; Rage-Wu Tang w/J.M. 
+ T.K.; 4th + B.K. w/M.N.; GL, 
48, 51, 34,8; IWNFY L.G;TY, 
Ma + "D". 

Adam Asadoorian 

28 Ann Street (R) 

FB 1-4; 3 Bowls; Str 3-4 
Champs; To Rachel, ILY 
+IWNFY; R.C. + GF, Thanks 
for the memories. 4-wheel in 
the tempo; Horde + Pearl Jam, 
JP + SP w/ R.C; B.C. game w/ 
J.C. Go Armenia; Goodbye, B- 
R; UBE DO, Keep pumpin, 
Rawls. TY, Derek, Mom + Dad. 

Michael A. Bailey 
"Bailey, Paco, Troll" 

296 South Street (R) 

Respect yourself. IWMY, 

Julie Anne Baker 

"Baker, JB2, Goods" 

879 Auburn Street (B) 

IWNF J. D M 11/17/79-5/15/98 
4/22; NY w/ R.R., B.T., C.A. 
"Turn Red!" "That's Lard Yo!" 
Citgo w/ R.R.; GT w/ GF 
YKWYA! J.H.'sw/J.B. + C.C. 
JB2 forever! Fred + Sam; C.B. 
IWNFY!; TY to my family ILY 

Brandon Barnsley 

20 Robin Road (B) 

Michelle Bates 


54 Leonard Street (B) 

GT @ Summer Groove, NYE 
'95'; GL, CD., K.L, S.L, K.C., 
D.B., B.L,K.L,K.B.,R.B.,; ILY 
S.S.; IWNF Six Flags, Taco 
Bell, reruns, The State, Sum- 
mer 1+2's! Army + all GW 
concerts; TY, Mom+ Dad; GT 
@ K.L.'s house, NH w/S.S., 

Jennifer Berg 
"Jenny, Bergy, JB2" 
94 Chickering Road (R) 

GL, K + J;MBF:L. C.M.T. , 
J.B. ,B.T. ,J.P. ,R. R.,R. M. 
, J. L. , J. E. ; Baker, Plymouth; 
IWNF Jon's Party! JP W/ S.J.; 
TY MS Gill-Bass; P. C my 
friend forever; TY Mom + Dad; 
ILY;IWNFB.J. + B. G. .; BYE 
B-R! JB2. 

Jeffery Beshansky 

25 Colby Road (B) 

Douglas Bessette 
374 Forest Street (R) 

FB 1-4 Capt. 4 OCL Champs 
2,3,4; WTr 2-4; BBL1.2; NHS 
3,4; JP w/ CM.; K.W.'s After 
Prom; Shania w/K.L, P.J.; Bev 
Nite-YKWYA; Thanks, S.C.; 
GL, K.L., T.L., M.P., S.C; 
Thanks, Mom, Dad, Scott, Jen. 



Leianne E. Best 


61 Center Street (B) 

Soc1-4capt.:MBF: A.P..J.H., 
P.J., J.H.. J.C.;Hootiew/J.H. 
+ M.D.; Shania, Pearl Jam; 
Chace; moosies; 7/4/98 @ 
D.F.; Mark + Chips w/ Crew; 
Bahamas; NYE @ Perry's; GL, 
G.H. + IWMY; P.J., IWNFY; 
GL, R.B.:TY,Mom + E.J., ILY! 

Kristen Michelle Biltcliffe 


420 Spruce Street (B) 

GF: A.O.,K.S.+G.,N.M.,P.F., 
P.C.; 202; l-eye, Fredology, 
Shotgun; Limo, Boston; 
Shadow; Temmpo; 12/15/97, 
2/13/98, Monday, Wink; 
Taunton Cinemas, ILY Always; 
Thanks, Mom + Dad, ILY 
Missa + Chubs. Miss you 
Grams Bear; GL, Melissa. 

Eric Bisson 
35 Hubbard Lane (B) 

Kathryn Bolotin 


615 North Street (B) 

GT @ GW + Lupos; Gt w K.M., 
K.L, S.A., K.S., CD., M.B., 
W.L, M.B., K.L; You + I are 
gonna live forever, YKWYA; 
IWNF Billiards + The power 
lines ; GL, Everyone; KAY + 
KEY;TY, Mom+ Dad. 

Michael Bolotin 


615 North Street (B) 

STr1-4;CC2-4; WTr3;SO; 
J.B.; R.P.;M.K. 

Anthony Bonaparte 

Bryan P. Botelho 


245 Mt. Prospect Street(B) 

GT w/ B.L, D.M., J.A., K.M., 
D.. D.L.C.D.. J.H.. J.D..C.M. 
+ Pretty much everyone; VB w/ 
B.L, J.H., K.B.; BB, FB 1,2,3; 
Hoc 1,2,3,4; CD. ILY always- 
Down the cape w/ K.M.. D.M.; 
D.L.: S.M. remember the 
surplex: Mon. nights, c-ya. 

Stephen Bouzan 
30 Cherry Street (B) 




Jonathan M. Boyd 

89 Sunset Drive (R) 

To all my bros. second home 
J.S. + family; Summer '98; 
Beastie Boys; Grabbin 'em at 
N.C.; midsize into a compact 
space; little diesel; TY, Mom, 
Dad, J. 

Kyle Douglas Bradshaw 
54 Bridge Street (R) 

GT+GF: N.C.,M.B.,J.S.,J.G., 
P.J., T.W., M.D., DO., J.D., 
J.H., J.C., J.H., B.C., K&K. Q.; 
Dionysus; NYE@J.S.; Str; NE 
Rev; MBF N.C.; Mobil; IWNFY 
K.C.; Jamming in the shed; To 
myfamily, parents, and Ryanne: 
You are my inspiration. 

Adam M. Bozza 


40 Pheasant Lane (B) 

TY, Mom + Jill; ILY, Dad; IWMY, 
H; JP w/ R.G.; Cooking fish w/ 
K.G..H.H. + V.A. then eating all 
my food "97! 

Kacey M. Brides 

174 Temi Road (R) 

FH 2-4; Why?; E.S. Armagedon 
+ the list; M.D. the Hulk;A.C. 
IWNF FL '97, 8-22-98, xyz; the 
Cape '98'; S.C. P.2 talks; the 
beach; FL '97' w/ A.C. TY; 
Eakins, IWMY; J.N. MBF, L; G 
+ P.N., TY, ILY; R.C.; C.B., 
M.C. GL, ILY; Mom + Bob, TY 
for everything; ILY. 

Rebecca Alison Briggs 

182 Lakeview Drive (R) 

CG 1 -4; Capt2-4; Mu 1 -4; Band 
2+3; FL '96+'99; GT+GF: A. 
D.;IMY3M+D,C.T.,N. B.,A. 
S.; IWNF Spooky W, Cross 
Rd, Flour, Skiing, NESBA, 
DMA, Sunflowers, N64, Proms 
+ Dunks; TY, Mom, IWNFY 
Athan -Bye. 

Mike Brolin 
180 Main Street (B) 

HD, 1 997; BBL 1 -4; FB 2-4; GT 
+ GF; JP '97; To all my football 
buddies, it's been a great three 
years. I'll miss each and every 
one of you.; Mrs. Winsor, I'll 
miss you; Mr. B, I'll miss you 

Rob Brolin, Jr. 
180 Main St. #5208 (B) 

ILY, J.C. Forever; R.B.+J.C; 
Kingswood FB; T.F., Snag; SP 
w/J.C.;12/5/97T.F.,E.H.+ My 
Luv, J.C; V-Day w/ J.C; J.M., 
Squeeril; Gumby; Slayer; Sci- 
ence Project with D.L., 1 ; G.B.'s 
Soph. Sleeping days; "Burns"; 
K.R., J.M., Elec.;TY. 

John Buckley 


61 Cottage Street (B) 

Band 1-4, US1 2-4, Ozzfest 
'98, FL w/ US1 ; Sk8 '98; Props 
to:T.P., D.C (the Juggla!), D.S., 
M.S.; E.B. Crew Tao and Bud- 
dha. "I have seen the true path: 
I will not warm myself by the 
fire; I will become the flame." 

4 37 

Elliemarie Burke 
66 Union Street (B) 

Ryan Callahan 
855 South Street (B) 

Sarah Cannon 


85 Fremont Street (B) 

To all my friends: Keep it real; 
Phishn w/ Lara wipeout; K's 
plants w/ the funky B; All the 
rest I take to my soul. This has 
all been wonderful, but now I'm 
on my way. 

Derek Card 
35 Carriage House Dr. (B) 

Friends: J.B., T.P., D.S., K.A., 
J.A., M.G., G.T., L.S., concerts; 
Ozzfest '97, '98, Smokin' 
Grooves '98, Tree, Korn, 
Megadeth, Soulfly, and Insane 
Clown Posse; Shooting pool, 
the scarecrow incident, play- 
ing basketball. 

John Carbone 
14 Bobwhite Lane (B) 

Joe'shouse; Isthatafrog! M.H., 
S.F., M.C., F.F., G.H., A.P., 
LB., S.J., C.C., A.G.; WU; 
Mark's House; 3C's; Thankyou 
to my family + Good luck to my 
friends; NO LIMIT. 

Mike Cardello 
60 Legge Street (B) 

Ski 1 +2; Golf 2; TY Dan Peters; 
GT w/ GF M.H., J.M., R.W., 
B.M., J. A. + S.F., ski triip w/ 
M.H., B.M. + J.A.; 9/25/98 at 
my house; Summer of '97' & 
'98' @ Joe's; Canada w/ 40; 
Prom Night @ K.W's; 3B's; 
Thanks, Mom, Dad + Robyn. 

Renee M. Carr 
547 North Main Street (R) 

Soc 1-2; WTr 1-3?; SB 1-2; 
MBF YKWYA; M.S. "Brun"; 
L.P.-M+Ms; Jilly; J.S.-River- 
side; K.L.'s dog; GT @ J.J.'s; 
K.C. -Easter; Dumb; S.C. -TY; 
Trev- 4/22/98, ILY; K.Q., M.K. 
S.W.-GL; B.T.-TY; Sarah, MBF 
ILY; TY, Mom, Dad + Art, ILY. 


Rachel Carter 


5 Hayward Place (B) 

Adam 1 1/24/96 ILY + IWNFY 
Bus! Nantucket w/ Amy;Party 
of 5:1 1 :03; Barnstable; JP; P.M. 
House; B.C. w/ CM.; Quincy; 
Country Fest; HORDE; Pearl 
Jam w/ A.A.; Eggs; GL, S.C; 
TY, Mom + Dad, ILY. 

■ - \ I 

Kelly A. Casey 
57 Chace Road (R) 

NY;M.W.-D.S.;A.C. + MP. on 
the side; A.G. GT @ Y; Pete- 
water! C.G. you asked! Roost- 
ers + P.S.C. YKWYA, IWMY; 
123; GFs K.C., J.R., R.D., + 
C.G.; R.P. IWNFY; TY Mom + 
Dad, GL, M.C. + S.C., ILY. 

Stephanie Casey 

57 Chace Road (R) 

CL + SB 1-4; WTr; Roosters 
123; P.S.C. you're the best! 
curfew stroll; JP in tents; K.W. 
"You make me wanna"; CM. 
No one understands!; T.L. party 
van; R.B. IMY; D.B. MBF, TY; 
M.N. IWNFY; Mom + Dad TY + 
ILY; Kel + Melissa, GL. 

Kerry Elizabeth Cassidy 
108 Atkinson Drive (B) 

Soc 1+2; Mu. 1-4; SADD 2-4; 
Jumping fences w/ A.I.; 4 Irish 
chics; Horde + Shania; M.V. w. 
B.G. + A.L.; K.B., IWMY; 
Tony's; ghetto-nite; K.M. + 
S.D., Phish food! JP; Long talks 
w/ GF; TY Mom + Dad, ILY; 
GL, Kristen. 

Renee Marie Chaffee 
655 Cross Street (B) 

Ski1-4;GT + GF: YKWYA; GL, 
N.C. IWMY; Jared, ILY always 
3/13/95; MBF N.K. IWNF the 
GT; Dinner @ De's; TY for ev- 
erything, Mom + Dad, ILY; GL, 
Shawna + Scott, ILY; G.B. ILY 
+ TY; TY to my family, ILY; GL, 

Carrie Champagne 
37 Cedarmill Drive (R) 

FH1-3, SADD2-4, YB4, B.H. 
+ Devildogs, got rolls?, Shania 
Twain@GW,MBFS.P. + J.M., 
FB games in the cold w/ S.P., 
My Jettal, 7/15/98, IWNF B-R, 
GL, K.C., TY, Mom + Dad, I 
wish you luck, GL in college 
class of '99. 

Nichole Chaplain 
180 Main St. # 6110(B) 

Kerry E. Chappell 

"Special K" 

35 Meeting Square Dr. (B) 

GTw/S.L my pixy, J.L., J.W., 
D.R., M.P., K.L, K.M., K.S., 
M.S., K.B. , M.B., J. H., + GL 
Brian; I rule at Uno; Wild tur- 
keys! Charles, I am so goth; 
J.L., keep on risin; Robby, ILY, 
my angel; Yeah B, I'm out. 

Tom Chiappini 
8 Birch Hill Road (B) 

JYL; Riverside; Long Day; 
Laura Camp Out; Save a seat 
for Jay; haunted house; Wtr; 
Str;CC; Locust St.; Hobo Ryan; 
J.C.,R.K.,J.E.; ILY, Liz; Shania 
@ GW; A.C. visit BSC; Frig; 
TY to my parents + family. 



Karen Ciuilo 


24 Dartmouth Road (B) 

Soc 1 +2; SB 1 -3; Dunks Crew; 
R.C. Easter, they're all out to- 
day; C.P. screamer, roots; K.C. 
tent yo', yo', yo'; J.R. raisins; 
B.G. weekend at Mashpee; 
Mom + Dad ILY, TY FE; Allison 
+ Matt, ILY, GL, IWMY. 

Patrick Cleary 


66 White Street (R) 

Varsity Wr. 2 + 4; had a good 
time at JP w/ S.L., C.S., K.K., 
lightening buddy, G.M., G.L; 
TY, Jen B. for being MBF all 
those years. G.L., S.L. + K.K. 
High School. GL, Jen B. and 
Jen P. IWNFYtwo, GL, K.B., 
K.D. Thanks, Mom, Joe, and 

Charles Clement 

194 Main Street (B) 

GT w/ GF; Wr 1 , STr 1 -3, WTr 
2-3; CC 2; GT w/ GF @ GW 
YKWYA; GT July 4 w/ MBF 
Hags, Fahey, John, Seth, 
Goog, + Kaz; NYE, sorry I was 
not there; Thanks, Mom + Dad, 
Laura + Olivia; P.S. has any- 
one seen Petey? 

Nathan Clifford 
318 Robinson Street (R) 

Ski Club 1-2; Soccer 1; 
Basdetball 1 ; What's up to my 
friends, K.B., J.S., J.G., T.M., 
J.B., M.W., and M.B.; K.C, 
here's your shout out; M.J., 
We got skills; K.B., 17-2 for 
life; "Hey, Party at my house."; 
GF + GT; Trojans Rule. 

David Charles Comis 

"Daveed Simoc" 
428 Orchard Street (R) 

Drama 3-4; Mom, Dad, Kim, + 
Julie, ILY and TY for all your 
support; Julie, I love you more 
than life; This fight was not just 
for my life, but for my family 
and friends as well. 

Jennifer R. Cook 

"Cookie, Shorty" 

25 Dickens Street (B) 

I knew I'd look back on the 
times I cried and would laugh, 
but I never knew I'd look back 
on the times I laughed and 
would cry! Tray-MBF, The note- 
book; K.B., G.L., ILY Guys; 
Mom + Dad,TY, A + MGL;ILY, 
IWN FY, Thanks! I'm outta here!! 

Brent Cordeiro 


1 35 Deerfield Drive (B) 

Soc 1 -4 State Champs; Viper; 
Pearl Jam, Mobil, Summer of 
'97; GF w/ M.D., T.W., J.R., 
J.L,K.L,J.C. ) S.F.,A.M. ) D.B.; 
Dad, Frank, Marky, Diane, 
Ledins, Mr. + Mrs. C; Jill, 

Kimberly Correia 

"LiP Kim" 

172 Warren St. West (R) 

FH1-3;VBCo-Capt. 4; STr 1 
WTr 2; ILY + TY Mom + Dad 
Roosters; MBF: K.C. + J.R. 
NYE'98;C.G., K.C. +J.R.NY 
S.W. Couch; P.M. Riverave 
R.D. Dave; J.K. Gap; Brandie 
Squint's; Kim's House; Sum 
mer '98; IWMY All! 

Michele Costa 


130 Briar Cliff (R) 

1; Hanging out w/ friends 2; 
Meeting Charlie who is now my 
husband TY, + ILY. To my 
daughter B.T., ILY w/ all my 
heart. TY; Mom + Dad. TY; 
Gam + Papa. Good Luck B.L. 
w/ Joey. Remember being fat 
w/ me. GL, to all my friends. 

Joseph J. Costa 


145 Bayberry Circle (B) 

Soc 1-4 State Champs '97; 
Bevnight;GT + GF:P.J.,Tom, 
Jim, M.D. + B.C.; Pearl Jam, 
Beasie Boys, 31 1 ; Pictures at 
M.D.; Sing along at Jim's; 
Uncle Freddy's sleeping; 
ILY+IWNFY, Jen; Good Luck 
in life Meredeth + Ed, ILY, 
Mom + Dad. 



Sherie Cote 
56 Fremont Street (B) 

JP w/ R.M.-gheto limo; GT w/ 
R.G. -no keys; How do you stop?; 
D. P. -butterflies + flowers., N.L.- 
ME, R.M..T.F., N.L.J.L.H.H., 
K.B., + M.T.-IWNFY + GL!; 7/ 
18/97-Ryan you're my best 
friend + ILY; Mom, Dad, Tannine, 
Bob + Jay-TY + ILY. 

Kerri Crowley 


161 Elm Street (B) 

Finally I did it! To Mom + Dad 
TY for everything you've done 
+ given me.; Larry, Tina, Silly, 
Dusty ILYA.; Steph, MBF, 7- 
19-98, RIP, IWNFY, ILY + 
IWMY.; Billy, TY for all your 
love + support; GL w/ school, I 
know you can do it.; ILYA +F. 

Jon Cucinatto 


130 Forrest Drive (B) 

FB 1-4, BB 1-4 OCL Champs, 
2-3; O.S.U. w/ D.B., B.C. w/ 
S.W.; JP in tents; GT w/ A.G. in 
MB; M.R. still my best buddy; 
GF w/Keith+ Kyle Q; My Sister 
+ I w/ 24, 83, 74, + 11; ILY, 
Nana + Les; TY + ILY, Mom + 

Dad; A.G. 11/2/97 ILY. 

Stacey Cummings 


25 Quequechan Circle (R) 

Gym. 1-4, Capt. 3-4; curfew 
stroll, TYC.M.; S.M. N.L, A.L, 
B.B.C. with dog and light; S.M. 
MBF till the end; TY, M. P., A.G. , 
M.S., L.P., D.B., R.C., R.D.; 
ILYJ.L + N.K.L; Mike, IWALY + 
NFY; TY, Mom, Dad; GL, Dan! 

Colin Cunnif 
336 North Main St. (R) 

Amanda Curry 
123 Lakeview Drive (R) 

C1 1 -4; Roosters + PSC I WNFY; 
GT + GF; California; Jr. Prom 
intents; 1/31/97; Halloween '97; 
GT @ GW; Chester YKWYA; 
Maine; Summer '97; M.P with 
M.W. + K.C. on the side; R.B. 
Mom + Dad + Bridget. 

Thomas Cushing 

"All-American, Cush" 

1435 Old Pleasant St. (B) 

Heather Dacey 
435 Center Street (B) 

Freshmen year science: M.P., 
M.A.; Cape House '96; JP was 
great! M.P., M.L., J.D.; Sum- 
mer of '98: Fireworks, the 
beach, driving down the street, 
+Filenes!IWOT;GL + OMBF + 
IWNY! GL to my brothers; TY 
to my family! IWNFY! 

Erin Daily 
387 Conant Street (B) 

Swim team OCY Champs; 
Paris; GT @ GW-SMB; 
Brownfest '98-Larry; Blinking 
lights!; Vineyard trips; BNL w/ 
L.C.; Backstage @ Dave; 8/22/ 
98-xyz! Dunks runs-Coolattas! 
It's all good; GL, Everyone. 

Sarah M. Daly 


110 Brookside Drive (B) 

FH 2-4; FH talks; GT w/ GF 
YKWYA; Horde + Country; 4 
Irish chics; Spyingw/K.G.; K.C. 
you're a true fan; xinnnox 11:03; 
you're welcome K.M.; 
Nantasket; Jr + CC prom; 8/ 
11/97, P.L. ILY + IWNFY; TY, 
Mom + Dad;GL,J.,J.,M.,C.,K. 


» 1 ' ". \ » 









Christopher J. Daniels 


1262 Vernon Street (B) 

Soc 1-4; Bench Capt. Hoc 1-4, 
NHS Pres, SSAC; Pearl Jam, 
AWOL, 31 1 w/S.C; Mad River 
Glen w/ M.D., D.O. + B.L.; 
O.S.L; Sing along @ Jim's, @ 
L.B.'s; CM., To my friends + 
family, Truly beautiful, Beauti- 
fully true. Keep the dream alive, 

Nicole DaSilva 


Andrew Davis 

John A DeChaves 
85 Driftwood Drive (B) 

Anthony DeCristoforo 

370 Forest Street (B) 

James E. Delgado 

15 Vera Drive (B) 

CC, WTr.,STr., 1-4Capt.;GT 
w/J.E., E.G., J.C., L.C., R.K., 
T.C.; MV '96 9/6/97 Layne, I 
couldn't have done it without 
you, ILY; 4x1 , The Theory; TY, 
Mom + Dad, GL, Mike, Kate + 
Amy; If the mind believes, the 
body will achieve. 



W/" - ^M 

W \ 

*Y V 

Miranda Del Solio 
P.O. Box 605 (R) 

1-2 Track + CG; GT + GF: 
Becky, "Tha Crossroads," 
Flour; Florida '96; Snow w/ 
Ashes; Eva-Shaw's, IWNFY, 
MBF Forever; Kacey + Eva- 
The Hulk; Diane, Want Some 
Fishes? Ryan B. Forever; 
Jimmy Hall, TY, ILY w/ all my 
heart; ILY Mom + Dad. 

Mike Dembro 
20 Grange Park (B) 

Soc 1 -4 capt.; Beastie Boys w/ 
J.H.; Pearl Jam; Hootie, oops; 
Jester; TY, Coach + Mrs. C; 
Mad River + Whittier w/ CD. + 
D.O.; '97 State Champs; 
Salisbury w/ T.W., P.J., J.C., 
J.H.; Thank you, Mom and 

Ryan Derosier 

"D-Train, D" 

76 Plain Street (B) 

Golf 1-4, BBL 1,2 + 4.; GT @ 
GW, NYE '97, Summer of '98; 
P, where's the 30? P.S.C. for 
J.B., M.W., K.C., Lil-Kim, A.C. 
I can't find my way home, there 
is no place to hide, the dream- 
ing tree has died.- D.M. 

4 43 

Diane Frazier DeSousa 


P.O. Box 403 (R) 

Colin Earl Dobbs 

Caitlyn Downs 

106 Springhill Ave. (B) 
IWMY + IWNFY 9/13/97, ILY; 
It's been fun + IWMY: M.B., 
K.L., K.B., R.B., B.L, K.L., 
R.M., N.G.T.; remember: 
Freedomfest, NYE '97, S.G. @ 
GW, 9/28/98(IWMY); Manson; 
lunch w/ Marc; art, Alien High- 
way, + much more; I love you, 

Jessica S. Dye 
40 Dickens Street (B) 

"When one door closes, an- 
other opens; but often we look 
so long at the closed door that 
we do not see the one which 
has opened for us." 
-Helen Keller 


Kristen Dzialo 
76 Carl Road (R) 

CGI-4;Capt. 3 + 4; Band 1-4; 
Mu. 2 + 3; GT + GF; FL '96; 
4B's; C.P., T.W. ; IWMY: X- 
Mas '97; Oh, No Fire hydrant! 
IWNFY; N.K.,M.H.,P.C.,K.O's; 
5/28/98; I Love You, Clint, 
Thank You, Keith, Mom + 
Dad; GL, Kim; ILYA! 

Laura Easton 


140 Appletree Circle (B) 

Robert James Emord Jr. 

"Jim, Igs" 

11 Bridge Street (B) 

CC, Track, Capt.; SADD; MT; 
NHS; I go by Jim; Bench, Or- 
ange; Pillage; Nut song; The 
theory; Modern European; 
Hardware; Yangtze; 7/4/98; 
Nothing but love: Jim, Ryan 2 
Liz, Kim, KO., Tom, E.G., Tim, 
M.D., B.H.; TY, Mom + Dad; 
Run 2 Win! 

Tess Engman 

25 Ladyslipper Road (B) 

PL 4, TY Josh, Aunt Marie, 
Uncle Michael, Aunt Mary 
Ellen, Grandma + Grandpa; 
ILY Mom, TY for letting me 
have a chance to expand my 
horizons; TY, Dad, forseeing 
the light; "Jag tycher om dig." 




Sean Fahey 

105 Bay berry Circle (B) 
GT w/ GF: IWNF NYE 98, 7/4/ 
98 hi Dad, GT, @ Goog's ; 
Chip's&t D. F. 's , IWNF"Petey" 
& "Buddy"; GT, @ The River ; 
GT, @ VollyBall @ DF. GT,w/ 
GF; M.H, G.H, A.G, F.F, M.C, 
C.C, S.J, J.C, K.M, D.F, A.P, 
L.B; GL+GT @ Mobil; TY, , 
Mom, Dad, & BRI 

Erin Marie Farrell 
270 Boxwood Lane (B) 

TY so much N.S., Who knew? 
4/3/98 TY, Rach; To all my 
friends- GL in all you do! NYE- 
maybe, maybe, maybe; IWNF 
JP w/ N.S., MexicolFriendlys; 
3EB; River Rave '98; GT @ 
York Beach; Only God knows 
what's in store for us; TY, Dad, 
Mom + Jason, ILY. 

Kelly Feeney 


22 Crescent Street (B) 

Summer '97 & '98; Concerts, 
River Rave; Deb girls; Parties; 
NYE; Assonet guys & girls; 
Camping; Prattown; Road trips; 
Bickfords; Beach House; The 
14th; Playgrounds; Coffee 
Shop; Thanks Mom, Dad; Kev 
& all my friends ILY guys! IWMY 

Kristen Felton 

"Frisken, Krispen" 

17 Bridge Street (B) 

FH1; CG1-3; JP w/LS., B.B., 
A.H.; Fluff w/N.T., E.P., J.R.; 
J+J 65mph.; EB police; Phat 
ride; Kitty likes me; Ghost dog; 
A fuego; GT w/GF; GL NT., 
C.S., J.C, A.H.; MBF YKWYA, 
IWNF The Posse. In Conclu- 
sion, ILY Charlie. 

Tennille R. Figueiredo 

151 Plymouth St. (B) 

GT + GF; Fairhaven with MBF 
L.A.; Housewarming with J.S. 
+ T.H; "Who does that?" I Love 
You, Bobby! IWNF 12/21/96 + 
2/23/97 + Your living with me; 
Your my best friend; B.P.; ILY 
Mom + Dad + Ashley + Avo; ILY 
+ IMY, Vovo. 

Edward Finucci 
135 Forest Drive (B) 

STr 4; Ski 4;GW Summer '98, 
Steve Miller, Pearl Jam; Roid 
Rage @ Wendy's; E.B., P.P.; 
1 00 signs; TY To all my friends; 
TY Mom, Dad, Katherine + 

Robert Finucci 


135 Forest Drive (B) 

CC 1 ; STr 1 -4; WTr 1 -4; Ski w/ 
S.S., T.H., R.H., D.C.; Pearl 
Jam, Steve Miller Band, 
RiverRave w/ M.H., S.F., S.J.; 
3 Time STr champs; B-R's first 
WTr champs; Beach w/ the 
group; Roid Rage @ Wendy's; 
E.B., P.P.; Thank You, Mom 
and Dad. 

Gregory Fix 

"Fixie, Knightrider" 

359 Hall Street (R) 

Ski 1-4; JP; MBF; M.K.; G.T.; 
T.K.; J.D.; IWNFY; GT @ J.S. 
House; Buying the TV; GT @ 
Borden; Dog Attack; J.D. Prom 
+ Grad. Party; Ross!; Metallica; 
Old Fuzzy Crew 4 life: Casey's 
House; R.P. + R.D.; IWNFY; 
K.L. IWMY; GL, Jessie 



Deadre A Flaherty 
409 Hall Street (R) 

Thanks, Mom, for all of the love 
and support you have given 
me. Thanks to my teachers who 
have always been there when 
needed someone to talk to. 
couldn't have made it this far 
without you. I will never forget 
you. YKWYA. 

Jessica Fortier 

Stephen A. Ford 


40 Legge Street (B) 

Soc1-4;GT + GFM.H., M.C., 
J.M., R.W., J.A., P.J.; Bond; 
Chase w/Bob; GT @ J.A., M.C., 
BEV; Wood; skiing w/ boys; 
Cardello's porch; GL, S.D., 
S.M., B.M., S.C., K.S., L.F., 
ILY, Mom + Dad. 

Amy L Freedman 

"Ames, Amer" 
300 Hill Street (R) 

Gym. 1-4, Capt.; IWMY, Jenn 
M., Jenn C., Tones L, Nichole 
D., Nikki L, + ELise P., GL 
Keep in touch, IWNFY; TY, 
Mom, ILYfor being strong;GL, 
Staci, IWMY, ILY; I miss you 
Dad; New Orleans '96; ILY 

Franklin Furr 
30 Twinbrook Drive (B) 

Jason Gaudette 
105 Jackson Drive (R) 

GT + GF @ Wtr + STr; GT @ 
GW for Metallica, Smokin 
Grooves, + Pearl Jam; TY for 
great parties Class of ' 99; 
IWNF JP night, learned a les- 
son; GL to sis R.G. + Friends. 
TY for dealing W/K.B. + I; Had 
a great four years! IWNF all 

Andria D. Gilbody 
541 Broadway (R) 

Soc 1-2, WTr 1-2, STr 1-2 
Roosters 1 23, IWNFY; ME; JP 
CM., S.M. Johnson's Pond 
J.C.GT in Myrtle Beach, 11/2/ 
97; C.G. IWNFY; 10/31/97; 
Jon, ILY w/ all my heart; TY, 
Mom + Dad; GL, Aron -(-An- 

Jason Gilbody 


811 Pine Street (R) 






Colleen Gilchrist 
590 Main Street (R) 

camping in NY; Kim, M+M's; 
C.P., 7:15! Kelt, lost in woods, 
you asked me! Pacs, IWNF 
summer of '97; Glenn + Chad; 
A.G., TY, IWMY! C.G., page 
me! GL, Ms. S. + VB 2000! 
Mom, Dad + Keith, TY, ILY! 

Corrine Giordani 


15 Liberty Road (B) 

To : D. S. + B. S. My Good 
friends IWNF our crazy antics: 
King Richard's Faire!, The Mov- 
ies, and just hanging out! Ya! 
Two Cents. Ramen, Ranma, + 
DLRPing. 4 years passed me 
by. What have I learned? Noth- 
ing is ever as it seems. 

Meghan Gilrein 
56 Gem Circle (R) 

"How very strange the world 
can appear, blending and 
breaking, farand near: Friendly, 
and a bit unclear. How good." 
-Rainer Maria Rilke 
ILY + TY Mom + Dad; GL, 
Dave + Sean. 

Beth Ann Giovanoni 

1155 South Street (B) 

Tennis 1 -4; FH 1 ?; SADD 2-4; 
PCC '95 + '96; GT w/ GF: 
YKWYA; NY + skiing; blading 
+tennisw/C.S. + N.P..IWNFY; 
MV w/ K.C. + A.L.; K.C., TY. 
Tracey A. IWNFY; TY + ILY, 
Mom, Dad, Jim, Mike, + Mark; 
GL, Kristen! 

Mary Golden 


1433 Vernon Street (B) 

BB, Soc; SB, Kello & Marv; 
Whistle Pops; the ghetto; the 
Special Vock; commotion lo- 
tion; Cruising in the Malibu (wu) 
-Goya, L.C., & A.F.; Dunks 
runs, J.W., J.H.; Hoss; EEYor 
Dad & Andre; GL, everybody. 

Lara Goold 
30 Meadow Lane # 10 (B) 

A life lived in fear is a life half 
lived; To Lowville, I leave the 
memories of happiness and 
tears and 2/3 of my brain; To 
my friends here, thanks for the 
great times of coffee, movies, 
road trips, long talks, and big 

Jason Goodwin 

1145 Plymouth Street (B) 

" Consider the unparallel ad- 
vantage, of a natural disaster 
that's impossible to manage." 

Kelly R. Govain 


95 Lakeview Drive (R) 

SB 1 -4; FTA 2-4; FLC 2+3; RS 
2-4; NHS; US1; YB; PL; Girls 
State; "Education is experience 
and the essence of experience 
is self-reliance." - T. H. White; 
good times + coffee w/ J. L. + 
D. S., Diaz ; Soup Party ; ILY, 
Dave; YKWYA. IWMY ...TY! 

4 ^ 

Kristin Grady 


105 Riverview Drive (B) 

FH 1-4; GTw/GF: YKWYA; 
FH talks + camp; SC w/ K.M. 
barrels, stand; VA w/ Ray- 
IWNFY, TY; S.D. Spy, Hut + 
JC's; S.M., 104; R.M. + A.P., 
Prattown, chapstick; L.B., 
mooseheads; 4 Irish chicks; TY, 
Mom, Dad, M, T, K + C-ILY. 

Michael Graham 

116Temi Road (R) 

Tony Gramazio 

70 Laurie Lane (R) 

FB 1 + @; STM-4; GTw/GF; 
T.K.; T.A.; J.M.; J.H.; A.I.; My 
house junior year; Coyle crew; 
Micozzi quotes; Taking care of 
Trev; de + Lois, thank you for 
everything; I love you, Mom, 
de, and Lois. Thanks for four 
good years everyone! 

Kimberly T. Green 

970 South Street (B) 

Gym. 1; Chilling w/ MBF-J.S. 
Soph, year- Vernon + Bozza's; 
IWNF J.C. - '96; Cooking Fish 
w/ H, Sis, Vicki + Heidi; Semi - 
'97 w/ B.S. ILY; Fiesta - '96 w/ 
R.G.; GF N.D.; Sweetiepie - 
ILY, Mom + Dad; TY, Jack. 


Jennifer Dawn Grunin 

"Grune, Grody, Chief" 

104 Macy Street (R) 

SB 1 -4; YB 3-4, RS 1 -4, EiC 3-4; 
NHS 3-4; HD! Wicked Stepmom; 
Kel, Jean, Dave, Drama Crew, 
ILY; broken fingers, 235, the 
blade, Chp. 2, DM (-o-), the boss, 
"SUGAR!" "Just snarl at 'em!" 
baby monitor;"cribbage," connip- 
tions, TONE; Egads! Random, 
Blah; Clue, 1+2+1+2+1. ..OyVey; 
Soup Party. CARPE DIEM. 

Stephanie Guarino 

435 Pleasant Street (B) 

SB1; BB1.2; STr2-4; WTr4; 
RS3,4; NHS TY, M.G., L.S., 
M.A., B.S., J.M., J.H. IWNFY 
M.G. + the Wu + Spiraling + 
L.S. + you wierdo + I'm invin- 
cible + breakfast w/ L.S. + B.S. 
B.J. + Mom + Dad, ILY, I'll 
make you proud; I'm outta 

Matthew Haggerty 

105 Legge Street (B) 

BBL1,2,3,4;MBFB.W. + P.I.; 
GT @ F.F.; IWNF 7/4/98, NYE, 
C.C., + M.C.w/S.F.,J.C.,G.H., 
C.C., M.C., A.G., K.M., LB., 
A.P. + S.J.;GLM.H. + K.H.;TY, 
Mom + Dad. 


Kimberly Halon 


125 Satucket Trail (B) 

FH 1-4, why? WTr 2-4, capt.; 
STM-4, capt.;Mu1-3; Pc'sl- 
4; PCC '95 + '96; Dunks 3-4; 
GT w/ GF: YKWYA; I.G., 2nd 
sis; C.S., pig in your face; JP; 
Spook; MV '98; Menis; "Hoss"; 
distance! Jo's 1st; GL, Jenn; 
IWMYall;Bye, BR! 

James Hamel 

Sheri Hamm 
"Ditzs, Shaggy, Crash" 
208 Cross Street (B) 

All the way to B.R. from NC and 
so happy to be here. To All my 
friends, both here and there; 
To my Aunt + Uncle + TJ + 
Charles, ILY. All good luck to 
the Senior Class, to all of the 
rest see you all in the year 
2000. Have Fun - Live Life; TY 
+ GL 

Jillian Hamilton 


40 Vinny Circle (B) 

Summerof'97 + '98;GTw/GF; 
Fun times @ JP, Plymouth, 
Boston, New Hampshire, the 
Cape, Florida, + Friendly's; TY 
Mom + Dad, ILY; GL, Adam + 

James Hardiman Jr. 

205 Grange Park (B) 

Sod -4' Rev game w/ B.L., 
LB., J.H.; Hootie @ GWw/LB.; 
Pearl Jam 9/15/98; Beastie 
Boys w/ M.D.; Fab Five; sing- 
ing on the mic; hey, B.L. let's 
get some B.L.s; GL Jay + Jeff 
TY, Mom + Dad. 

Brendan L. Harman 

45 Maple Avenue (B) 

Alison Hartrey 
673 Plymouth Street (B) 

" This is who I am, what I do + 
what I say, if you like it; Let it be, 
+ if you don't, please do the 
same. Cuz I fight with love + I 
laugh with rage, you gotta live 
light enough to see the humor, 
+ long enough to see some 

Jennifer Elizabeth Hayes 

410 South Main Street (R) 

GT + GF Bahamas, DMB, 
Shania, Pearl Jam; J.H. 
Foxboro w/ L.B. + B.L.; P.M. 
Eggs, Gushies sim; Mom came 
home; J. C. Soph. semi, JP, ILY, 
|Joe;GL, K.H., P.M., K.B., P.J., 
T.W.; J.C. Circle; ILY, Mom + 
Dad, IWMY. 

Tracy Haynes 


236 North Street (B) 

FH MGR 1-4; YB 3; 3 proms; 
Country, Shania @GW; Who 
says that?, J.S. T.F., S.S.; 
Dome with N.M.; B+D '98; GT's 
A.O.; Dude Ranch with M.A.? 
Standish with R.M., K.G.; Ba- 
nana, A.S.; All times with S.N. 
YMBF; ILY, Mom + Dad; GL, 
Paul + Jen. 

4 ™ 

Brian Jeremiah Heavey 


65 Tommi Ann Terrace (B) 

Tim, can you smell what the 
Rock is cookin'?HMUN 97+98, 
caucusing w/ J.K.; D.R., D.C., 
J.A., + the drama crew; B.H., 
the Revolution; S.K.,GLinthe 
Mts.; Jan, dance @ Oxford; 
Somethings...; To all, GL and 

Melissa Hetherington 

225 Cynthia Drive (R) 

Heather Lynne Hennessy 

"H, Hendog" 
347 Center Street (B) 

K.G. Emerald Sq.; Cooking Fish 
w/ my girls K, Vick, E, Sis ILY 
Guys "Just the 5 of us"; K.S. 
Trolly; JP w/M.S.; GT @ Living 
Room; Rock on J.S.; GT + GF: 
J.R.; S.C.; A.B.; Red; IWNFY 
S.B. + M.B. ILYR.I.P.;TYJ.G.; 
Mom and Dad, ILY; GL, R. 

Justin Higgins 


121 Michael Road (R) 

Come back, Mike S., life goes 

on; our house in the middle of the 
woods; Tommy's Club; movie night; 
Unity; Boom; camp fire; insomni- 
acs party on. GT w/ T.C., J.E., 
D.B., A.L, M.S., D.W., A.V.. C.S., 
J.C., J.L., J.S., D.R., J.L, K F.. 
T.S., M.M., K&S.S.L, K.C., K.B., 
K.M., JES & J.K., A.D. & D.K., 
K.O.(Toast To Life), J.N., P.B., 
M.G.; ROCK ON!!! 

Michael Holmes 
293 Cross Street (B) 

GT + GF, B.M., J.A., PJ, S.F. 
M.C., R.W., J.M., P.J.'s; GW 
skiing w/ the boys; NH w/ J.A. 
M.C., + B.M.; Mayflower beach 
four wheeling - oops; woo 
Jimmy w/ J + K; Jumping; 31 1 
Hiding; Tent w/ Jen, M + J 
Frosh football; TY, Family, ILY 

Eric Horrocks 
70 Ashtead Road (B) 

Ski 1 -4; Ten 2; Bridge Jumping 
w/ J. P., J. P., N.Y.; Wrestling 
on Monday nights w/ K.M., 
B.B., K.S., D.M., D.L; J.W.'s 
road lessons, Smokin' grooves; 
Kristen, 2hr. drive; window; JP; 
Mud; you're a champ, ILY! GL 
everyone, later! 


Jesse A. House 

"FATBO, Dr. Fear" 

157 Elm Street East (R) 

"What's your Nightmare?" GL 
to all Who dare to Imagine, 
YKWYA; Haunted House, 
Chainsaw; Shop BBQ; ILY, 
Kim; TY, Moe, Chev, d., Ms. 
Brown, Mr. Phaneuf, Mom + 
Dad, for helping bring my 
thoughts to life; Catch you 
Later, Peabs. 

Richard Holmgren 

William Hughes 


38 Richmond Street (R) 

Amy L. Innocenzi 


591 South Street (B) 

VB 4 Capt. ; GT w/ G F-YKWYA; 
B.C. + K.C.; Ghetto nite; coun- 
try + Horde; JP; Tony's; R.C. = 
N.N.,Quincy,hitbus;TY, Carol; 
TY, Mom + Dad, ILY; GL, 
Alyson, Julie, + Katie. 

Brian Jacques 
146 Sully Road (R) 

Ashley M. Joy 


65 Old Forge Road (B) 

Str + Wtr1+2;Mu1-4;GT + GF, 
YKWYA; MBF-B.B.; + S.C.; 
Kels's gazebo; K's plants w/ 
the groovy B; Florida '96'; rain; 
Bosstones @ UMD; Snow w/ 
M.D.;IWMYJ.H.;N.K.,J.S.;J + 
C.P.; ILY, Mom; Nowthe laugh- 
ter ends, but this is only the 

Seth Johnson 
20 Glenmore Lane (B) 

Dave w/ CM, A.P., LB..J.C, 
Freak, K.C., K.M.; 7/4 @ D.F.; 
Chips + Mack's w/G.H., S.F., 
M.C., A.G., F.F., D.F., J.C., 
C.C., M.H., LB., A.P., S.H., 
K.M., N., Buddy, + Pete; Mobil 
family; TY Mom, Dad, Gretch, 

I Peter T. Joyce 
135 Bayberry Circle (B) 

Soc 1-4; Bev nite; State 
champs; MBF YKWYA; ILY, 
K.L,LB. + A.P.;Thur.w/B.M. 
+ M.H.; Gym '98 w/T.; Fab 5; 
Pearl Jam; Freddy's sleepin; 
Mav; Mobil; TY, Coach, Mrs C. 
+ Frank; ILY Mom + Dad; TY + 
GL, Brian, Kevin, + Andrew. 

Robert Jose 

Michael W. Kaplan 

184 Hall Street (R) 

BBL1-4; WTM-4; MBF's: Fixie 
+ TBO:GTGF:Q's, R.P./D", 
J.D., A.A., Odog, T.K., R.C., 
K.L, M.S., K.C. .M.S.Bad boy 
+ Playa; GT:Borden, at J.D.'s 
house, at J.S.'s house, JP; 
IWNF:T.K.2-months. 3 of us, 
IWNFY. R.C.. G.T.. G.F., "K B . 

Johanna Elizabeth Keay 

"Jo, Josie" 

22 Temi Road (R) 

I've learned that you shouldn't 
compare yourself to the best, 
others can do but to the best 
you can do. Good luck to all my 
friends and family. 

Joshua L. Katz 


25 Lady Slipper Road (B) 

FB 1-4; SB Champs; BBL 1-4 
Capt.; WTR 2-4; SC; Ski; MV 
'96; Hey. Guys, I ate an Oink! 
GT & GF: Rawl, Q's, Woody, 
Billy, Korske. Cuch; 6/13/98; 
Speed Bags; NH 97 Snow 
Bank: MBF Lees, ILY& IWNFY; 
Mom & Dad, TY & ILY; GL, 

Megan Kelliher 
275 Pleasant Street (B) 

"There will be time 

To prepare a face to meet the 

faces that you meet; 
Time for you and time for me 
And time yet for a hundred 

And for a hundred visions and 

revisions," -T.S. Eliot 

Mom, K.. E. + my angels- ILY; 

Nicole Loreen Kelso 

25 Riverview Drive (B) 

Mu. 1 -4: Ski 1 -4; CG 2-4; GT w/ 
GF YKWYA; Gazebo w/ A.J.: 
Jr. Miss w. J.M.: IWNF MBF 
R.C. + J.L. ILY; 6/3/98 w.B.B.; 
Dinner @ de's; IWNFY de + 
Lois; IMY Tim: ILY Mom + Dad, 
TY for everything: It's over + I 
had the time of my life; BYE, B- 

Jean E. Kennedy 

37 Beebe Road (B) 

"Great spirits have often suf- 
fered violent opposition from 

mediocre minds." - Einstein: 

"I don't know what I want, but i 
know how to get it."- John Lydon 



Trevor Kelson 


20 Douglas Drive (B) 

BB 1-3;CC1-2;Ten2-4Dr4; 
GW w/ T.A. + J.M. no ticket? 
BF T.G. TY; 4/22/98 IWALY 
Renee: M.K., 2 months; GT @ 
T.G. house; GT @ J.S. house; 
S.C. GL; Micozzi quotes: G.F., 
TY, Renee TY, ILY; GT @ JP; 
TY. ILY Mom. Dad, Jon, War- 


Scott Kimball 

"Kid Kimball" 

805 Vernon Street (B) 

Jay Korske 
416 White Street (R) 

FB1-4; BBL1 -4; OCL Champs; 
MBFs: Raw, Woody, Q's, Jose, 
D-Train, Protz, BadBoy, Cuch, 
Syph; Don't Worry 'bout it! K.C., 
A.C., M.W.; P.S.C. Syracuse, 
Wareham; Ghetto Snacks; JP: 
Tents; 83; Maynard Honey; 
R.B.; TY, Mom & Dad, 


Jim Kirkcaldy 

"Fatcaldy, Sly" 

3 Beechwood Circle (B) 

WTr1,3,4;STr3 + 4;CC4;LA, 
Ok!, HD! MT3 + 4;HMUN3 + 
4; FLC 1-4; Bosse posse; 24 
Slingshots; My time is money...; 
Am I right? The Blade! Down 
with Canada! Tim=Fat, 
Jan=Hairy; Delta, here I come! 

Sara Kowalewski 

'These people are so quick to 
judge.let's get the judgement 
straight. It's not who's wrong, 
it's how we get along. And I'm 
not sure that we do yet. Don't 
say you know what I'm about 
cause you don't even know my 





^v W 

Melissa L. Krappe 
305 Hayward Street (B) 

GT + GF YKWYA; K.W; Learn 
to drive; R.M.; remember Big 
Red; S.F.; IWMY; T.O., 3/21/ 
98, MBF ILYF; IWNF how we 
met; NYE '98; 6/17/97 ouch! 
prom night; C.J., TY; Dunks 
Crew; Mike B., you are in my 
heart; GL, B.C., IWMY; ILY, 
Mom, Dad, M + K. 

Amy L. Lamson 


10 Evergreen Drive (B) 

Soc 1-4 Capt.; BB 1-4; GT + 
GF: YKWYA; soccer chats; 
LB., J.H., A.P., Shania; A.P., 
Big legs; ME gals, I'm not going 
to lie to ya; K.C. + B.G., MV; 
K.C., friends are forever; M.P., 
IWNFY; Mom + Dad, TY for 
everything, ILY; MBF: K.L. 

Kimberly A. Lane 

5 Turban Road (B) 

GT + GF: MBFs Jami, Jill, Meg, 
Lou, Renee, ILY + IWMY all! 
TY, P.J. + Jon, IWNFY! Joe, 
always in my heart! Jami, GL w/ 
Ben; Jill, 6-12; Summer '97, 
GW, Riverside + Jill + Jami's! 
Bobby JP, MBF, Glad I met 
you, ILY + IWNFY! TY, Mom + 
J;GL, Ka! 

Roni Laro 
72 Sully Road (R) 

MBF M.T., K.W., M.O., M.M.; 
GT w/ J.L., S.O., J.H.; Cape w/ 
M.O.; Macdonalds M.T.; S.C., 
S.O.; Canton; Freshman year 
K.W.;GWM.M.; I love Italians; 
LS400; Plum Island; Prelude; 
N.F.; J.L., house; TY, Mom, 
Keri, Kristi; IWNFY Grandpa, 
R.B. + M.B.; ILY forever, Mario. 



Jonathan Laubinger 
1330 Vernon Street (B) 

FB 1-4, Capt. 4; IWMY: J.B., 
K.L,Smit ! T.A.,M.C.,T.L,J.M., 
S.W. IWNF: Chuck's, Titicut, 
mailboxes w/ K.L, R.W., T.L.; 
Pap's; Karen's; Cape after JP; 
GA w/ K.L.; Chase with Smit; 
FB parties; GL, Jeremy and 
Jess; ILY Mom + Dad. 

Timothy C. Lawton 

225 Grange Park (B) 

FB 1 -4 OCL Champs; BBL 1 -4, 
Capt. 4; V-P 1 -3, Pres. 3;GT w/ 
GF YKWYA; T'n'T: mailboxes 
w/ K.L, J.L., R.W.; suspended 
w/ M.P.; Gym '98 w/ P. J.; Bev 
nite; OSLw/ J-Dog; Jr. Prom + 
K.W.'s; ILY. Alicia; TY. Mom. 
Dad. Pat; GL, Molly. 

Jacqueline LeClair 

40 Holly Lane (B) 

Mu1-4;FTA;PL1-4; SG 98 w/ 
K.G.; grinding w/ D.S.; NYE @ 
CCw/K.G.; K.G. + D.S. MBF 
TY for being there for me. ILY 
guys! IWNFY P.F. i've known 
you all my life, what would i do 
with out you? J.K. thanks for 
everything IWNFY; GL Mike, 
Mom, Dad + Renee ILY.TY. 

Keith Ledin 
52-4 Gatsby Drive (R) 

STM-4. GT + GF @ Mike Cs, 
Chucks. Joe A's. My house. 
Lomba's. Betta's. Kinga's. Mail- 
boxes w/T.L, R.W.. J.L., GW 
1-4, Shania w/ Dougie. P.J. 
Casey's. JP. Karen's GL J.L.. 
D.B..T.L. M.P.. ILY & IWNFY, 
M.W..T.O.; TY, Mom. 



Robert Laubinger 


182 Center Street (B) 

Jammin w/ B.M..M.G.; Pearl 
Jam; 40 I will win; Jeep Soph.; 
Let's get some BL's J.H.; chase 
w/ 40; open mic @ J.H.; FFF. 
TY, Mom + Dad GL Holly w/ 
Soc; Thanks. Mike. 

Beth Leary 
369 North Main St. (R) 

Jill Ledin 
52-4 Gatsby Drive (R) 

Brendan Lee 
276 Summer Street (B) 

Gratitude: Mom + Dad, Tim (6 
years left), 0Z., T.H., CM. (and 
his truck); GT @ shows (WSHL 
to Boston) + weekends (The 
Bridge to CC); "My thoughts 
are clear, reminiscing, watch- 
ing the past pass..." D.L '98 



Toni Marie Lemon 

1004 High Street (B) 

Gym. 1 -4, Capt. 4; NHS; FLC 2- 
4; Montreal '96; New Orleans 
'96; VA Beach '98; GT + GF: 
M.M., A.F., J.M., J.M., S.F., 
E.P., + CM.; GTw/ Kali + Gin- 
ger; GL, S.F., + E.P.; TY for 
everything Mom + Dad, ILY. 

Amy E. Lindsey 
105 Pine Ridge Drive (B) 

GT + GF, YKWYA; '97 Guys; 
Nubbels Light; J.P @ N.L.'s; 
Onset, Get out! Club w/ Dog + 
Light! D.K. + W.D.; Dunks; GW 
w/ S.M../N.L./M.R. Let's go 
back! S.C., S.M., ILY! M.H., 
Duck! Nicole MBF, ILY! Thanks, 
Mom + Dad, ILY; GL, Camille. 

Nancyanne Lockary 

260 Laurel Street (B) 

David M. Lentini II 

50 Kathy Circle (B) 

Don't be disrespecting me just 
'cause I'm on the grill, B! K.M. 
Know much about terrorism? 
B.B. Get a job ya bum! D.M., 
You're just a fat kid in a little 
coat. S.M., Bang! You never 
seen it coming. Mom + Dad, 
thanks, ILY. 

Kenneth Lomba 


22 Ruth Ellen Road (R) 

Nicole Longabard 
755 Plymouth Street (B) 

GT with GF, YKWYA; '97 guys 
w/ R.M., K.G. + A.L, Cake 
fight; Nubles light; Dunks; JP 
@ my house; Onset, on the 
roof; D.K. + W.D.; Clubs w/ 
S.M., S.C + A.L, IWNF the 
dog + light; M.H., duck; Ame 
MBF, ILY; TY Mom, Dad, Nana 
+ Papa, ILY, GL, Kim + Justin. 

Jason R. Long 


205 Boxwood Lane (B) 


k - 

' i 

1 & - 


r M 

( iH 





Kerrin Melissa Lowe 

76 Meadow Drive (R) 

"Real love is forever" I love you 
Dave; The window w/ Dave + 
Joel; wild turkeys; the common; 
Dunkin'; D.R., J.L./taco, M.P., 
S.S., M.B., K.M., M.M., J.W., 
CD., D.M., K.B., K.C., D.P., 
N.T., Babyface for life, S.L., 
TY, Daddy; I miss you, Mom. 



Kristin Lozzi 
447 East Street (B) 

Katy Lucas 
1278 Bedford Street (B) 

High school seemed like such 
a blur, I didn't have much inter- 
est in sports or school elec- 
tions. And in class I dreamed 
all day, about a rock 'n' roll 

Joseph Lucchetti 


35 Woodland Drive (B) 

TY to Chrissy, Bet, Jim, Mom, 
Dad, Mike, Stacey- ILY All; GT 
w/ D, John, Jon; IWNF GT @ 
the Haven, Pearl Jam, DMB, 
Mobil; Chrissy, IWNFY or 
Nicole, thank you for the GT 
and memories; as bad as it all 
was, I would change nothing. 
Good luck to all. 

Jared Lucia 
135 Legge Street (B) 

Ski1-4; GTw/ GF, the neigh- 
borhood crew; MBF Nicole; 
Renee, ILY always; TY + GL to 
all my friends; TY, Mom + Dad; 

Natalia Luis 


473 Broad Street (B) 

GT w/ GF: You know who you 
are! Thanks to all my friends 
who have been there for me! 
GT w/ Dunks crew! S.C., Mail- 
box; Doodlebug! N.M., 
roadtrips. J.M., GL! K.L., GL 
next year., you'll do fine. TY, 
Mom + Dad, ILY! ; I will miss 

Derik R. Lundin 
115 Ashtead Road (B) 

Drafting 1-4; Junior Prom; 
Nascar races in pit; Drivers Ed 
w/S.K.,S.S., + M.P.;GT + GF 
@ BR +BP; J. P. bus at cape 
10/98; '89 Bronco; Grounds 
Dept.; IWNF 5th grade; 
Philmont'97;PB + J;TY, Mom 
+ Dad, Auna; GL, Everyone! 

Gregory Lusky 


109 Bayberry Road (R) 


Krystle MacGibbon 

434 Laurel Street (B) 

Katie, you and I are gonna live 
forever; GTw/ K.B., K.L., B.L., 
K.S., B.M., the man, K.L, D.R., 
slam down, ILY; TY Mom ILY 
always; K.C..GL w/ R.D; Jes 
aka Kidt. ILY; Well, later, B-R. 

Jennifer MacKenzie 


SADD 1; FLC 3; MBF: Jenn 
M., Amy F.; + Toni L; IWNFY; 
GT w/ GF; Sophie! New Or- 
leans '98; GL Bobby; TY for 
everything, Mom + Dad, ILY; 
All the laughs we had! Keep in 
touch; GL, everyone; Buh- 

Melissa Mackiewicz 

5 Carriage House Drive 

W Tr 2-4 Capt.; S Tr 2-4 Capt; 
OCL Champs! FLC 1-4 + 
Montreal 2+3; IWNF Ginger + 
Kali; Roy + Dang-er; I love 
you, Dave; My melters crack- 
ed; Heavey 2016; Queen of 
FUB! TY, Mom, Dad, Matt, + 
Mike, I Love You! 

George MacKinnon 
35 Lantern Lane (B) 

Finally made it! FB- 4; 20, Bon- 
fire, spaghetti dinner. Tele- 
phone pole, JP was fun, BK 
drive though, Friends YKWYA; 
C.S., P.C., S.C., G.L., K.K., 
S.L., M.H., everyone else N.Y., 
w/ J.G., IWNFY Good luck in 
college; TY, Mom + Dad. 

Matthew Macomber 
892 Summer Street (B) 

Chris Madden 
59 Spruce Street (B) 

GT + GF; Koostas 1; C.M.'s 
house 1-4; S.C. fallen in C.P.; 
GT in the van w/ B.B., S.C, 
R.C., CM., + S.O.; C.C.'s van 
soph, yr.; Sk8 @ C.U. + R.B.; 
GT w/ B.M.; Conley house, TY; 
Mom + Dad + family, ILY + TY.. 

Peter Anthony Maffeo 

"Pedro, Maff" 

61 Macy Street (R) 

WTr2-4; S Tr 2-4 Capt; R.D. 
Who's upstairs; B's Game; 
S.W. Who! J.H. Mud; R.C. 
Eggs; 20 w/ J. R., Boston w/the 
Boys; K.C Shoes; Kell, No 
Water; Spitfire; I'm Strugglin, 
You guys are the Best, PSC for 
life; IWMY; TY, Mom + Dad. 

Timothy Maguire 


27 Captain Landing (R) 

Dinniz, Guardian of Democ- 
racy! Truth, Justice and the 
Dinniz Way, Dinniz World Or- 
der for life; Hollywood is my 
hero; God bless the man who 
invented the liquid hat + jacket 
of fun; More teddy bears than 
you can count. 

M 57 

Kevin J. Mahoney 
129 Worcester Street (B) 

Ten. 1-3;Ski1-4,US1-4;D.M. 
The Irish Roll; D.L. What # is 
that, 3! B.B. Guns, I'll stop talk- 
ing now! E.H. Lots of fun skiing; 
I will never forget you, Colleen 
:) Thanks for being there, K.S.; 
I will miss you all! GL, M.M.; 
Thank you, Mom + Dad 

Jennifer J. Mallett 


570 Cross Street (B) 

Thanks for the memories, BR; 
GT + GF w/ the 98er's C.L., 
D.L, R.P., D.J., D.E., N.C., + 
K.H.; IWNF JP w/D.S.; GW w/ 
ST.; TY, Mrs. Smith; Elmo 
Mobile + Muppets; IWMY "Y" 
friends; ILY, Jess + Karlie; GL, 
Jeff; ILY, Meme, Mom + Dad. 

Paul Maloney 
370 Plain Street (B) 

Matthew Martineau 
55 Aberdeen Lane (B) 

J.P.; Junior YearGT with CM., 
J.S. in New Jersey; Thank, de. 
+ Mom; ILY, Karla. 

Lora D. Marden 
30 Ashtead Road (B) 

FH 1-4 capt., Why?; GT @ 
GW-Steve Miller Band; MV 
Summers-Spook; D'Angelos; 
Dana's House NYE '97; Paris; 
JP fiasco; Brownfest'98'-Larry; 
Blinking Lites; Rainbows End 
swings; 8/22/98-XYZ; Momo; 
BSC nites; GT + GF IWNFY; 
Always smile! 

Rita Mason 


20 Pond Street (B) 

Soc 1-2; VB4 Capt.; GT+GF 
YKWYA; Dunks Crew; W.H. + 
boys of '97; JP's + camping 
with A.H.; Summer '98; Coun- 
try Fest - Dub, Shania + Horde 
- S.G., Ghetto Nite;Party @ 
5=11:03; V.S. + M.K.; MBF 
Thanks; Thanks, Mom + Dad, 
ILY guys; GL, Pete + Drew. 

Jennifer L. Mathieu 
"Squirt, Shorty" 


Soc1+2;SB1;Mu. 1 +2, LA + 
Okl; MBF Toni L, Amy F., + 
Jenn C; IWNFY; GTw/GF; 311 
Concert at GW; Ireland + En- 
gland with Brisc in '96 + '98; GL 
to my sis, Jaime; TY for every- 
thing, Mom + Dad; Adios, 

Christine E. Maxwell 

322 Locust Street (R) 

CL1-4; Capt.; Mu. 3+4; FH 1; 
Roosters forever; Dave; GT in 
Yota w/A.G.; S.M.; S.C.; Ply- 
mouth; Dance forever; Maine; 
S.C.; They don't understand; 
ILY, Nicole; 10/31/97; Cruise 
'98'; J. Prom; 1,2, 3; GL, Lauren; 
ILY, Mark; TY, Mom + Dad, 
ILY; Bye, B-R. 


Nicole McCabe 
98 Lyman Place (B) 

YB 4; JP; GW Concerts; Goat; 
Eiffel Tower; K.B. Fredology + 
Push push; S.C. Dartmouth; 
Skiing W/C.N..N.P., P.P., A.P.; 
Math w/ S.C, K.L, B.J., R.M., 
R.F.; K.G., N.L., T.H., T.S., 
M.S.; GL, Matt and Kayla; ILY, 
Mom and Billy. 

David McGovern 
37 Walter Drive (R) 

Hoc 1-4 Capt.; Golf 1-2; D.L 
"Lump him up"; K.M., Go bake 
something; Get a job; Three 
times @ the Cape; You're a 
danger to society.; What's 
paintball; All hail fatness; Four 
horsemen; Good luck, Sean.; 
TY + ILY, Mom + Dad. 

Ben McKenna 
268 High Street (B) 

GT + GF; NH w/ Joe, Mike 
Mike; Thurs. w/ Mike + PJ 
Hampton w/ Joe; Sat. w/ Mark 
unison w/ J.R.; JP w/ Jami 5/5/ 
95, 2/14/03, Newport, IWNFY 
+ I will always love you; TY, 
Mom, Jay, Nana, Uncle Larry, i 
love you guys. 

Kelli Ann McLoughlin 
190 North Street (B) 

Summer Rocks! PCC, The 
Field, Montreal! Biff, Fub, 
Heavey 2016! Roy + Dang- 
er; Rainbow's end + sprin- 
klers! Coffee shop, Boston, 
Riverrave; I love you Dave; 
Thank you, mom + dad (arr), I 
love you! XOXOXO 

Christopher McDonald 

David McGuire 
613 N. Main Street (R) 

First 3-4; Hoc 1-4; Soc 1-3; 
E.S. Pushing Port-Mobile in 
Taunton. P.W.'s dead fire 
chicken; B.O. "how ya do it?". 
Thank you, Dad, Mom, Mich, 
Mike; IWMY.E.S., P.W., B.O., 
B.T., N.M., K.O., J.H.; Thank 
you + I love you, Steph; 2/1/98. 

Jean McLaughlin 
91 Macy Street (R) 

FH 1-3; Nana; The Drama 
Clique; GTw/ J.K. + K.C.; AP 
Chuckles; Polar Bears! The 
Starer!! Our 80's list; IWMY 
C.P., IWNFY! In the library w/ 
J.K.; Lots of good luck and love 
to my boyz, YKWYA, IWNFY.; 
Mom, Dad, Bri, Anne, TY, ILY. 


Jason Micozzi 


75 Laurie Lane (B) 

BBL 1,2 + 4; FB?;TY Dan Pe- 
ters; GT+GFM.C.,R.W.,S.F., 
M.H. + K.M.; Houses @ M.C., 
J.A.J.G.; FLw/ T.G.; 9/25/98 
@ M.C.; MVP; 3B's; Warped 
Tours; Prom nite; 4/1 2/98 Kara 
IWNFY, U R my Beastie; TY 
Sue, Nick and John. 



Reginald H. Miles 

"Reggie, Reg" 

255 Gardiner Street (R) 

YB 3; Dr. 4; VP. of FTA 4; MBF, 
Jen B.: Tomato Juice, Dogs; 
"Days". N.D.; Algebra; Tracy 
R., IWNFY. Time to follow our 
dreams! ILY, Dad, Mom, Gran. 
H. J. C. GL, Everyone! Bye, B- 

Jimmy Moore 

"Stitch, Gl Jimbo" 

320 Cherry Street (B) 

SO 1-4, Capt. 4; To all of my 
friends, ILY + IWNY; J.S., ILY 
Forever; Mom, Dad, Carrie, 
Catie + Dan, Good luck in life + 
in school. Goodnight. 

Nicholas Molina 

Kara Moran 


38 Oak Ridge Lane (B) 

FH 2-4; Capt.; GTw/GF;MBF's 
K.G.; S.D.; K.C.; TY; Barrels 
and M.B. w/ K.G.; Camp talks; 
Sully for 19; Four Irish chicks; 
JP night? Food; J.M. 4/12/98 
It's understood; TY, ILY, Mom 
+ Dad, Columbus, Woobie; GL, 
K.C. and the Y Team. 


April Morin 
50 Woodland Drive (B) 

BB 1-4, Capt.; SOC 1-3; GTw/ 
GF-YKWYA;Sleepovers; JP @ 
Inno's; summer of '98; GHetto 
Nites; Horde; Aerosmith + U2 
w/C.M., IWNFY; Aly cat, MBF- 
GL; TY Mom + Dad, ILY; TY, 
Mr. + Mrs. A; GL, J.T. + J.A.; 
Goodbye, BR + GL, Class of 

Sarah Morley 

"Nah, Sa Sa" 

151 Pleasant Street (R) 

FH 1 +2; WTr 1 +2; STr 1 +2; GT 
w/GF-YKWYA; Roosters- 
YKWYA; Bahama Beach Club 
w/S.C, A.L, + N.L; 104 w/ 
K.G.; Oh, oh w/Jill; Day A-98 w/ 
M.S.; 3D; Johnson's Pond; 
D.K.W.D.; MBF: S.C.; Bam; 
yeah; TY, Mom, Mike, + Erin, 

Jessica Nicole Murphy 

"Murphcan, Chester" 

62 Lakeview Drive (R) 

Mu. 2-4; Ch 2-4; Cinderella; TY 
+ ILY Mom, Dad, D + N; IWNFY 
S.,A.,R.,K.,P.,V.,S., + J; GL 
Bess; GL P.O.C. Pak; IWMY, 
Grandma + Uncle Peter; JR 
Miss w/ N.K.; S.C. Phish 
phriends; what a long strange 
trip it's been. 


Christopher Murray 


31 Covington Street (B) 

Hoc 1 -4 Capt.; BBL; NHS; sing 
alongs @ J.H.'s house; NYE 
JP, + Cape Cod w/ A.M. 
Friends 'till we're old, IWNFY 
Boyden Colony; GT + GF 
Graduation party w/ J.D.; GL 
B.L.; TY, Mom, Dad + Pete. 

Melissa Narciso 


88 Michael Road (R) 

BB 1; Dr 2-4; SOC 3; N.K. + 
A.J., St. John's Guys; J.M., 300 
+ 420, Stare Boys; C.F., 
YKWYA; Horde Fest w/ S.K. + 
J.G.; L.T., Shaw's Guys; S.B., 
Holy Men; J.S., Mix Fest '98; 
TY-Mom + Dad; GL-P + M; So 
Long, BR. 

Christina Niccoli 
40 Hunters Drive (B) 

P.P. Semi 11/21/97 N.M.Eiffel 
Tower; Skiing w. N.M., P.P., 
N.P.; JP; GW Kiss concert, 
Matchbox 20; J.S. Math class, 
IWNF C.S. room P.P., IWNFY, 
ILY; J.N., A.N. GL, next year 
ILY; Mom + Dad, TY + ILY; GL, 

Sarah Beth Noyes 

141 Rowayne Park (B) 

BB 1;CG 2-3; FLC 1-4; Bush 
'97'; Lilith + Matchbox 20 @ 
GW; N.K. @ Dunks!; R.C. @ 
the beach! To all my friends, 
you know who you are; GL; 
We had good times at B-R; All 
times w/ T.H.; YMBF, GL, 
Thanks for being there; TY, 
Mom, ILY; Bye, BR '99. 

Rebecca Lynn Norris 

160 Boxwood Lane(B) 

Summertime! We pushed the 
limits; camping, NYE '97 + '98 
Feen's cape house, Are you 
Russian? Coffee shop, burnt 
gumby, late nite sprinklers + 
Rainbow's End, DEB girls! 
Riverrave, TY, Mom + Dad, 
Assonets + B'water chicks, I LY; 
No regrets. 

Seth Nelson 


37 Vernon Street (B) 

Sean O'Brien 
1524 Plymouth Street (B) 

Bernadette Alma O'Connor 


599 Cross Street (B) 

SHod-3; US1 2-4;Capt3;GT 
Jw/ GF; T.C.; D.M.; B.B.; T.Z.; 
■L.C., W.Z.; K.O.; IWNFY NJ + 
(Florida '98'; Cuttyhunk; Chillin' 
| at Dunks; Shop w/Chev + Moe; 
I Brownie -I won! GL, Brian; 
liThanks, Mom, ILY. 



Keri Lynne O'Neil 
259 Vernon Street (B) 

ILY + TY Mom + Dad + Mike; 
Dr. Lolipop: GT + GF @ Mount 
+ BR; Skittlehead, I'll get out of 
here!; RH 4-life; Dr. 1-2; VSoc 
1/2 1; YB 4; newspaper 1-4; 
Div. 1-2, KARATE! GL. to all 
IWNFY; Note to self... "Perfect 
Practice makes Perfection." 

Jennifer Odle 

"Slam down" 

Ramblewood Drive (R) 

Criticism "The sausages are 
upon me and I feel me flesh 
burn beneath the teeth of their 
indifference.", Jewel. P.S. ILY 
Mom, Dad, Zack, Jerry; MBFs: 
J.D.; K.M.; K.L.; B.L.; J.A.; 
White Mike, C.G.; M.G.; D.G.; 
K.D.; K.B.; ILY all '99. 

Amy Oman 
10 Brent Avenue (B) 

FH1 Manager2-4; BB1: GT + 
GF @ FELC: "Some people 
come in + out of our lives + 
others leave footprints that last 
a lifetime." thanks 4 those foot- 
prints, YKWYA; Thanks Mom + 
Dad 4 everything: GL Jon + 
Jeff. ILY all. 


Michael Owens 

"O Dog" 

66 Plain Street (B) 

Christina Pelletier 
14 First Street (R) 

Ten. 1-4 Capt. 3+4; VB Co- 
Capt.4; J.M.-Starer, Booty Slap, 
Apple Crisp Ice Cream?, AP 
Chuckles; C.G-7:15!; J.K.-24 
Sling Shots; K.C. -Screamer/ 
Roots; R.D. TY for JP set up: 
Thanks. Mom + Dad; Deb, 
Sandy + Norm-You're the Best! 



Kate Ouellette 
1087 Locust Street (R) 

It's been fun; Thank you 
Assonets: B chicks + ORR, I 
love you; Never forget pushing 
the limits, parties + concerts, 
Savers, Bickfords, Mediam 
Park, Commies + Profile Rock; 
Thanks , Mom, Dad + Molly. 
ILY. Summertime! 

David Ozug 


98 Oak Ridge Lane (B) 

Peter Perruzzi 
50 Ruth Ellen Road (R) 



• • 

Jennifer Persico 


617 King Philip Street (R) 

everything! K.G., TY so much; 
1/12/95 ILY; R.B. forever; ILY 
Dad; Brady's ILY + TY for ev- 
erything; TY, Mom + Billy ILY; 
TY P.C.; GL, Class of '99. 

Timothy D. Pigeon 

"Tim, Pidge" 

137 Comfort Street (B) 

FBI-4; US1 2-4; MT2-4; NHS3- 
4; GTw/GF; Concerts w/D. S., 
J. B. , D. C. : Ozzfest, Metallica; 
Double Nugget Day; Weight 
Room w/ Mr. Lennon; IWNF 1/ 
22/96, 1 Love You, Melanie; TY 
to all those who helped me, 
YKWYA; TY, Mom, Dad. 


Mary F. Plante 
380 Judson Street (R) 

Soc 1 + 2; SB 1 3 + 4; VB Co- 
Capt 4; Roosters + P.S.C. 
D.R.; A.C. w/ K.C. + M.W. on 
the side; GT w/ GF ME, JP, 
NYE! M.W. + A.G. X-mas '97; 
Halloween '97; MBF, IWNFY + 
IWMY; Thanks, Mom + Dad, 
Kate + Jack! GL, Liz. 

Mark Porell 


32 Douglas Drive (B) 

Soc 1-4; 97 State Champs; BB 
1-3; SC; SAB; SSACw/C.D.; 
Hoby;GT + GFT.L,D.B.,B.M., 
K.L,J.A.,J.R.,M.H., Soc Boys; 
FHw/A.L;Tentw/M.H., J.A., 
J.H.; Mobil w/ Ben; Pool w/ 
Tim; Geirgia ILY; TY, Mom + 
Dad-t- Em + Mon; GL, L.P. 



Alicia Petrucci 


40 Riverview Drive (B) 

FH 1-4; MBF: LB., J.H., T.W., 
P.J., J.R., M.D., ILY; Pearl Jam, 
DMB, Hootie, Shania, on car; 
Camp talks; Mooseheads; 
Chase; 07/04/98 @ D.F. w/the 
crew; Freezing; A.L. Big legs; 
C.C. House; obviously; IWNFY, 
Tom; TY, Mom, Dad + Bill. 

Lesley Pinkerton 
70 Ledgewood Drive (B) 

BB 1 -4 capt., SB 1 -4, Soc 1 +2; 
GTw/GF Jill, Jami, Meg, Renee 
& Kim; M.S.- France; 10:30; 
J.L. "Fantasy"; J.S. & J.L. "Ho- 
tel, Motel..." K.W. set sail; R.C. 
advice? R.W. "the bet", black- 
mail; TY, Mom, Dad & Ry; GL, 

Louisa Plouffe 


467 Pine Street (B) 

It's over! How sad; set crew 1- 
4; rolling @ Boom; GL + ILY 
H.G. + M.T., R.P. + H.B.; ILY 
Cubbie; Dunkin w/L.G., A.B. + 
D.P.; GT w/ H.G., M.T., Jet + 
Jo; J.W., J.K., R.G., + every- 
one! NIN @ GW; TY, Mom + 
Dad; ILY, Mikey, 3 yrs. + still 

Jeremy Powers 
191 Forest Street (B) 

ToMBFJ.R.W. + my GFs.M.S 
+ JP w/all my class-mates + 
GT; Mom + Dad OLY. To Ms. 
White, Mr. Vardack, + Mr. 
Brogna, TY for all your sup- 



Melissa A. Pratti 
75 Hammond Street (B) 

Band 1-3; Cape House '96; JP 
w/M.L.: Summer of ! 98; Florida 
'96; Portuguese Class; GL to 
all my friends; TY to my family; 

Carrie A. Pritchard 

709 High Street (B) 

CG 1-4; Capt. 2-4: Mu. 1-4: 
Band 1-4: 4 B's: T.W.. K.D. + 
A.J.: TY. M.M. + M.R.: GT - 
10/4,95 I love you. my Scotty!: 
Mom. Dad + Jay. Thanks for all 
you've done for me. I love you! 
Good luck. Jay! 

Jeff Preuss 
221 Orchard Street (R) 

FB 1-4; Ski 1-4; Super Bowl; 
GT + GF: 138: Chucks: J.H. 
Hook up @ Dunk: Quim's car 
J.S.,G.S.;N.C. house; K.C. @ 
D's quietphone: R.C. + M.K. 
5.0: Jose's house: PSC vs. 
DBC: rompa math. 

Ryan Protz 

"Protzy, Eightball" 

35 College Road (B) 

BBL 1 -4; BB 1 ; Summer of '98; 
GT w.D + B.L.; K.C. + R.D., 
House; P.S.C.; Olde Fuzzy 
Crew: Squinceys; Kel's house; 
R.D..M.R.,J.R.; My girls: K.C 
K.C, A.C., M.W.: UMass; 
Cape; Papa's: Sypher's ga- 
rage; ILY, Kelly; TY, Mom + 

Keith Quimby 


365 Elm Street West (R) 

BB 1-4: Capt; OCL Champs; 
GOIf 2-3; My Boys: Katz, 
Woody. Syph, Maff, Jose. 
Korske, Cuch, R.P., M.R.; OSL 
PSC; Rawl-Saddle up: JP; 
K.C.'s: Jr. Yr. w/M.K. + R.C: 
Woody's World: Mom + Dad- 
TY + ILY: GL. Kyle 

Kyle Quimby 


365 Elm Street West (R) 

BB 1 -4 OCL Champs '98 + '99; 
GT w/ G.S.. B.J., S.W.. J.K., 
J. R. .+ the OSL Crew: Summer 
of '98: Woody "Run": the girls: 
K.C..K.C..A.C.. + M.W.:GLto 
all my friends: Mom + Dad. TY; 
GL. Keith. 

Jason M. Rawlins 


1115 Plymouth Street (B) 

FB 1 -4: OCL Champs: BBL 1 -4 
Capt: WTr 3+4: BB 1+2 SB: 
P.S.C.; OSLwAT-Bone: GW20 
w/P.M.; My huns Kim. Kel. Wit. 
Cur. Col. Ooh Bee Doo: Syra- 
cuse w/Korsk; BP bus: N.Y.: 
Dance Wood: Love ya. Mom + 
Dad. TY: GL. Jess. Keep the 

Tim Resmini 


605 East Street (B ) 

WTr 1 -4; STr 1 -4; CC 4; Bosse 
Posse, Capt; The People's el- 
bow; KaitlynCoppismyQueen! 
B.H. in 2016' Run; Kimball; 
Run! Janny !! Come Here! Jim 
K. is all that + no fat; "I have 
misplaced my pants!" Liz, Tim 
Rules More! Bomb Canada! - 




Michael Rich 


40 College Road (B) 

4 Capt. ; State Champs '97; J. 
C. ,J. R. ,S.W. ,B.J. ,J. K. , 
Q's R. P. , R. D. ; J. R. Nice 
Flying Angel; S. W. Woody's 
position; Run; P. S. C. ; GT at 
OSL; J. C. IWNF Myrtle Beach; 
Bev Nite; TY, Mom, Dad, J, J, 

Jill Rose 

159 Plymouth Street (B) 

TYtomy Grandparents, family 
+ Picanzos; GT + GF w/ H. H. , 
K. S. , L. K. + everyone else 
YKWYA; ILY Jimbo 10/9/99; 
Sharon; GL, Adam, Christina, 
T. J. + Alex; Course the grooven 

Jonathan Ryan 


431 Vernon Street (B) 

Eric Salamon 
14 May Avenue (R) 

Ski Club: 1,2, + 3D.M: Never 
forget pushing the port mobile 
through the center of Taunton; 
No wait, What were we talking 
about?! P.W. What color is diet 
Coke, Paul? Negative zero, 
Long live the Fire Chicken! 

Nicole Robbins 
17 Althea Street (R) 

GT + GFw/T.S.,H.C.,J.B.,the 
lunch crew: YKWYA; chicken 
nugget day! JP + Vermont w. 
Paul.; Art room w/ Jon, Sean + 
Tim; Beasties Concert! S.B.- 
IWMY.; Paul-ILY; TY Mom, 
Dad, Kim, Kerri + Brian; Every- 
one: Take care + GL! 

Robbin M. Ruehrwein 

"Robo Fro, Sam" 

258 East Street (B) 

I will never forget you J.D., ILY 
11/17/79-5/15/98; Ate a clock 
Trip to NY w/ J.B., B.T., C.A. 
Nip; Turn red; JP C.Z., C.A. 
Semi J.D.; Dirty Birdie; GT w/ 
ILY, Mom + Dad; TY, Family; 
GL, Fred, IWMY; Bye, B-R. 

Lauren Sankus 


34 Ramshead Road (R) 

MU. 3-4 HD! + Cindi; NHS; FLC 
3-4; YB 4; Denise Buote Dance 
Studio Team; Jr. Ms; S.G. - 
You're a looney! D.S.- Seinfeld; 
Chama, NM; Gold @ Greater 
Brockton + Starquest; B.S. + 
S.G. - ILY, Guys; More later... 

Jeff Sabine 

4 65 

Ericka Santos 


96 Maple Avenue (B) 

Chillin' in Brockton; Cruisin'; All 
the wild nights w/ S.B. + R.S.; 
clubbing w/ little sis; S.B., ILY + 
IMY, You'll always be in my 
heart, R.I. P.; TY, Mom + Dad 
for everything, ILY, both; ILY, 

Matthew R. Sarcione 

398 Plymouth Street (B) 

BBL 1 -4; Thanks + GL to A.P., 
+ L.K., to P.B. for making me 
stronger + smarter; If I forgot 
you, blame it on the mind, not 
the heart; Thanks to my whole 
family; R.I. P. Dad, IWMY. 

Kerrl Sawler 
345 Center Street (B) 

GT + GFM.M.,H.H.,J.R.,A.A., 
C.F., J.S., Meg you're MBF; 
Courts @ Onset; Cruising w/ 
Megan; Heather Let's go for a 
Trolly ride; 12/28/97 Jill, GL w/ 
Tommy. Algebra w/ Chris + 
Meg;IWNFS.B., + T.M.,TY + 
ILY, Mom; GL, Mike; I'm out. 

Renee Santos 
96 Maple Avenue (B) 

Kristen Saunders 
43 Ann Street (R) 

SB1 -3; NHS3-4; to A.S. "Knock 
knock" our stroll at 12; our sto- 
ries; good luck; F.F. the force; 
Smokin Grooves; D.L. three; 
Boys WWF rules; Eric never 
forget New Hampshire; JP; 
night on beach; 8/1 /98;IWNFY; 
Good luck; ILY. 

Tracy Ann Scanlan 

843 South Street (B) 

Time rolls on, people touch our 
hearts and then they are gone. 
And through the tears we'll 
smile, when we recall we had it 
all, for just one moment. ; Mu. 3 
+ 4; J.C., N.R., N.M. + T.F.,. 
IWNFY; Jenn, the notebook, 
ILY Dad, Mom, Chris + Michelle, 

Laura Scarlett 
397 Robinson Street (R) 

" I hope you had the time of 
your life." To all my friends - 
love you all so very much. Ba- 
gels; Daily Grind, graveyards. 
NY trips w/ AC Rock, Keep it 
real you silly freaks. Bye-Bye, 
LA LA. Glad to be Gone. 

Chrissie Schettini 

"Tini, Frissie" 
17 Bridge Street (B) 

CG; Mu; Dr; GT + GF: B.B. 
K.F., T.V., J.M..N.T., M.G.. 
Dude; B.B. + farm; N.K., Light 
JP w/lcky, Getty + Sven; Cake! 
T.V. back in 5; Superbowl; Nice 
Kitty! 3:1 6; Spain! IWNFY, Ryan 
+ Dave; TY, K.F. + Family; Top 
of the hill! 


Jessica Lynn Schmuck 
15 Sunset Lane (B) 

It's finally over; Good Luck to 
the posse: Lindsay, Kristen, 
Nicole, Jaime, Lauren, Chrissy, 
Phil + Ed; Cabanna night, sign 
@ J + J; Metallica; GT @ GW; 
Hong Kong summerof '96; ILY, 
Mom + Dad 

Dhruva Shah 


180 Main Street (B) 

"We do not remember days; we 
remember moments." 

-Ceasar Pavese 

Elizabeth S. Schultz 

"Beth; Captain J." 

171 Walnut Street (B) 

"A happy heart makes the face 
cheerful, but heartache crushes 
the spirit," 

Proverbs 15:13 

Melanie Sharp 
120 Michael Road (R) 

FH 2-4, STr 2-capt4, WTr 2; I 
love you, Timmy; JP + River- 
side w/ CM. + J.S. GT + GF: 
M.B., D.C., D.S.; J.B., want a 
choc, chip muffin? T.P.: 
60+80=120; A.S.: GW 1/22/ 
96, 5/16/98; I love FL + FH Y 
Tarzan all my love to God + 
Mom + Dad, Gram + Gramp, 

i oil 


John Sheehan 

"The Boy" 

42 Sherwood Lane (R) 

To all my boys: Dicky, R.D., 
P.M., R.P., M.W., Revival, Stunt 
Double, M.B., OSL crew, G.S., 
PSC + All the girls; Kimmy, 
NYE; GT w/ GF Summer '98, 
IWNF tickle it; GT w/ B.L 
midsize in compact space! To 
the family: Mom + Dad, Katie, 
Tom, ILY! 

Mark Shepard 

Nathan Shockley 
"Nate Dog, Coffee Boy" 
85 Partridge Trail (B) 

E.F., R.S., T.C., J.C., J.R., 
Thanks for the great times: Jr. 
Prom, Breakfast Club, 
D'Angelos groupies; Thanks, 
Heavey! Thank you, Mom and 
Dad; Good luck, Allie and Evan; 
GL, Erin, ILY; God, it is all you! 
I am outie! 

Jami E. Sickoll 
25 Stephanie Lane (B) 

GT + GF,MBFs: Kim, Jill, Meg, 
Lou, Renee, ILY + IWMY, GL; 
Kim GL w/ Bob; Meg 93.7; R.C. 
Riverside; L + J Hotel Motel; 
Ben 5/5/95, 2/14/03, MBF for 
life, you mean everything to 
me, I will love you forever; TY, 
Mom, Dad, B, J- ILY! 

4 67 

Jo-Ellen Silva 
1259 South Street (B) 

JP w/ J.D.; GT w/ K.G.; Soph yr 
Good Luck w/Narissa; Ninnie, 
TY everything, J.D., ILY + 
IWNFY; B.L., GLw/ Joey; Mom 
+ Dad, TY for putting up w/ me, 
ILY; GL w/ Soccer, Monica; to 
family, ILY. 

Cory Simmons 
2 South Street West (R) 

Varsity BB as a 3 + 4; To MBF: 
IWNFY, J.F., P.C., G.M., S.C., 

G.L, K.K., S.L + R.S., ILY; A 

big shout out to all my boys, 
YKWYA;TY, to all of my teach- 
ers and friends, but especially 
to my Mom and Dad; GL. to 

Lindsay Nichole Simpson 


1234 South Street (B) 

Animal Crackers. A+E! Canon- 
ball Contest. GT @ GW. Can I 
borrow that? J + J-Sign! JP w/ 
B.B.; Phat ride., Friends from 
years 1 +2. Parties at my house; 
Rollerskating. ILY, Mom + Dad. 
Thanks for the memories, BR! 

ricia Dacey Slattery 

510 King Street (R) 

4; GT w/ GF: K.B., C.C., K.B., 
H.C.; summer '98w/Handi-kids 
crew; H.C., I want my money 
back; K.B., Wanna drive? 
Puerto Rico "96; M.V. 7/18/98; 
Shania; TY, Mom + Dad, ILY; 
GL, family; 9/27/98 - K.B. TY, I 
owe you !! 

Jan Smith 


21 Park Terrace (B) 

STr 1-4; WTr 2-3; NHS 3-4; 
WAC 2-4; SO 3; Mock trial 2- 
4(Steve u rule); IWNF: Cushing 
+ Kearney; Some things never 
change; Tim: DM king; Brian: 
Clinton wannabe; Jim: Canada 
lover; Scott: 9.84; Brendan: 
donut king; GL, everyone! 

Stephanie Smith 


43 Bayberry Road (R) 

Summer '97 + '98; NY w/ MBF 
Lady; JP w/ Jon; You blew it, 
Jay! Laughs w/ Jill: Where am 
I? Sticker mobile; Friendly's? 
Coffee shop fun w/ MBF Jon; 
IWNFY, P.M., funtimes® Bible 
study: GL J.S., S.B., + M.K.; 
ILY All; God is love; Bye. 

hew Soderb 
475 North Street (B) 



Kristen Spellman 
2 East Street (B) 

Andrea Nicole St. Martin 
145 Ramblewood Drive (R) 

=H 1-4; NHS 3-4; IWNF all GT + 
GF; FH bus talks; fights w/ K.B.; 
SSmokin Grooves @ GW w/ J.C., 
<.S., E.H., F.F., + C3; Knock 
Knock; 1 2 AM walk w/ K.S.; GL to 
vIBF: K.S. + my guy Jim; TY, 
\/lom, Dad, Stephanie + Michelle, 
LY all. 


Jennifer Lee Stack 

306 North Street (B) 

PL 1-4; YG 3; RS 3-4; Doug, 
IWNFY 11/19/95; Christina, I 
won'r forget C.S.'s room! GL + 
TY for so much! IWMY; GL 
Ashes, T.F., S.S., IWMY all! 
T.H., Who says that?; TY Mom 
+ Dad, ILY! Holly + Zach, ILY, 
Keep smiling! GL Erin, Be good, 

Aaron St. Martin 
69 Leonard Street (R) 

Rebecca Staaf 


227 Orchard Street (R) 

LA; FLC; Dance @ Sue's, Chi- 
cago + Fossi w/ L.S.; Chilie's, 
Dixie's w/J.K., + LS.,; "Nobody 
likes you anyway", Jo's 1 st party 
w/K.H.,;ILY, Mom + Dad, Bry, 
MBF: Tracy, + Buster; GL, 
Friends + Family, YKWYA; Bye, 

Michael R. Stafford 

74 Walnut Street (B) 

JPLimofire!GT + GF in Bridge- 
water lobby; vacation w/ Ney + 
E.E.; IWNF FL, K! P.D., A.F, 
wrong car! IWMY B.T., K.S., + 
I made it Mom + Dad! salute E- 
R! IWNFY Sharon Bradshaw! 
Bye Rocheies 

Dana Stein 
130 Briar Cliff Road (R) 

Lindsay Elizabeth Sullivan 
150 Green Street (B) 

"apres moi, I'orage" 



Meghan Sullivan 


306 Robinson Street (R) 

SOC 1-2; GT w/ GF: YNWYA; 
Jill, Lou, Ka @ Titicut; Lou- 
France, F. S. ; Jill + P. L. R.C. 
BR Run; Jami 93.7; Sarah, Day 
A '97 + tatoo; GT @ J. S. ; 
IWNF Summer '97 @ J. L ; 
Brent, IWNFY.GL; Katie, MBF, 
, TY; Mom + Dad, ILY, TY; 

Ruth Sullivan 

Dave Surbuts 
39 Michael Road (B) 

"It's finally over!" SK8 '98: 
Soulfly: and both Ozzfests. GT 
w/GF:T. P. ,D. C. ,R.C. ,M. 
S. ,J. M. ,J.W. , J. B. ,andE. 
S. TY to all who I didn't men- 
tion. GL to all. And that's the 
bottom line, 'cause Dave said 
so. Know your roles. 

Gregg Sypher 


731 South ST., East (R) 

Meghan A. Taber 

"Meg, Tabes" 
22 Laurel Lane (R) 

GTw/R.L,M.O. + K.W.;The 
gang; R.L. + M.; Going to 
Gary's; Prelude; To the Cape/ 
Newport w/ Randy; The Ave.; 
FL. for life; Tempra + Probey; 
Kristen + Lisa- ILY; TY, L + De. 
Mom, Dad, Nan ILY; IWNFY, 
Jeff. ILY; Jean, ILY + IWMY. 

Gerry Theriault 
312 Hall Street (R) 

SKI 1-4; MBF: G. F. , + M. K. 
; IWNFY; JP; Golf Team; O. S. 
L. 4 Life; Old Fuzzy Crew; GT 
@ Borden Colony; Dunks 2 
Words; GL, Bobby, Ryan, + 
Protz IWNFY; Speedpass; R. 
P. "Like two sparrows in a hur- 


Elizabeth Thompson 

"Liz, Grizzy" 

342 Hayward Street (B) 

There are ways to get through 
anything even Brick walls; M + 
JB 1-3; PB 3 + 4; Becky, don't 
forget our history project! 
Thanks for the advice A.S.L! 
Chris-thanks, Neil, IWNFYM I 
made it! Despite what was said. 
I never gave up! GL, Adam; 
ILY, Mom. 

Maria Tremouliaris 


809 Pleasant Street (R) 

Stephen Wanner 


370 Robinson Street (R) 

Scott R. Tirrell 


493 Pine Street (B) 

Madonna, TY + ILY; Lilith Fair 
x2; Tori Amos; "When I look 
around, I think this is good 
enough, and I try to laugh at 
whatever life brings, 'cuzwhen 
I look down, I miss all the good 
stuff, and when I look up, I just 
trip over things." 

Sara Wade 
273 West Elm Street (R) 
J.W. + LS., IWNFY; L.S.; Van 
Halen; J. W.; Rocky Point; J.W.; 
the water fight; IWNF all my 
friends; MBFs: J.W. + LS. so 
much fun; mom + dad, ILY 
guys +TY; Amy, ILY + TY; IWM 
all my friends I am leaving; GL 
next year. 

Julienne M. Watson 

"Julie, Jules" 
1586 South Street (B) 

GT+GF @ MV. 1-4 BND! 1-4 
pres. My Boys; Rosie, Baby 
Bive, The Diner, After @ Dunks 
Bunnys IWNF GT W/ N. R. , P. 
H. , + the gang K. A. , A. L. , M. 
G. ,M. B. ,L. P. ,V. M. ,MBF: 
A. M. All I want is to see you 
smile 31 TY B- R TY ILY To my 

Daniel Weigold 
40 Ashtead Road (B) 

Douglas Wenson 


68 Gatsby Drive (R) 

Jeff Werner 
Village Gate Drive (B) 

Thank you, Mrs. White, Mrs. 
Winsor, Mr. Brogna + Mr. Sara; 
MBF: Jeremy, Tim, Cory + 
Dave; August of '98, Montreal 
w/ Cory, Joe + Matt; Riverside 
w/ Jeremy, Rob, Kim, Mike + 
Alyssa; GT + GF w/ C.P., J.M.. 
J. P. ILY, Mom, Dad, Kim, 
Alyssa, Cassie + Paul. 

Rob Whitney 


370 South Street (B) 

Hoc 1-4Capt.; M.C., M.H, J.M., 
J.A., S.F., & B.M.; Nice Driving, 
M.H., the Rodeo; TY, Dan Pes- 
ters; Nights @ M.C.; Steve, H & 
D; Shania. R.R.; The Wet Ban- 
cit;TY, K.W., LP., K.M.; J.L 
No soup for you; TY, Mom, 
Dad & Spud. 

Karen Wilcox 
8 Sully Road (R) 

CL 1-4 Capt.: GT w/ GF; R.L 
Freshman year, porch; M.O., 
K.O. window; J.L. all nighters; 
S.O. pump + run; S.C. "You 
make me wanna"; L.P. setsail 
w/ CM.; M.H. curb; JP thanks 
J.B.; K.L MBF, "Deuce"; Jamie 
MBF, GL; TY, Mom + Dad; 
R.B., IMY. 

Greg Williams 
227 King Street (B) 

N.P. 's after JP; Thursday at 
Healey's house; / P.P., N.P., 

Mark Whitman 

585 Hall Street (R) 

Pat's Pub w/T; FB 1 -4; OCL 2- 
4; Wr1-2;275w/Mr. L; GT @ 
JP: @ Steph's BoBo mad car 
chase; GMC '98; Beasties w/ ! 
Poole; John w/ swiss chez; 
Nana + Patch, IWMY; R.B., ILY; 
Mom, Dad, Heather: thanks; T, 
Sheehan, BoBo, Giff, Boyd, 
MBF; Screwballs, IWMY!! 

Melissa Whitty 
59 Lordan Road (R) 

CL 1-41 Roosters + P. S.C. 
YKWYA + ILY all; 123P's; GT 
w/GF @ GW, JP, + NYE, IWNF 
K.C., + M.P.; GT @ Calli w/ 
A.C. + w/GF @ Maine; x'mas 
w/ M.P. + A.G.; Summer + Hal- 
loween '97 w/GF; R.B. IWMFY; 
K.L. IWMY + LY; MBFs, 
IWNFY+LY; TY, Mom, Dad + 
Jen, GL, Heather + Ryan. 

Jennifer Willette 
457 South Main Street (R) 

truce Wilson 

65 Summerf ield Drive (R) 







Catherine M. Wise 

100 Mill Street (B) 

4/27/97 Andy; Crokes Bashes! 
IWMY; GTw/ Andy, M.K., B.C., 
M.M., D.S.; Silva Bullet; Carv- 
ers; Newport Beach; M.K. "My 
lips stuck"; Mike Benoit, you're 
loved 7/1/98; ILY, M om + Dad; 
GL,J + C;S.N,S.M.;NH8/98; 
Andy, ILY, You complete me. 

Paul Withered 
345 Elm Street East (R) 

all later. Good Luck. 

Tanya Wood 
17 Stetson Street (R) 


Stephen Woodruff Jr. 

38 Pleasant Drive (B) 

FB 1-4, BB 1-4; P.S.C.; Boston 
w/ J.R., P.M., & M.J,; you numb 
yet, Bob? Kim's tub; sweet fly- 
ing Angel, P.M.; Honey J.K; 
Quimbys' house; car dance, 
J.R.; Run! Beast, M.R.; GL, 
E.C., R.C., R.P., R.D.; J.C., 
G.S., Roosters; TY, Mom & 

Thomas Worthington 


255 Pond Steet (B) 

SOC 1-4; State Champs '97; 
Bev Night; Pearl Jam, Beastie 
Boys, Hootie, On Car; Goose; 
Mobil crew; Fab Five; Freddy's 
sleeping; M.D.'s house, J.H.'s 
house; MBF: P.J., M.D., J.H., 
B.C., J.C.; IWNF, Leish; ILY, 
Mom + Dad; GL, sisters + 

Timothy Zackrison 

50 Hunter Drive (B) 

Proud of their class, Kyle Bradshaw and PJ Joyce carry the 
banner to the Thanksgiving pep rally 

Showing her artistic talent, Jackie LeClair experiments with 
the use of color in her painting. 



Nichole DesRavines 
"Sweetness, Nickki" 
69 Springhill Ave. (B) 

Div. 1 -4, Pres.; ILY + TY Mom, 
Dad, Melissa, Shawn; MBF 
Natalie; IWMY M.W., T.W., 
L.T; IWNF our 1 st performance 
@ BSC TY; For those I forgot 
TY, Ms. Gill-Bass; GT. 

Jared F. Abrahmson 

488 Pleasant Street (R) 

TY, To the People YKWYA; 
Remembering the great times 
w/ P.P.; T.A.'s House Fresh- 
man year; GL, K.H., J. L.;N. P., 
D.H., D.C.M.G.G.W., Vision 
of Disorder Shows. Good Bye 
too all, Its over. The End. 

Additional Members 
of the Class of 1999 

Zeeshan Abid 
Emmanuel Barros 
Gregory Brown 
Douglas Bumpus 
Shane Callahan 
Colette Collin 
John DiCenso 
Daniel Enos 
Jason Ethier 
Richard Farnham 
Lisa Froio 
Anthony Fucci 
Kristen Galante 
Colin Gaudreau 
Neil Grenier 
Jennifer Hathaway 
Joseph Huskins 
Daniel Keeler 
Jack Lapoint 
Daniel Libby 
Mark McKinley 
Cecilia Moreau 
Kevin O'Sullivan 
Steven Picariello 
Norman Precourt 
Kevin Ricci 
Andrew Rosenfield 
Jeffrey Sabine 
Corey Smith 
Tasha Squires 
Jason Veaudry 
Thomas Voller 

1. Bridgewater girls take the plunge during a 12th birthday celebration. 

2. Peter Maffeo, Mark Jones, and Nathan Clifford get groovy in perfect style 
before the Laliberte Junior High's 50's and 60's Show. 

3. Mrs. Fisher's second period Math Topics gang savor their last times together. 

4. Keith Quimby, Gregg Sypher, John Sheehan, Gerry Therieault, and Franklin 
Furr almost lose their lunches trying to hold back their laughs. 

5. Tim Resmini helps Senior Class President Brian Heavey tear down the last 
poster of tfte 1998 Pep Rally. 

74 4 

Meghan O'Brien 


36 Murray Circle (R) 

C 13; GT + GF w/M.T., R.L, 
K.W., M.C.; YKWYA, K.O.+ 
K.W.- window; Cape w/R.L.; 
Canton gang w/Ginny; 
Marshfield- Birdie; Johnson + 
Whales' Prelude; July- D.D.; My 
opee; IMY, R.B. + M.B.; S.H.; 
TY, Mom + Dad; GL- K,K,J,M + 

Jason Ronan 
40 Trebors Way (B) 

Moose Hunting w/ Ron + Step 
in N.H.; Hitting everyone'scar 
Note to self, you blew 
Thanks, Mom + Dad for ever 
thing; Romans 6:23 Jesi 
Saves! Thank you, Sara-Bel 
for being such a blessing in rr 
life, I love you; I'm gone! 

Bryant Tanguay 


21 Weonlit Court (R) 

"Be your self by yourself and stay away from me. 
You can't be something you're not." 

and a 


"And yet that know-how, I was convinced, is 

a powerful force that has not really come 

under our control. Despite all our efforts to 

coax the healing process when it falters, 

medicine cannot explain it. Healing is alive and complex. We deal 

with it on our own limited terms and it seems to obey our limits. Yet 

when something strange happens, as when an advanced cancer 

suddenly and mysteriously vanished, medical theory is baffled. Our 

limits then seem very artificial." Chopra 

Top: David and his friends share a good time at the "Hello Dolly !" cast 
party. Far Left: A dapper Dave in a black hat danced with Julie Adams 
at the Junior Prom. Left: Dave's blue eyes melted hearts even at a 
young age. 

B-R has lost a star this year, a 
student who held a special place in so many of our hearts. David 
Comis was a bright, energetic young man with a contagious 
smile. An aspiring actor with the school's Raynwater Players, 
David had a dream of being on the silver screen. The production of "Hello Dolly!" was his chance 
to shine. Although David will not be able to graduate with the class of 1999 he will undoubtedly be 
here with us in spirit. 

David's enthusiasm, friendship, compassion, humor, and courage to fight against all odds 
not only motivate us, but also leave with us many lasting life lessons. He has taught us all that it is 
okay to laugh for no reason, to take a break from school work to spend some time with good friends, 
to interrupt a quiet room with a random outburst of song and giggling, to run up and hug a friend just 
because you want to, to be yourself when others around you think and do otherwise, and to always 
follow your heart. David turned every opportunity he had into wonderful memories that 
will live on forever. 

Sharon Bradshaw might have seemed like a shy young woman to most, but among 
her circle of friends she was always full of energy and life. Her friends will remember 
her as the girl who always sported clothing with the Adidas label or covered her body from 
head to toe with Tu Pac apparel. The girl who could never pass up a Butterfinger. Sharon 
shined as an artist, who particularly loved to sketch and color cartoon characters like 
Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. However, the bouncing tiger usually ended up being her 
first choice. 

Outside of school, Sharon loved hanging out with friends and going to clubs tor 
only one reason: the great rap music by some of the hottest artists in the '90* s. No one 
will ever forget her trademark either: her small feet. Often Renee Santos and Sharon 
would goof around swapping shoes because each had found someone with the same small 
shoe size. Though Sharon Bradshaw treated art like a hobby, the world lost a truly 
blossoming young artist. 

Above Right: Even as a baby, Sharon viewed life with an inqusitive glance. 
Right: Sharon's sparkle shows even in a formal picture. 



Julie bokeJr 

fre^y Gq&idy 



A\qfy A-ie)l o 

JenntfeJr &efg 

Jonathan &Oyd 

-Sqhqh Cqnnon 

Li2d A-Ivea Ata^y Ellen ^nd^aon Adqm teqdoohqn 

Doug Beaaerre hhare/i Bilrdiffe 

Adqn Bozzq 

Hyle £>rqdahqw 


Nqchel Cql^reJ" 

l^efiee Ghqffee Gqfhe Chqnpqq/ie Nicole GhqplqiA) 

£>ryqn Bordho 

hqcey Bhdea 

helly Cqaey 

hel^y Chqppell 

PqrhcA Gleq^y Nqrhqn Cliff ol^d Jennifer* CooA- ftimbeNy Gofhefcj 

AVichde Goarq 

J" on GuGcinq-rro 

Afiqndq Gul^y 

Heq-rhef Dqcey 

Srqcey Gumninqa 



Sqfqh Dqly 

A^ichqel Denbf o 

hharen Dzfcjlo 

OK Bgby, OK 

When we rhinA- bqcA ro our childhood, mqny 
f ond nen ohea aurf qoe. Wewofceupeqrly ro 
wqrch Sqrurdqy mornino cqfroona. Wecqn 
aril) fee) rhe bhohr-eyed, qn xioua qnricipq- 
rion qa we wqired for Lire B^ire or rhe 
newear"JTqnaformerarOyro come our. Ev- 
erybody wqnred rhe New ftida ^)bun, qnd dur- 
ing ro))eT zhar\ng birrhdqy pqrriea we hqcf 
rhe rinea of our livea. Kz Mda, we hqd n orhino 
r o vi/ orry qb our excepr f or whqr wqa o o- 
ino ro hqppen nexr on Punfy &rewareT or 
rheSmuhfa. WewereeqgeTro 
foil Ovi/ rheqcjvenrureaomeex- 
ploira of A\r.Tqndhia^-Teqn. 
Z)reaaed in under ooa qnd q 
blqn/ver, Jirrle bo y a qnd oiHa 
becqne SupeTmqn (qfrq &hqn HeqVey, qbove) 
qnd WondeT Womqn. 

£VeTy lirrle boy qnd oiM loved ro plqy 
dreaa up. Who cqn deny rhe 
exci renenr of bee on i no 
5rrqwbeTry 5horroq/re? r^are 
Oulerre, )efr t ahowa ua her 
berry aweer ourfir. Who cqn 

Lqufq fqaron 


£Tin fqftell 

helly Feef)ey 

hhare/i Felron 



Gregory p\y 

Colleen Gilchhar 


himbeNy Hqlon Jilliqn Hqmilron 


5 Ww 

Alichqel hqplqn 

Deqdfe FhheJrry 

Alqhy Golden 

Jqme£ Hql^dinqn 

Heqrhel" Wenneeay /teli22a Herhehngron EhcWoltocte 

Jo^qn/iq heqy 

Any Lqnaon 

1 ?J 
hinbeNy Lqne 

^fiy /^eedmqfi 

Je/iflifef ^Oyea 

Viy Innocenzi 

Nicole helao 

P-oni Lqfo 

« II 

Jctfon Gqucjerre 

himbeNy Gl"een Srephq/Vie Guqhn o 

A\qr/r 0"onea 

Tim Lqwron 

7~oni ben on 

hennerh l_onbq 

hherin Lozzi 

Tinorhy faigu'fe 

Nicole AlcCqbe 

Any Lincieey 

0eh/r Luncji/i 

Aleli22a AtacAievt/icz Jennifer Atache/izie 

Bfyqn AtaheT 

Ghha McDonqlcj 

f oroer rhe pride of aqvino rhe world 
from Lex Lurhor in your hecj cqpe qnd 
blue riohra, qnd ql) before a^ppeT rime? 

A-ninqla weTe qfi in- 
porrqnr pq\rr of our 
y oung livea.. Loving nen o- 
hea of our cheTiahed pera 
color our childhood. Cud- 
dling wirh our h\rren, or 
phy\ng wirh rhe fqmily 
doo, (Nqrqliq Luia, rop, 
qnd heTri Sqwler, niddle) 

or h o)din,o our bunny rqb- 

bir, (Jen Grunin, borrom) 

qll of uaoqn renenber rhe 

fuzzy conpniona of our 

childhood. Our pera be- 

cqne our qninq) fr iefida, 

QDcl we weTe deVqarqred when our d 0,9a 

died, or we hqd ro hold funerql aeTvicea 

Jennifer A\qller 

Lorq Mqhfen 

Mrq Ataaon 

DqVid AlcGov^n Jeqn AlcLquqMin Helli A\cLouQhlin 


Lealey Pin/reTron 


Jqmea Moohe JT\ 

Aleliaaq Nqf^ciao Ghhatinq Niccoli 

Mqr/r PoreJI 

Jqaon l^qwlina 

KpN A|ohn 

Ghharinq Peller iel" Pere!" Peltuzzi 

-Sql^qh Alohley Je2£icq A\uhphy 


■£? I 


JeTeny Powel^a Gqlfie PhrchqN 

Michqel Nich 

teh Ne 

Jennifer Pelvic o A-lieia Perh-icci 

heirh Quinb 


Jill P-oae 

£Tic5qlqfion Lqufefi Sqnhuz hharen Squindletz T^qcy Scqnlqn 

Je&ica SchnucA Nqrhqn ShOcAley 

Jqrii SicAoll 

Undaqy 5inpaon 

/Vndr*eq 5r. Atarrin 

P^ebeccq Srqqf 

Aleghqn Sullivqn Nj-rh Sullivqn 

Julienne Wq-raon 

Afar* Whirnqn 

for ourbelovecfooMfiaK A-ni- 
nqla weTe q bio pQlrr of our 
^hovi/ino up. 

Ouh y ounoer yeqra weTe 
q rine of firara. When we weTe 
\\rr\e we experienced our f \\rzr hqihcur (Jin 
frir/vqtey, qb ove) qnd our f irar Hql) Ovveen (Joe 

Luocherri, hohr), or our f irar 

dqnce recirq) (Ch'»raay Ata xwel), 
be) cm/) Theae even r a weTe n i )e- 
aronea , qnd rhough we qp- 
pr oqchecf rhen wirh a one 
rrepiclqrion, ql) of our firar hp 
eXper iencea hqVe q nq.oicq) 
aenae of wonder rhqr cqn be 

qchieved only by ) o oh\ng car life 
rh^ouoh rhe eye of q child. 

Aa we orqcjuqre fron high achoo) qnd cTe- 
qre new nenohea, we will a-fill loo/r bqcA on 
rheae dqya wirh q r onqnric n oarqlgiq. 

s» #■ 


Aleqhqn TqbeT- 

Alqhq "JTenouliqha 

Sqhq Wqde 

hqr-en Wilcox 

Jennifer' WMerre 

hq-rhehne Wiae 








1 1 









fit -Mflf 




1 "Tf j 



What do the Trojans, a gorilla, and 500 balloons have in common? 
The 1 998 Fall Sports Pep Rally! The gym was decorated wall to wall with 
spirited posters and almost every student sported red and white clothing. 
The band and color guard pumped up the the crowd with their half time 
show followed by the cheerleaders who performed their award winning 
routine. Next, our Trojan football team took center stage as the players 
danced to Brandy and attempted to cheerlead. 


1 . Meghan Callahan and Tim Pigeon show B-R how to get down. 

2. The band plays our fight song to pump up the crowds. 

3. B-R fans show their class pride! 

4. Football captain, Tim Andrews, offers some advice about the Silver Lake game. 

5. Darnell Kuykendall looks rough and tough in his make up. 



6. Kristen Saunders, Andrea St. Martin and Rachel Carter 
proudly shout: "We're #11" 

7. Senior class President, Brian Heayey congratulates our fall 
sports teams. 

8. Best friends, Danielle Dangoia, Jen Pohl, and Melissa 
Venutti share a smile. 

9. Chrissy Maxwell and Amanda Curry give their all to the 

10. B-Rs cheerleading squad performs their routine. 

1 1 . John Laubinger gives Jason Rawlins a lift. 

12. Mr. Buron makes his annual speech to rev up his players. 

13. John Boyd shows his spirit by imitating King Kong. 

14. The football team meets in a huddle. 

15. Carrie Prit chard twirls her flag for the color guard. 

16. Mrs. Holt laughs as she watches the festivities. 

17. The junior cheerleaders wait their turn. 
Id. Senior football players enjoy their dance moves. 

85 ;" . 

The third time truly was the charm for the B-R football Trojans. On 
December 5, we went to the Super Bowl for the third time and played 
against the Brockton Boxers. This time, we were determined to come back 
with a ring! Doug Bessette, Darnell Kuykendall, Jay Rawlins, Jon Laubinger, 
and Tim Andrews led the team to victory, while the rest of the team fought 
their best! The Trojans finished with a final score of 21-12. Congratulations 
to all! 

1 . Dan Buron and his coaching staff lead the Trojans to victory. 

2. In the end, all that hard work pays off. 

3. The referee can't keep up with Doug Bessette as he races for yet another 

4. Ken Lomba throws it deep. 


5. Andrew Leahy and the B-R Band cheer on ovr champs. 

6. Andy Maynard plans his victory party. 

7. Jim Lawton gives some love back, to his fans, i 

8. How many B-R fans can you find? 

9. Darnell Kuykendall is on the prowl. 

10. "We are the champions, my friends." 

1 1 . Becky Briggs kicks off the half time festivities. 

12. Melissa Whiffy and Jaime Wilcox lead the cheers. 

13. For Tim Andrews, its all about guts and glory. 

14. Captains Jon Laubinger, Doug Bessette, and Tim* Andrews 
pose with coach Buron and son with the championship 

15. Justin Beftencourf goes in for the kill. 

16. Doug Bessette with another run for the highlight reel. 

17. A much deserved round of applause. 

1 8. Jon Laubinger and Justin Bettencourt have their eyes on 
the prize. 



The Junior Prom was held on May 29, 1998 at Mansfield Holiday Inn. The 
mood that night was an elegant one. Black and gold decorations filled the room. 
It was truly an Evening in Paris. Doug Bessette and Amy Lamson shall always remember 
their dance together as prom king and queen. "You Take my Breath Away" was the 
last song played as the clock struck eleven and dancers gradually left the floor. That 
evening was a magical one fillled with memories. 

Karen Wilcox, Meghan O'Brien, and Melissa Hetherington are dancing me nigtif away. 

Amy Oman is a little nervous before she signs in. 

Allison Hartrey, Julie Adams, and Dave Comis share laughs as they enjoy their meals. 

Jesse House is just being himself. 

Strike a pose, Becky Norris and Kelly Mcloughlin. 






7. Raise the roof, because Jason Rawlins is on fire. 

8. April Morin and Beth Ann Giovgnoni are boogyin 
on the dance floor. M 

9. Just crowned king and queen, Doug Bessette and Amy 
Lamsn share a special moment together. 

10. Steven Conley and Sean O'Brien are just fooling 

J 1 . Ellie Burke and Corinne Giordanni are having a blast! 

12. Josh Katz and Liesl Guasconi groove to tt^ music. 

13. Tim Lawton knows how to get down. 

14. Nathan Shockley, Eric'Horrocks, and Seth Johnson all 
take a breather before the next dance. 

15. Lora Marden and Dave Lentini promonade for king and 
queen. ' 

16. Mdrk Porell jumps for joy as his favorite song starts. 

17. Mike Brolin and Christine Pellet ier tango. 

18. Tar a Oliveria and Joe Almada get lost in the moment. 


V 1 

This year's semi-formal was a smash, literally. The DJs lighting 
system crashed to the floor but interrupted the festivities for only a moment. 
Nothing could stop these dancers from having a wonderful evening. Megan 
Kelliher and Mike Brolin were crowned Ms. and Mr. Regional as the gym 
rang with cheers from on-lookers. Freshman and seniors alike were reluctant 
to leave after the last song of the night. It was an evening no one will 
soon forget. 

1 . Steve Woodruff and Jill Ledin sway to the music. 

2. Just Scopin' the scenary. 

3. Ms. /Mr. Regional pose for a picture theyil always remember. 

4. Kristina Beats and Cheryl Cote happily wait for the dance begin. 

5. Long time buddies Jen Grunin and Kerry Cassidy join in on the fun. 

6. Chris Daniels shows off vixen Mary Golden. 









7. Andrew Leahy hangs out with his lady friends 

8. Jean McLaughlin flaunts her flirtatious smile for Derek 

9. Julid Marcinkiewicz gives Billy Hughes a big hug. 

10. Tracy Haynes, Colleen Gilchrist, Sarah Noyes, and Steph 
Casey have a blast together 

1 1 . Jess Rawlins and Rydn Schleicher ddnce cheek to cheek. 

12. Tony Grama zio and Nicole Kelso have a friendly ddnce 

13. Rachel For man ond Sarah Widden stop for a cola break. 

14. April Morin, Mike Owens, Ryan Derosier, Jay Kortke, John 
Boyd, and John Sheehan happily gather together. 

15. Ashley Benvisuto struts her stuff with Dean Hayden. 

16. Megan Kelliher ddnces with an elated Jim Kirkcaldy. 

17. Mora O'Day and Lou Orfonos blush shy smiles. 

18. Alison Hartrey, Sarah Cannon, and Jessica Murphy strike 
a pose. 


1 c - 

%. f 

No one will forget the annual Holiday Party on December 9, 1998 when 
the wild seniors went incognito in belated Halloween spirit. Belting out lines of their 
favorite hits and quickly depleting the school's supply of Coke and junk food, and 
dressed as reindeers, clowns, angels, mobsters, and super heroes, seniors took the 
opportunity to spend some great times together as one class. 

1 . Heavy rapper Jay Rawlins stuns the crowd ds he "Busta Rhymes." 

2. The Pink Ladies (Kristen Grady, Kara Moran, Sarah Daly, and Kerry Cassidy) are 
together forever like shooboop shoowada waada yippity boom de boom.** 

3. Santa (Tom Cushing) asks the flying Nun (Jim Kirkcaldy) what he wants for Christmas. 

4. Roman cuties Eric Horrocks and Kristen Saunders await their Chariot. 

5. Raggedy Anne and Andy (Lesley Pinkerton and Sarah Morley) are ready for fun. 

6. Ladies' men Jon Laubinger and Tim Lawton watch over Nicole Longabard, Melissa 
Hetherington, and Amy Lindsey. 

7. Workout babes Jess Murphy and Nicole Kelso flash their 80 's get-ups. 

8. Batman (Brent Cordieroj and Bob Laubinger stand in the wings and peruse the 





karaoke list. 

9. Cruel la Devile (Becky Briggsj waits for more dalmations. 

10. Renee Can flaunts her stuff in front of Kelly Casey> Tony 
Gramazio, Chip Clement, George' McKinnon, Karen Quito, 
and Amy Innocenzi. 

1 1 . Jackie LeClaire grooves to the music, as Dhru Shah stares 
at the scene in deep contemplation. 

12. Bad boy Josh Katz tempts angels Jo -Ellen Sllva and Ruth 

13. Titanic surivivor (Jen Grunin) and Prancer (Erin Daily) are 
on the look-out for something fishy. 

14. Kelly Feeney, Julie Adams, and Kate Ouellette fish for 
a brand new way to celebrate the Holidays. 

15. Medieval women Beth Schultz and Corinne Giordani wait 
for their knights in shining armor. 

16. Smooth Chris Daniels tries to get M.C. Hammer (Mark 
Porell) a record deal. 

17. Christina Pelletier and Jean McLaughlin do the bump. 

18. Mobsters Chip Clement, Sean Fahey, Seth Johnson, and 
Peter Joyce wait for just the right victim to put in cement 



Class of 1999 Superlatives 

Most Likely to Succeed: 

Jim Kirkcaldy and 

Lauren Sankus 

Class Clowns: 

Jay Goodwin and Christina Pelletier 

Most Michevious: 

Sean O'Brien and Megan O'Brien 

Most Athletic: Most School Spirit: 

Mike Rich and Amy Innocenzi Kacey Brides and Mike Brol 


Jay Rawlins and 

Sarah Morley 

Most Talkative: 
Jennifer Cook 

Tom Cushing 




Keith Ledin and 

Kara Moran 

Most Flirtatious: 
Ken Lomba and Lesley Pinkerton 

I Best Dancers: Chrissy Maxwell and Jan Smith 

Class Actors: 
Brian Heavey and Jess Murphy 


Class Musicians: 
Julie Watson, Ashley Joy. 

and James Hamel 

Class Artists: Megan Kelliher and Mike Owens 

Best Friends: Peter Joyce and Tom Worthington; 
Nicole Longabard and Amy Lindsay 


Likely to 

be Tardy: 

Jill Ledin 




Most Confused: Most Stressed Out: 

Karen Wilcox and Mike Cardello Dhruva Shah and Mary Golden 


As our senior year creeps up 
on us, it is important we look back on all 
that we accomplished during our first 
7 three years of high school school. It 
^^fcjT ~ started in ?th grade when we heard 
^^r rumors about kids getting lost, seniors beat- 
ing up freshmen, and how hard our adjustment 
would be. The fear soon diminished and once we realized there 
was no* pool on the third floor," some of the initial anxieties 
soon subsided. As sophomore year came and reality slapped 
us in the face, giving us a taste of what was head of us and a 
chance for independence, we had our first look at PSAT's and 
other tests to evaluate our futures. Our childhood dreams of 
receiving licenses and cruising around with our friends were 
approaching but delayed as many of us started our many 
treacherous hours of drivers ed. Sophomore year also gave us 
the chance to shine in sports and make a name for ourselves 
in the school. As Junior year came long, it seemed that 
overnight we had matured into young adults. Decisions about 
colleges haunted us as we strived to meet our demanding 
teachers' high standards. As the perils of adulthood now face 
us, we are charging ahead with anticipation for the advent of 
senior year. 

/. Chtk Chiappini watches as Brendan Bang show off his big mouth. 

2. Ashley Witty spins off a new dance move with Katie Roza. 

9. Dan Doherty, Anne McLaughlin, Jen Ualon, and Renee Benoit flash their school spirit. 

A. Leslie Miller gives Cheryl Cote her undivided attention as they discuss literature. 

5. Jeff Saunders and Katie Collins slow dance at the ' 9% semiformal. 

6. Leia Mylin, Dwayne Birce, Mike leller, and Casey Birch color in their cell cities in Biology 

7. Kelly Feeney, Theresa Wholley,J. Wright Witcher, Matt Santos, Erin Munise, Laura Ford, 
and Luther Smith line up to find out who are Ms. and Mr Regional. 

%. Erin Mitchell puts the finishing touches on her pottery project. 

9. The class of 2000 watch the BR cheerleaders in awe. 

10. Jill Asack, Molly Lawton, Keri Dufault, and Mina Martelli argue over who has the most 
school spirit. 

11. Scott Cartar, Eric Pittard, and David Maclendon weigh the possibilties in science class. 


Holly Abrahamson Matthew Aguiar Megan Alden Michelle Almada Danielle Anacki Jennifer Anderson Mark Anderson 

Kristen Andrutis Jillian Asack Samantha Atwood Lindsay Ayers Anthony Barrett Benjamin Bascon Mark Battistini 

I. " 

Lauren Bechtel Matthew Belcher Ashley Benvissuto Kristen Bereznay Stephen Bergeron Elizabeth Beshansky Rachel Blanchetwlr 

Barrie Guarino daydreams in study. 


John Can- 

Ashley Carson Paula Carvalho Megan Cayer Christopher Chambe: 

Danica Copeiand Jennifer Cote Ian Curry discovers microscopic organisms in 

Biology as his lab partner Chris Brown lookson. 

Kaitlyn Daniels Matthew Day 

'.■M Ian Delahanty Laureane Demoura Todd Derbyshire Sarah Diamond Lauren Doherty Stephen Doherty, Jr. Brian Donovan 

• ••Alison Erbeck Jenelle Esters Amy Farnham Jessica Fix Richard Florence Jessica Folcik Laura Ford 



Rachel Forman 

Paul Francey 

Marc Freitas 

« *wk \m ltd 1 

Ryan Gardiner 

Renee Gaudette 

Tiffany Goodell 

Stephanie Goss 

Rachel Gourdin 

Justin Govonlu 





Kelly Graham 

Steve Protz, Aaron Souto, and Jim 
Reynolds relax in lunch. 


Ronnie Javete 

Matthew Johnson 

Calvin Jones 

Meghann Jones 

Sean Jones 

Matthew Krovitz 

Bonnie Kucinski Rachel Ladd Kacie Lamontagne Jennifer Larson 

Elisa Orellana shys away from the camera. 

Katerine Larson 

Katelyn Lopresti Leanne Lortie Elizabeth Lucchetti Matthew Lyford Lauren Mader Jefferey Mallett 

Gail Maloney 

Ryan Mandeville Jonathan Marcotte Nina Martelli Peter Mason Theresa Masselli Lauren Maxwell Matthew McCabe 

Lisa McLaren Jennifer Measor Andrew Merriam Courtney Miles 

Eric Miller 

Laura Miller Sally Moderdn 


Va Mane 


Michael Moan Jeffrey Morin Sherrie Mulholland Craig Murray 

Corinn Nelson 

Erin Nelson 

Amanda Perry Daniel Pickett Scott Pfflsbury Nicole Pmcolini 

MarisaPrisco Wendy Proctor Alicia Quinn Cormac Rashada C--s:c:re' Rec: Julie Reicnert 

'.' : r ae Res- - 

Margarita Roberts Matthew Roland Crystal Rosentield Kathleen Roza Michael Sawter, Jr. John Shannon Heather Shapteigh ■ 

•S-a-a— Dennis Sharpe Lynda Shaw Matthew Shaw Thomas Sheehan Justin Sherwood Angela Shinto 

Jennifer Zolga 

After careful studying, Tony Bennett aces 
his English vocabulary test. 


Sarah Al-Obaidi Joanne Andeson Michael Anderson Erik Andrutis Lindsay Arrighi Craig Audette 

Aimee Ayers Matthew Badiali Heather Baillargeon Tiffany Baillie Kristen Bainton Katherine Barber Matthew Barnsli 

f^M f^ 

Brett Barry 

Andrienne Bossi Melissa Boudreau Jeffery Bowen Ryan Brady Stephen Broide Christopher Brown Shawn Brown 

From the main office, Jamie Carlozzi 
phones home 


Andrew Campbell Kaitlin Campbell Joseph Cantelli Julie Caputo f» 

John Daly, Jr. 

Nicholas Daniels 

Mark DaSilva Kathleen Delgado 


Michael Delgado 

Christopher Dempsey Adam Derosier 



lisey Oesgrosseilliers Samantha Desmond Colleen Dever Nicholas DeJoseph 

Peter DeOlim 

Mark DeVincentis Gregory Dillon 

1 05 





Stephen Durso Kimberiy Dzialo William Ebum Teresa Elfman 

Katie Ellis 

Adam Faria Nicole Federico 



Christopher Femandes Jennifer Rannery Patricia Follett 

Bnan Francis 

Jillena Furr Peter Georgantas Michelle George 

Megan Gill 

Michael Gill David Gilrein 

Amy Glavin 

Jessica Golden Kristin Gorman Irene Gouveia 

After eating his lunch, Chris Enos finishes 
his juice. 


Jennifer Halon Andrew Hamilton Hadley Hanson Elizabeth Hardy Andrew Harrington 

Michele Holmes Alexander Hoyo Alyson Innocenzi Kerri Jacques 

Peter Johnson Barbara Quinn puts the finishing touches on 

her art project. 


Lauren Lentini Jared Levesque Julie Lewis 

Michael LeClair 

ft ■ Justin Lima Melissa Lincoln Peter Lincoln Jonathan Lindberg Enk Lipus Stephanie Looney Dawn Lopes 


Marlyn Lopez 

Sarah Loring Shawna Loring Christopher Lovell Adam Lucia Auna Lundin Stefanie Lusky 

Brian Lyman 

Lia Macrina Erin Macintosh Daniel MacKinnon Shannon MacKinnon Robert Maddock Derek Maheux 

Brandon Maltby Jessica Mantia Kyle Marden 

Jill Marinella 

Scott Marr Karen Masefield Robert Mastria 

Andrew Maynand Nikki-Lynn Mazenkas Laura McGoodwin Michael McGoogan Kerri McGovem Sean McGovem Anne McLaughlin 

Jessica Alexander. Ian Rollins, and Coleen 
Dever can't wait for class to begin. 


Emily Morey Matthew Moseley Shannon Moynihan Joseph Munise III Michael Murphy 

Vessica Nadeau Matthew Noblm Susan Noblin 

■Anthony Puleo Barbara Quinn Pamela Rabouin Jessica Rawtins Pamela Ring Ashley Rodrigues DesireeRose 

Jaclyn Sly Amanda Smith Amanda Snow 



Bethany Sousa 

Michael Sousa 

David Stelmach 

Amy Strang 

Lindsey Sullivan 

Patrick Sullivan 

William Suttii 


Brian Sylvain 

Kimberly Thomas 

Jeffrey Tripp 

Paul Veracka 

Valerie Vernaglia 

Crystal Walsh 

Kimberly Wee* 

Jessica Wentworth 

Dawn Wheeler 

Garry Whitfield 

Jamie Wilcox 


Laura Winsor 

Brett Wright 

Gregory Yelle 

1. A photographer interrupts Crystal Walsh's studying! 

2. Brian Lyman looks on as his lab partner Pat Pitclj 
searches for intelligent life under the microscope. 

3. Elen Sanderson, Pam Babouin, Katie Barber, K 
Pacheco, and Michelle Byers share some good times 
the Regional. 

4. At a football game, Jess Rawlins stands to get a better 

5. Andy Harrington drives thought the lane untouched. 


irooke Albert 

Irendon Barry Joshua Bascon Allyson Battistini Kathreen Beals 

Knstina Beais Shelly Cuellar watches as Lou Orfanos enjoys 

his school lunch. 

arc Beaudoin Michael Bena Paul Bernier Brian Berry Justin Bettencourt Sara Bissonnette Shahria Boston 

nc Bradbury Sheri Bradford Tara Bradshaw Luke Brassard Melissa Brassil Maria Breau Anne Broadbent 

lamie Brown Cory Buckley David Buckley II Janie Bullard Anthony Burgess Meghan Callahan Eliza Canha 

Jason Card Shane Carney Jamie Carlozzi Lisa Carrozza Edward Casabian III Derek Chaffee Robert Chambers 


Joanna Conroy 

Kaitlyn Copp 

Christina Comeri 

William Costa 

Cheryl Cote 

Elizabeth Courcy Adam Crossman 

Between classes, Josh Bascon rushes to 
open his locker^ 


Ryan Dooley 

Lori Doris 

Patrick Dunne Charles Elfman Jennifer Ellis 


Jillian Emery 




David Feely 


■ — 

fiomas Fleenor 


Christine Ferreira John Ferreira Mary Anne Figueroa Angela Fix 

Keeping their balance, Jessica Looney, Kern Chappel, Renee 
Fay. Sarah Hooper, and Nicole Conlon study the art of yoga. 

Scott Franooeur Staci Freedman 

Mark Frias 

Katelyn Gale Jennifer Gasse Andrew Georgantas 

"<:> ■Emily German 

Brendan Gill 

David Gomes Michelle Graham 

Sara Grein 

Liesl Guasconi Erin Harding 

athan Hartford Kurt Hartwell Stephen Hegarty Keith Hendershot Nina Henderson 

Colleen Hennessey Sean Hethenngton 

I Sarah Hooper Adam Howe David Hubble Kara Humphreys Christopher Jackson Keith Jackson Shannon Jackson 


Jessica Julius Laura Kams Sarah Kelley Christen Kenyon Shaun Kirfoyte Brian Kingsley Jeffrey Korske 

Mark Krikorian Michael Krcvitz Darnell Kuykendal Jeremy Laubinger Jason Lavigne 

4 fS 

Andrew Leahy i 

Nathan Levesque Sharon Locantore William Logan Nikkj Longo Breanne Lopes Jennifer Lozzi Matthew Mada> 

Michael Malone Lynn Maloney Matthew Mantalos Julia Marankjewkz Steven Marcotte 

Merrill Marshall, Jr. 

Lisa Masse! 

"Hey. take our picture!" Dave Gomes and 
Orestes Tiliakos shout to the photographer. 


Michael McLuskey Jesse Mead Tara Mek) Ashley Merriam Afson Midaewkz 

:, ' : " ' Leslie Miller 

~ r '- Alexandria Moreau Danielle Moreshead Jeffrey Moyer Eric Mulholland 

*m' * 

Erin Munise 

In Math, Anne Broadbent, Sean Heathenngton. and Adam 
Crossman work together to solve a problem. 

^-■Jeffrey Nathan LynneNevens Joseph Niccoli Nicole Nihan William Nixon Brett Nowlin 

Maura O'Day 

■Melissa O'Leary Jennifer Ocasio Tara Oliveira Louis Orfanos John Orosz Jessica Ouellette Melanie Owens 

IIIdH Michael Paul Timothy Paula Jessica Pawlowski Sarah Peabody Elise Pelletier Mana Peppas Stacey Perry 

Sean Peters Stephanie Picher Krystal Pittsley Jennifer Pohl Katelyn Powers Ryan Prince Micheal Quint 


Derek Raynard Nataiie Registre Aja Rieger Kristen Rinaldi Tracy Riva Angela Robak Heather Rober 

"Does anyone know what the English Kevin Walsh 

homework is?" asks Jesse Mead in study. 


Tyisha Wilmore 

J. Wright Wilcher Amanda Witkowski 

1 . Karen Chouinard. Bill Costa, and Louis Orfanos relive the Civil 
War with the help of a re-enactment specialist. 

2. Amanda Witkowski practices her shot put throw in track and 

3. Jeffrey Saunders picks the perfect gift for his girlfriend. 

4. Cheryl Cote. Liesel Guasconi, Tyisha Wilmore. and Natalie 
Registre wail in the doorway for the bell to ring. 

5. Making a bold statement, the junior class clearly identifies itself 
with a colorful sign at the pep rally. 

6. Tim Resmini, less Looney, Keri Chapel, and Renee I as hang out 
in the small gym waiting lor then gym teacher. 

7. Derik Luiuhn and Liz CoUTCey decide how to begin their drawing 
m drafting class 

8. Josh Katz and I iesl Guasconi enjoy themselves al the prom. 


On the field, in the gym, and on 
the ice, B-R athletes shined. B- 
R's sports program taught us dis- 
cipline and gave students the op- 
portunity to develop their athletic 
prowess. This year, the dedicated athletes fielded 
the first ever volleyball team in B-R history. The 
mighty Trojans had a record-breaking year, with 
stellar performances turned in by the football Super 
Bowl champions, the league champion track 
team, the hard hitting softball team, and the 
unbelievable soccer and gymnastics teams. The 
Trojans, yet again, proved superb in the Old Colony 

1. Kim Corriea concentrates on her volleyball 



1*1 R 1 

7 * 

f WW 


... jfi ^fc, ■ 

8^ * •* « i 




2. Stacey Cummings and Amy Freedman congratulate each other at a 
gymnastics meet. 

3. The varsity girls basketball team is focusing on another win. 

4-. Jeff Moyer, Bill Costa, and Sean Pahey g&t limbered up for a meet. 

5. Leslie Pinkerton snags the ball right before it hits the ground. 

6. Doug Bessette takes a water break during a big game. 

7. Scott Francoeur reaches out and makes contact for the tennis team. 
£\ Jay Rawlins leans on the dugout to mentally prepare for the game. 

9. Katie Beals winds up to let the discus fly. 

10. Katie Simmons takes out her aggresion on the tennis court. 

11. Jim Delgado gains on the finish line in a cross-country meet. 



BR Supermen Fly to New Heights 


This year was a tremendous 
success for B-R football! Led by 
Doug Bessette. Jon Cuccinatto, 
Tim Andrews, and Ken Lomba, 
our boys romped through the Old 
Colony League as they never have 

On the defensive side, Jon 
Laubinger worked up front to shut 
down the opposition's running 
game. Tim Lawton and Steve 
Woodruff limited the opposing 

quaterback's to minimal yardage 
in the air. Defensive backs Jay 
Rawlins and Darnell Kuykendall 
supported B-R*s defensive line in 
the secondary. 

Next year's team has a tough 
job ahead of them living up to this 
undefeated season and Superbowl 
victory'. With the returning cast of 
Darnell Kuykendall, Jay LeClair. 
Adam Crossman, and Dave 
Gomes, their odds look good. 

1 . Darnell Kuykendall shocks the crowd with his blazing speed. 

2. Superman Jon Cuccinatto catapults into the air to snatch the prize from 
his opponent's grip. 

3. Jason Rawlins helps carry his team to victory. 









4. Quarterback Ken Lomba aims to fire at his intended receiver. 

5. Justin Bettencourt charges away from his adversaries as Dave Gomes and 
Shaun Roberson help clear the way. 

6. Captain Jon Laubinger is on the prowl. 

7. Ironman Tim Lawton struggles to break free from the clutches of the enemy. 

8. Superstar Doug Bessette breaks through the hole and charges for the end 

9. Adam Asadorian rejoices after another Trojan touchdown. 


10. The B-R fans go wild as ecstatic Woodruff 

1 1 . Ken Lomba discusses his next play with Coach 

1 2. The team huddles v, ith <W^fBu«tfr1Wa quick 
strategy revie\ 


Proud Lady Trojans Stick It Out 

Field Hockey 

Even though the Lady Trojans 
ended their season with a 6-11-1 
record, they played with 
strength and determination un- 
til the final game. Led by cap- 
tains Lora Marden and Kara 
Moran, the tight-knit group 
bonded despite their bumpy 
season. An outstanding de- 
fense included: Danielle 
Dangoia, Lisa Carrozza, Kara 

Moran, Lora Marden, Sarah 
Daily, Alicia Petrucci and 
Cathy Cobbett; the season 
ended with six shut-outs. Kim 
Halon, Kristen Grady, Erika 
Smith , Chrissy Hall, Maura 
O'Day and Melanie Sharp led 
the offensive attack. The girls 
played with pride and tenacity 
all year. 

1 . 

L Wi 






L x v^ ^ 











Kacey Brides looks up field for a cross pass. 

Kim Halon grunts loudly as she passes her opponent. 

Sarah Daly quickly drop steps into position. 

Showing her strength, Erin Munise attempts to tackle her 



J^ w 




5. Kristen Grady intensely focuses on jabbing the ball. 

6. Team picture: Row 3: Coach Casabian, Tracy Haynes, Danielle 
Dangoia, Erin Munise, Lisa Carrozza, Amy Oman, Coach Flaherty; 
Row 2: Chrissy Hall, Cathy Cobbett, Kristen Grady, Sarah Daily, 
Alicia Petrucci, Erika Smith, Maura O'Day; Row 1: Melanie Sharp, 
Andrea St. Martin, Capt. Kara Moran, Capt. Lora Marden, Kacey 
Brides, Kim Halon 

7. "Tenacity, Guys!" yells defender Alicia Petrucci, recipient of the 
OCL sportsmanship award. 

9. The Lady Trojans fall to one knee and 
link arms while watching a penalty stroke. 

10. Sprinting to the ball. Maura O'Day 
tries to win possession, rr&fi 

Erika Smith hits the ball up field 
supported by Lora Marden and Maura 

O'Day. |2gJS 

12. Melanie Sharp carries the ball while 
Sarah Daly and Kara Moran watch in- 

23 •* 

MIAA Quarterfinalist Shine 

Boys' Soccer... 

The Boys' Varsity Soccer team 
had another tremendous year in 1998. 
Led by Captians Peter Joyce and 
Mike Dembro, and with the guidance 
of Coach George Pacheco. the team 
advanced to the finals of the South 
Sectional Tournament. By defeating 
Xaverian, New Bedford, and 
Falmouth, they exceeded all expecta- 

Throughout the season B-R exhib- 
ited poise, character, and, above all. 
teamwork. With tremendous fan sup- 

port and great coaches the boys hope 
to match and surpass the accomplish- 
ments of this year's team. Next year 

they will be led by newly-elected Cap- 
tains Kurt Silva and Orestis Tiliakos. 

1 . Prepare for blast-off! Seth Nelson 
kicks a rocket to his teamates 

2. Joe Costa goes all out on defense to 
keep the ball away from B-R's goal. 

3. Tom Worthington and Orestis 
Tiliakos vie for position in a game 
against Taunton. 

4. PJ Joyce finds an opening and makes a run en route to another goal. 

5. John Dechaves breaks up the wind with Kurt Silvia trailing. 

6. Team: Bottom: Steve Ford, Bob Laubinger, Tom Worthington, Mike Dembro, Peter 
Joyce, Seth Nelson; Middle: Andy Hamilton, Ryan Schleicher, John Dechaves, Joe 
Almada, Brent Cordeiro, Brendan Gill, Kurt Silvia, Jim Hardiman; Top: Dave Ozug, 
Dan McKinnon, Chris Daniels, Greg Hylander, Dan Lovell, Sean Heatherington, 
Mark Jones, Mark Porell, Keith Gill, Orestis Tiliakos, Mike Rich, Joe Costa, and Brett 

7. Brent Cordeiro eyes his throw-in hoping it will reach his teammates breaking down 
the field. 


Fab Four Help Team to Do Their Best 

Girls' Soccer 

Despite the obstacles 
they were forced to overcome, 
the girls' soccer team gave a 
strong fight this season. With 
only four returning seniors, 
they dealt with being a young 
and inexperienced team. After 
battling numerous injuries, 
captains Amy Lamson, 
Leianne Best, Jen Hayes and 
Rachel Carter fought for a 

spot in the MIAA state tourna- 
ment. Overall, they finished 
second in the OCL with only 3 
losses. Ending a long and 
eventful season, they trampled 
Silver Lake 3-0 in the last game 
and headed into the tournament. 

1 . Rachel Carter and Jen Hayes 
skillfully rush the ball from a 
Silver Lake opponent. 


M r 0** 





2. Lori Cyr prepares to kick an award-winning goal. 

3. Goalie Katie Barber guards the net. 

4. Anne Broadbent helps lead the Trojans to victory. 

5. Amy Lamson, carefree as could be, casually flings the ball over 
her shoulder. 

6. The Girls' Soccer Team- Front: Amy Lamson, Rachel Carter, 
Leianne Best, Jen Hayes. Middle: Terry Moniz, Angela Roback, 
Anne Broadbent, Lori Cyr, Karen Chouinard, Kristi Berg. Back: 
Coach John Heslin, Katie Powers, Carrie Simmons. Allison 
Innocenzi, Hadley Hanson, Lora King, Monica Silva, Pam Rabouin, 
Jess Rollins, Katie Barber. 

125 *3|> 

Trojan Runners Cross Line of Success 

Boys ' Cross Country 

The Boys' cross country 
team experienced a winning sea- 
son under first-year coach Joe 
Lamar. Coach Lamar put the team 
through rigorous practices all sea- 
son long which undoubtedly con- 
tributed to the level of competi- 
tiveness the team displayed. As 
always, captains Jim Emord and 
Jim Delgado were instrumental in 
all of the team's accomplish- 

Eric Mulholland, Ryan Morin, and 
Geoff Churchill had exceptionally 
successful seasons while Mike 
Bolotin played a strong supporting 
role and juniors Mark Krikorian and 
Jeff Bachand blossomed into respect- 
able runners. The team proved their 
talents by winning the O.C.L. 

1. Mike Bolotin gives it his all while display- 
ing his classic closed eye running technique. 

2. Buddies Eric Mulholland. Mike Spagone, and Jeff Bachand stretch before facing another 
tough practice. 

3. Geoff Churchill pulls into the lead as the team competes against Taunton. 

4. Jim Delgado sweats out the last stretch as he nears the finish. 

5. Jeff Bachand shows that cross country runners are all muscle! 

6. Boys' Cross Country— Laying: Tom Chiappini, Tim Resmini Kneeling: Jim Kirkcaldy, Jim 
Emord, Jim Delgado. Jeff Beshansky, Mike Bolotin Standing: (coach) Joe Lamar, Jeff Nathan, 
Jeff Bachand. Blake Ruehrwein, Eric Mulholland. 

7. Jim Emord leads the group to victory as he runs his heart out. 


Cote and Karns Foster Excellence 

Girls' Cross-Country 

Under coach Paul 
Urban, Jr., the girls' cross 
country team experienced 
one of its best seasons ever, 
with a record of 5-2. An- 
chored by experienced up- 
per classmen Cheryl Cote 
and Laura Karns, this young 
team shows definite poten- 
tial for the future. The sup- 

portive atmosphere also fos- 
tered excellent seasons from 
underclassmen Jill Buckley 
and Molly Lawton. Strug- 
gling through injuries and 
minor set backs, this enthu- 
siastic team came together 
for a successful, exciting, 
fun season. 

1 . Molly Lawton pushes to hold off North Quincy. 

2. Captain Laura Karns strides to another victory. 

3. Cheryl Cote warms up by tossing the football. 

4. Jill Buckley rounds the last corner. 

5. Cheryl Cote heads for the finish line. 

6. Team picture: Pamela Carbone, Kristen Cassidy, Meghan 
Cayer, Elizabeth Beshansky, Emily German, Cathy Silva. Allison 
Chandler, Cheryl Cote, Molly Lawton, Laura Karns, Jill Buckley, 
Stacey Perry, Joanna Douillette 



Pimental's Pack Posts Impressive Record 


The 1998 edition of the 
golf team faced the formidible 
challenges of a tough league 
schedule and the loss of several 
key seniors from the '97 squad. 
Led by senior captain Ryan 
Derosier, Bobby Jose, and Gerry 
Theriault, George Pimental' s team 
posted an 8-6 record in the Old 
Colony League and finished with 
an impressive tally of 9 wins and 6 
losses. With important contribu- 

tions from underclassmen and a 
formidible junior varsity team, the 
focus was on teamwork and a re- 
turn to the state championship. 
Both goals were achieved when 
Theriault, with Derosier as an al- 
ternate, represented the team in the 
state match. 

1 . Ryan Derosier follows through with 
his swing as he eyes the ball. 

2. Jeff Saunders lugs equipment back 

from the course. 

3. Ryan Dooley grins as he shows off his original style. 

4. Gerry Theriault watches in amazement as the ball flies onto the green. 

5. A bit frustrated, Bobby Jose prepares to wack the ball. 

6. The B-R golf team-Top Row: Ryan Dooley, Evan Melford, Adam Derosier, 
Bobby Jose, Gerry Theriault, Ryan Derosier, Jeff Saunders, Steve Protz, Chris 
Rego. Bottom Row: Brendan Casey, Joe Cantelli, Matt Cahill, Eric Almeda, 
David Stelmach 

7. Joe Cantelli practices his putting on the green. 


Females Wrestle Their Way to 
the Top in Male Dominated Sport 


The B-R Trojan 
Wrestling team had another 
great season this year with a 
34-7 record. Led by cap- 
tains Jesse Mead, Aaron 
Sesin, and Jared 
Abrahamson and coached 
by Mr. Holmes and Stump, 
they are a force to be reck- 
oned with. A new first for 

the team is the addition of 
four girls, three on J.V. and 
one on varsity: Megan 
Alden, Jaime Chipman, 
Karen Chouinard, and 
Christine Schmuck. 
Through hard work and 
perserverance the girls have 
won the respect of their 

1. Battling to stay in bounds Pat Cleary attempts to pin his opponent. 

2. Ryan Gracia struggles to gain hadn control. 

3. Jared Abrahamson executes his favorite wrestling move. 

4 Andy Rosenfield enthusiastically cheers on his teammate as Belcher looks 

5. Jessie Mead closes in on one of his many victories. 

6. Adam Weafer traps his opponent for an inevitable win. 

7. Front Row: Andy Rosenfield. Robert Brolin, Jesse Mead, Jared 
Abrahamson, Aaron Sesin, Ryan Costa, and Shawn Kilfoyle; Second Row: 
Rob Leroux, Ryan Gracia, Adam Weafer, Pat Cleary, John Dowd. Shawn 
Robison, Charlie Elfman Third Row: Megan Alden, Tim Wenson, Zach 
McGovern, Bo Davidson. 


B-R Students Muscle in on Fitness 


Raynham's intramural weight 
training members are delightfully 
different from other groups. 
Three afternoons a week they 
meet under the guidance of Mr. 
John Lennon. No crowds applaud 
their efforts or acknowledge their 
hard work. Each lifter is expected 
to assist a fellow trainer. Both 
young men and young women 
gather in the weight room for a 

common goal: self-improvement. 
Many participate in other sports 
and use this opportunity to keep in 
tip-top shape in their off-seasonss. 
In addition, many friendships be- 
gin here. 

1 . Liesl Guasconi strengthens her legs 
for the upcoming track season. 

2. Showing extreme concentration, 
Ed Finucci works his pectorals. 

3. Tim Pigeon and Tim Andrews train 

their legs. back, and upper body with the dead lift. 

4. George McKinnon spots Mark Whitman bench pressing while Bob Laubinger looks 

5. Rob Finucci concentrates on his curls. 

6. Group: Chris Yafrate. Bob Laubinger. Sean Peters. Jeff Moyer. Tim Andrews. Mark 
Whitman. George McKinnon. Tim Pigeon. Ed Finucci. Rob Finucci. Tim Morrissey, 
John Laubinger. Melanie Sharp. Chris Chippini. Matt Lyford. Cash Newosa. 
Stephanie Guarino. Nicole Martorana. Nate Bagley. Dave DosReis. Jon 0"Donnell. 
Mr. Lennon. Liesl Guasconi. Shannon Jackson. Joanna Isenor. Alex Hoyo. 

7. Liesl Guasconi demonstrates her sirl power. 


Trojan Women Make History 


The first year for girls' volleyball 
at B-R was a great success. Be- 
cause the girls had never played 
on a volleyball team before, they 
had to learn the rules, strategies, 
and skills from scratch. In the 
first few games of the season they 
were overpowered by more expe- 
rienced teams; however, the lead- 
ership of senior captains Amy 
Innocenzi, Colleen Gilchrist, Kim 
Correia, Mary Plante, Rita Mason 

and Christina Pelletier pulled them 
through, and their practices finally 
payed off. The Junior Varsity 
players were not victorious, but 
their spirit and drive never fal- 
tered. The Trojan volleyball team 
has become a force to be reck- 
oned with. 

1. Christina Pelletier and Colleen 
Gilchrist take their positions on the 

2. Determined Amy Innocenzi sets to serve the enemy a fierce attack. 

3. Lori Doris waits for the volley with anticipation. 

4. Dynamic duo Mary Plante and Kim Correia are ready to bump the opposing smash. 

5. Willy Mays-wannabe, Rita Mason stuns the Panthers with her over-the-shoulder 

6. The first BR volleyball team: Top Row: Head Coach Beth Sylvia. Rita Mason. 
Colleen Gilchrist, Christina Pelletier, Amy Innocenzi, Kim Correia, Mary Plante. and 
Ass. Coach Kelly Hamilton: Second Row: Cory Buckley. Corinne Clifford. Alls son 
Battistini, Lori Doris, Shannon Jackson, Alyssa Asack. Sarah Kelley, Carolyn 
Horseman, Kara Sypher, and Angela Berghaus; Third Row: Leah Milan. Collen 
Dever, Nicole Martorana, Lindsay Sullivan, Christine Schmuck, Ashley Carson. 
Kristen Gorman, and Julie Caputo. 


Records Broken State-wide 

Boys' Winter Track 

The Boys' Winter Track Team had 
another spectular season. The team 
went undefeated with an 8-0 record 
and went on to win the league meet as 
well. Capt. Jim Emord, Capt Jim 
Delgado, Tim Resmini. Seth Nelson, 
Tony Gramazio, Pete Maffeo. and 
Brian Heavey gave stellar perfor- 
mances. Other main contributors to 
the team's success were Ryan Morin, 
Darrel Kuykendall, Geoff Churchill, 
and Rob Finucci. Capt. Scott "'Kid - ' 
Kimball finished his high school 
Winter Track season in grand fashion 
winning the OCL meet, establishing a 

meet record in the 300, and then going 
on to be top in the state by winning the 
All-State Meet with a record time of 

1. Shouting a battle cry. mighty 
Darnell Kuykendall soars effortlessly 
over the high-jump bar. 

2. Kyle Bradshaw and Mark Battistini 
experterly scale the hurdles, establish- 
ing a 1-2 finish. 

3. B-R*s Jim Emord and Ryan Morin 
set the pace for a sweep in the mile. 

4. Doug Bessette leads the relay to a 
strong finish. 

5. Jim Delgado explodes out of the 

blocks en route to a victory in the 300. 

6. Team. Front: Blake Reuhrwein. Franklin Furr. Pete Maffeo. Kyle Bradshaw. Capt. 
Jim Delgado. Capt. Scott Kimball. Capt Jim Emord. Capt Tim Andrews. Jason 
Rawlings. Tony Gramazio. Seth Nelson. Matt Johnson. Middle Row: Eric 
Mulholland. Jeff Bachend. Mike Paul. Brian Heavey. Tim Resmini. Mike Bolotin. 
Ron Siega. Mike Kaplan. Ryan Morin. Jeff Beshansky. Mike Spagone. Ahmed 
Chaudry. Back Row: Doug Bessette. Evan Biela . Matt Noblin. Steve Heggarty. Mark 
Krikorian. Sean Peters. Ryan Dooley. Matt Linden. Jeff Mover. Chris Yafrate. Geoff 
Churchill. Dan McKinnon. Ed Funucci. Kach Nwosu. Mike Resmini. Luther Smith. 
Darnell Kuyendall. Mark Battastini. and Pat Prince. 

7. Tim Resmini sets fire to the track as he burns his opponents. 


All-Stars Reign at B-R 

Girls' Winter Track 

The Girls' Winter Track had 
an excellent season under the lead 
of Melissa Mackiewicz, Kim 
Halon, and Steph Casey. They 
finished 6-1 and went on to the 
championships. B-R's the home 
of four All-Stars: Molly Lawton, 
Kim Halon, Jess Rawlins, and Kim 
Pacheco. All the girls gave it their 
all, and B-R shines with pride. 

1. Angela Robek and Shannon 

Jackson clear their hurdles and 
race to the finish line. 

2. Lori Doris passes her baton to 
Molly Lawton as Corrine Clifford 
awaits her partner's hand-off in 
the 4 x 4 relay. 

3. Effortlessly, Laura Karns wins 
another race. 

4. Jill Buckley and Molly Lawton 
lead B-R to another victory. 

5. Shannon Jackson sprints to pass 
off her relay baton. 

4 5 




6. Sophomore superstar, Jess Rawlins leaves her opponents in the dust. 

7. Team picture, front:Lori Doris, Allison Battistini, Alyssa Asack, Corinne 
Clifford. Erika Smith, Capt. Kim Halon. Capt Steph Casey, Capt. Melissa 
Mackiewicz, Laura Karns, Liesl Guasconi, Terri Moniz, Anne Broadbent, 
Cory Buckley, Middle: Laura McGoodwin, Katie Krappe, Molly Lawton, 
Kim Pacheco, Cheryl Cote, Caitlyn Copp, Sarah Grine. Stephanie Guerino, 
Angela Roback, Shannon Jackson, Laurie Grublin, Jill Buckley. Chrissy 
Hall, Michelle Byers, Liz Courcy, Back: Manager Alyson Innocenzi, Jen 
Iamelle, Jen Darly, Kara Silva, Cathy Silva, Maureen Lee. Nicole 
Marotorana, Jess Rawlins, Jen Zolga, Renee Gaudette, Kate Texiera. Julie 
Caputo, Manager Kelly Hess, Manager Stephanie Looney. 


Fleet Plays in Hoops Finals 

Boys' Basketball 

The B-R boys" bas- 
ketball team had a super 
year, winning the O.C.L. 
championship with a 17-3 
regular season record. The 
fan support boosted the 
team during Tourney time. 
B-R went on to win against 
Newton South (82-60). 

Brookline (76-72) and de- 
fending state champs. 
Attleboro (65-60). The team 
is led by senior co-captains 
Keith and Kyle Quimby 
("The Brothers"). Jon 
Cucinatto. Mike Rich. Cory 
Simmons, and Steve 
"Woody" Woodruff. BR 



i 1 I 

§ .-„ m ^ m m?»-f*f«. ri • ^j 

■m/ ^K I j f '^^^F^W i kv^^^mf^M "'■'tor-' 'I 

inpifM «?c# I- ***■* 0VPQ 1-1 -■ — 

■ ' a Jb I ■■■> }j 

^^^t~ ~^— * ' ' ^m "^^^^^fc:SE^^»^^=^L^^«I^M^t 

also has strong support from underclassmen Brendon and Keith 
Gill. Jay LeClair. Ed Casabian. Brendon Barn' and Mike Welch. 
This year marks the first time in school history that the team has 
won the South Sectional Title. The group later advanced to the 
Fleet Center, where they lost a ferocious contest to their oppo- 


1 . A loyal team looks on from the sidelines. 

2. Feeling furious, Brendan Gill rushes the ball from his scared Taunton 

3. Jay LeClair eyes the ball as the clock ticks down. 

4. Co-captain Keith Quimby guards the ball from the opposing team. 

5. Brendan Barry and Keith Quimby look on as the referee calls a foul. 

6. Front: Kyle Quimby, Keith Quimby Back: Coach Fisher, Ed 
Casabian, Brendan Gill, Brendan Barry, Steve Woodruff, Corey 
Simmons, Mike Welch, Keith Gill, Jay Leclair, Mike Rich, Jon 
Cucianato, Coach Kearney 


7. Keith Quimby soars to new heights as he 
reaches for the rebound. 

8. Kyle Quimby fights with all his might as 
he searches for an open teammate. 

9. Ed Casabian runs the ball down the court, 
not stopping for anyone. 

10. Keith Gill flies down the court with im- 
peccable speed. 

1 1 . Jay LeClair will stop at nothing to block 

12. Brendan Gill prepares to pass the ball. 

112 135 

: ■ 


« Hi 

Senior Dribblers Dominate OCL 

Girls' Basketball. ... 

Once again, the Lady 
Trojans led by four experi- 
enced seniors, April Morin, 
Lesley Pinkerton, Mary 
Golden and Amy Lamson, 
dominated the OCL. The 
girls ended with a record of 
16-5 and advanced to the 

state tournament. Outstand- 
ing efforts were put forward 
by OCL all-stars April 
Morin, Lesley Pinkerton, 
and Lori Cyr. With ten re- 
turning players on next 
year's team, they should go 
all the way. 

1 . The team looks on as Mr. Cuniff goes over their plays. 

2. Amy Lamson calls for a pass from down court. 

3. April Morin and Lesley Pinkerton fight for the rebound. 

4. Lesley Pinkerton and Kate Barber gain posession of the ball 

as Lori Cyr looks on. 


5. Covering the open land, Laura King blocks a pass. 

6. Standing (left to right) Lori Cyr, Lesley Pinkerton, Angela Fix, 
April Morin, Sarah Peabody, Kristina Roy, Tara Bradshaw Kneel- 
ing (left to right) Sue Noblin, Mary Golden, Danielle Dangoia, 
Laura King, Katie Barber, Amy Lamson, Kristi O'Brien 

7. April Morin attempts to get the rebound before North Quincy 

8. Shooting a free throw, Kristina Roy eyes the basket. 

9. Lori Cyr attempts to recover a loose 

10. Sue Noblin looks on intently as her 
teammates sink some baskets. 

1 1. Mr. Cuniff advises his players on a 
new strategy. 

1 2. The team joins hands in a cheer before 
the same. 

137 -j| 

m m 



■ I 
1 /» ■ 

Hopes Run Hi 

gh for Skaters 

Even though the hockey 

Botelho. Greg Lusky, Chris 

team did not do as well as 

Murray and Dave McGovern. 

they had hoped, they had a 

Their leadership will be 

great year. The Trojans 

missed, but the underclassmen 

hockey team led by Captains 

have high hopes for next vear. 

Orestis Tiliakos. Chris 

1 . Jon Whitney pursues the 

Murray, and Dave McGovern 

skated their best and played 

puck in hopes of a goal. 

their hardest. The team work 

2. Derek Chaffe does a "u" 

did not go unrewarded. They 

turn and heads toward the 
other net. 

say goodbye to seniors Bryan 


54 Mam Street • 

(508} 697-53C 


3. Chris Murray overwhelms his defender. 

4. Orestis Tiliakos tries to eliminate obstacles between him and 
the puck. 

5. Dave McGovern searches for the puck in the chaos. 

6. Back Row: Coach Gear}'. John Carr, Bryan Sywain. Marc 
McGuire. Jason Balas. Sean McGovern. Craig Murray. Sean 
Brown. Joseph Cantelli. John Daly, Jon Whitney. Dan Pickett. 
Michael Quirk. Coach Jones. 

7. Shane Carnev is determined to let nothing by. 


Girls Set Standards of Excellence 

The girls' gymnastics 

contributors to the Trojans suc- 

team won their second straight 

cess were Staci Freedman, Elise 

Pilgrim Conference title and 

Pelletier, Nikki Longoand Leah 

the state championship this 


season. The team went 10-0 

and set a new school record as 

1. Nikki Longo swings through 

they topped 138. The team 

the bars with great form and 

was led by tri-captains Toni 


Lemon, Amy Freedman, and 

2. Toni Lemon impresses 

Stacey Cummings. Other key 

judges with her strength and 


3. Stacey Cummings shows great concentration as she prepares herself 
for her next balance beam skill. 

4. Amy Freedman chalks up to prepare herself for the uneven bars. 

5. Staci Freedman steadies herself amidst the attentive eyes of the 
silent crowd and judges. 

6. Leah Milan tries not to look down as she leaps with determination. 

7. The 1998 Gymnastics team, front: Stacey Cummings, Amy Freed- 
man, Toni Lemon, Coach O'Leary; middle: Allison Paul. Leah Milan. 
Allison Chandler; back: Heather Costa, Staci Freedman. Nikki Longo. 
Elise Pelletier. 



1 . Trevor Kelson finesses his volley over the net to win the point. 

2. After smashing a serve, Matt Mantalos heads for the net. 

3. Captain Dave Ozug rips this forehand down the line. 

4. Apparently pleased with the result, Brendan Casey lobs his opponent. 

5. Showing great determination. Ed Casabian hits a big fist serve. 

6. The B-R tennis team: Standing: G. Dillon, M. Rich. R.Casey, J. Noblin. 
D. Ozug, E. Casabian, M. Mantalos. Coach G. Pimental: Kneeling: E. 
Melford, S. Durso. S. Francouer, B. Casey, E. Brennen. 

7. Captain Mike Rich watches his shot drop in for a winner. 


Girls' Tennis Shines with Top Talent 

Girls' Tennis 

The 1998 Girls' Tennis 
Team, led by captains 
Natalie Porto and Christina 
Pelletier, had a good season 
in which they qualified for 
the state tournament. Los- 
ing only two seniors, this 
young team has the talent 

and ability to take it to the 
top in the '99 season. Re- 
turning varsity players, 
Christina Pelletier, Beth 
Ann Giovannoni, Katie 
Simmons, Sue Noblin, and 
Ellen Sanderson are ready 
to take on the challenge for 
another great year. 

1 . Girls (Katie Simmons, Christina Pelletier. and Ellen Sanderson) just wanna 
have fun! 

2. Sue Noblin smashes the ball into her opponent's court. 

3. Beth Ann Giovannoni hits the ball with aggressiveness. 

4. Katie Simmons waits anxiously to attack that forehand. 

5. Swing, batter batter (E. Sanderson), swing! 

6. Coach Richards gives a little advice to the top three. 

7. Team Photo: Meredith Carney, Susan Noblin, Ellen Sanderson, Katie 
Powers, Christine Smith. Heather Robertson. Standing; Coach Paul Richards. 
Katie Simmons, Christina Pelletier, Natalie Porto. Beth Ann Giovannoni. 
Danielle Jones. 


Rookie Team Falls One Short of Tournament 


As a young team, the Trojans 
fell short of an OCL title. The 
Trojans were just one win short 
of a tournament berth. They 
suffered a tough loss to 
Brockton in the final game of 
the season. Although the sea- 
son didn't turn out as they ex- 
pected, they should be in the 
title runnings next year with a 
strong nucleus of returning 
starters. With Craig Audette, 

Matt Haggerty , Tim Lawton, 
Mike Magoogan, Jay Rawlins, 
Jon Ryan, and Tim Zackrison 
returning as starters the team 
should have an impact on the 
*99 season. 

Jay and Ryan enjoy another 
beautiful day at the park. 

Coach Scott Blake explains just 
how his system works. 

3. Players high-five Brandon Carney as he scores the winning run. 

4. Pitcher Mike Magoogan rears back to throw his nasty curve. 

5. Matt Haggerty takes a rip at a steaming fast ball. 

6. Back Row: Manager: Mike Brolin, Josh Katz Darryl Cahill, Tim Zackrison. 
Tim Lawton. Mike Mcgoogen. Steven Jaques, Matt Sarcione, Jay Korske, Ryan 
Perez, Brendan Karney. Brian Stanley. Adam Howe, Coach: Scott Blake Front 
Row: Mike Johnson, John Mckinnon. Rob Francis. Craig Audette, Jay Rawlins. 
John Ryan, Mike Kaplan, Matt Haggerty, Steve Titonia 

7. Catcher Jon Ryan awaits what he hopes to be a home run pitch. 

Softball Team Maintains Second Place Spot 


The Trojan softball team had 
yet another spectacular season 
during the '97- '98 school year. 
Led by heavy hitters Amy 
Innocenzi, Jess Tracy and 
Lesley Pinkerton, as well as 
defensive wonders Rachel 
Carter, Jen Phaneuf and Ally 
Machado, the Trojans domi- 

nated the Old Colony League. 
The dynamic ladies ended their 
season in style by placing sec- 

1 . Lesley Pinkerton slides 
safely into second base. 

2. Amy Innocenzi drops into 
her defensive position at third 

3. Ally Machado winds up to deliver a tough pitch to the next 

4. Lisa Carrozza swings at the perfect pitch. 

5. Michelle Graham takes a hard swing at a tough pitch. 

6. Rachel Carter gets ready in center field for the next play. 

7. The B-R Trojans Softball team. 1st Row: Lesley Pinkerton. 
Amy Innocenzi, Danielle Dangoia; 2nd Row: Rachael Cantelli, 
Jess Tracy, Rachel Carter, Lisa Carrozza ; 3rd Row: Kelly Buzcek, 
Lauren Dowd, Steph Casey, Kristi O'Brien, Michelle Graham. 
Ally Machado; 4th Row: Jen Phaneuf , Jen Courcy, Elaine 
Guasconi, Katie Driscoll. 







Core of Competitors Give AH 
a Run for Their Money 

Boys' Spring Track 

Despite fierce competition and 
the effects of El Nino, the boys' 
spring track team was victorious 
yet again, winning the OCL meet 
and extending their winning 
streak to 31 consecutive meets. 
Under the expert guidance of 
Coaches Kearney, McDavitt, and 
Delgado, each of our athletes 
turned out his personal best per- 
formances this year. Scott 
Kimball, Darnell Kuykendall, 

Seth Nelson, Jim Emord, Ryan 
Kerrigan, and Kevin Pacehco lead 
the team in points this season and 
formed the core of the veterans. 

1 . Kyle Bradshaw easily clears the 300 
m. hurdles. 

2. Seth Johnson takes aim at any low- 
flying aircraft as he prepares to hurl the 

3. Mr. Bean (Mike Bolotin) crushes the 
competition in the one mile race. 

4. Veteran runner Jim Emord cruises to 

victory in the 2 mile. 

5. Record-setter Scott Kimball sprints to another victory. 

6. Darnell Kuykendall catapults into the air for a win 

7. 1st Row: D. Smith, M. Roman, T. Gramazio, D. Harding, B. Day, K. Pacheccl 
R. Kerrigan, C. Josey, A. Bascon, P. Maffeo, J. Vitrano. 2nd Row: T. Holmes, G j 
Linden, F. Furr, J. Emord, S. Slater, S. Hile, A. Asadorian, D. Lacerda, N. Levesque 
J. Sheehan, K. Bradshaw. 3rd Row: J. Delgado, R. Morin, I. Rawlins, C. Clemem| 
P. Johnson, J. Cantelli, R. Sieger, G. Churchill, T. Resmini, J. Orosz. 4th Rov 
J.Wright Witcher, E. Mulholland, R. Finnucci, E. Finucci, B. Costa, D. Kuyker 
N. Gorga. 5th Row: J. Bachand, M. Bolotin, D. Cummings, A. Hoyo, D. Gilrein, 1 
Malone, M. Anderson, J. Gaudette, S. Fahey, S. Johnson, B. Heavey. 6th Row: Jl 
Cheng, A. Harrington, C. Lovell, J. Moyer, S. Welson, J. Hartford, M. Noblin, J 
Smith, S. Kimball, J. Kirkcaldy 

Tri- Champions Leap to New Heights 

Girls' Spring Track 

For the first time in BR's history, 
the Girl' s Spring Track team were 
tri-champions. Ending the season 
by winning the O.C.L. meet, the 
girls had an excellent season prov- 
ing hard work and dedication does 
pay off. The girls were coached 
by Paul Urban Jr. and Francoise 
Joseph. Some key athletes were 
Lindy Ciliberto, Jessica Rawlins, 
and Sara McLellan. Although the 

seniors have graduated, it is likely 
for the girls to have a very success- 
ful future. 

1. Pushing for first and second, 
Melanie Sharpe and Sara McLellan 
approach the final turn. 

2. Melissa Mackiewicz clears a 
hurdle, bringing her another step 
closer to victory. 

3. Melissa Cuellar soars through 
the air in the long jump. 

4. Cheryl Silva looks ahead to the finish line. 

5. Exhausted, Renee Bennoit and Kim Pacheco wipe sweat from their 

6. Jill Hamilton winds up for her final throw in the javelin. 

7. Team Photo: C. Sylva, A. Wright. S. McLellan. M. Cuellar. K. Anderson. L. Ciliberto. 
B. Kuykendall. A. McLaughlin, C. Keane, S. Perry, A. Merriam, K. Cassidy. A. Chandler. 
P. Carbone, M. Takeno, T. Willmore. M. Willmore, N. Nihan. H. Cuello. J. Caputo. C. 
Doherty. M. Venuti. C. Hennesy, E. Smith. L. Churchill. M. Lee. S. Boston, K. Pacheco. 
K. Krappe. S. Carr, L. Grublin. A. Witcowski. L. Kharns. M. O'Day. T. Slattery. S. Cuellar, 
J. Pohl, K. Halon. J. Hamilton, N. Mann. S. Guarino, K. Gorman, C. Shmuck. K. Beals. N. 
Conlin, A. Mickiewicz, J. Shapleight. A. Wieprachetiger. R. Bennoit. J. McLaughlin, A. 
Svane, M. Mackiewicz, M. Sharp. S. Jackson. K. Beals. T. Monis. J. Buckley. J. Raw tins, 
S. Luney, A. Broadbent, A. Robak, S. Bissonette. C. Buckley. A. Battistini. 


BR's extra-curricular activities pro- 
vide something for everyone. For the 
musically inclined, there is the band 
and chorus. Future scientists enjoy 
Science Olympiad and US First. Lit- 
erary geniuses work hard on the year- 
book and other BR publications. If 
you're big on school spirit, cheerleading or 
the color guard is for you. Mo matter what you try, you can 
always find your place in BR's after school activities. 

1. Kurt Harfwell and Ryan Dooley take a knee after an afternoon 
of snow boarding. 

2. Sarah Daily andJosh Katz browse for ideasfortheSeniorProm. 
2. Chrissy Maxwell, Lia Macrina, Katie Moore, Jess Murphy, and 
Sarah Hooper pump themselves up for an opening cheer before 

4-. Mrs. Holt advises Myesha Wilmore, Meghan Gilrein, and Renee 
Bumpus on the ins and outs of peer mediation. 

5. Moureen Lee, Laurie Lenahan, and Amanda Smith focus 
intently on their clarinet solo. 

6. Carrie Champagne waits to take donations for the 1999 

7. Senior Class Advisor Mr. Folan watches as Melissa Marciso, 

6 5 

Jean McLaughlin, Micole Kelso, Andrea St. Martin, Megan Kelliher, and Kerry Cassidy 

pick out f>rom invitatione. 

?. Shaela Thomas stands at attention during the half-time show. 

9. The staff, cast, and crew of Cinderella" meet to remember Dave Comis before their 
Sunday performance: Top Row: Director David Goldman, Producers Mrs. White and 
Mrs. Steeves, Ashley Joy, Corey Smith, Andrew Leahy, Micole Conlon, Matt Moblin, 
Katie Moore, Johanna Conroy, Sarah Kelley, and Artie Sharp Bottom Row: Choreog- 
rapher Kelley Moore, Jen Grunin, Jess Murphy, Jean McLaughlin, Becky Briggs, and 
Micole Kelso 

10. 'You say goodbye. ..away you fly!" moans The Evil Stepmother (Jen Grunin) as 
her daughters Portia (Micole Kelso) and Joy (Jess Murphy) smile in delight. 

11. Queen (Jean McLaughlin) curls the Fairy Godmother's (Lia Macrina's) lovely locks 
before opening night. 



On the last weekend in March 
1998 BR's Raynwater Players put on 
their first performance, "Hello 
Dolly!" Director David Goldman, cho- 
reographer Kelly Moore, musical di- 
rector Janice Issa, Mrs. White and 
Mrs. Steeves all worked hard to 
produce the show, while Jack 
Phaneuf, in his last year with the 
musical , constructed the set. Strong 
performances were turned out by 
Athan Mantalos and Matt Noblin as 
Cornelius and Barnaby. Greg Adams 
was lovable as Horace Vandergelder 
and Rachael Cantelli shined as Dolly. 

1. Michelle, Athan, and Tamah "reek of 
savoir faire." 

2. Cornelius (Athan Mantalos) and Barney 
(Matt Noblin) dip Irene Molloy (Tamah Hunt) 
and Minnie Fay (Michelle Dempsey). 

3. Greg Adams and Lia Macrina strut their 

4. Mimi Takeno, Jessica Palowski, and Jackie 
LeClair model their "Sunday Clothes." 


5. Horace Vandergelder (Greg Adams) begs 
Dolly (Rachael Cantelli) to stay. 

6. "Close your eyes and see it glisten, Barnaby." 

7. Rudolph (Jay Long) finds Dolly (R. Cantelli) a 
vacant knee. 

8. Judge Jim Kirkcaldy holds back his emotions 
as Clerk Andrew Leahy takes down the deposi- 

9. Dolly (Rachael Cantelli) remembers the good 
ole days at the Harmonia Gardens while 
Ermengarde (Katie Moore) and Ambrose (J. 
Wright Witcher) share loving glances. 

10. Cast members march and sing to "As the 
Parade Passes By." 

11. The dancers of "Hello Dolly!" are captured 
in mid-kick. 








The band has, as always, been busy 
this year. Led by director Gary Hy man 
and drum majors Ashley Joy and Brad 
Clark, they dazzled their audiences 
with their energy and enthusiasm. 

Their field show had a Blues Broth- 
ers theme, and included the songs 
"Peter Gunn," "Gimme Some Lovin', 
and "Sweet Home Chicago." This 
show entertained spectators at the 
Somerset Musictown Festival and the 
Abington Jamboree, not to mention 
the fans at home football games. 

The band also performed at UMass 
Band Day and marched in several local 
parades. This year's major event was 
the trip to Florida, where they par- 
ticipated in the Magic Music Days at 
Disney World. It was, indeed, a magi- 
cal experience. 

1. At the Somerset Music town Festival, the 
band stands ready as the drum majors sa- 

2. Mike Zeller stands with the band before 
the pre-game show. 

3. Corey Smith Performs a solo during "Sweet 
Home Chicago." 

4. The band and color guard take the field to 
perform their show. 

5. Drum majors Brad Clark and Ashley Joy 
conduct "Peter Gunn." 

6. The trumpet line crosses the field during 
"Peter Gunn." 

7. Laurie Lenahan and Theresa Masselli pre- 
pare to march in the pre-game show. 

8. The trombone section learns new music 
during Band Camp. 

9. Dressed as the Blues Brothers, Jim Kelleher 
and -Aaron Rovaldi march in the half time show. 

10. Led by the flute section, the band takes the 
field to perform their show. 

11. The band practices column turns in the 
parking lot. 



rt<t making ®f 


As the Raynwater Players filed into the 
auditorium for auditions, nerves ran wild 
and voices were warmed up. Candidates ran 
up on stage and tried their best. Then the 
cast list was posted. "Who's who?," every- 
one asked. Katie Moore was chosen to play 
Cinderella; Matt Noblin, Prince Charming; 
Jen Grunin, Wicked Step-Mother; Nicole 
Kelso,Portia; Jess Murphy, Joy; J.Wright 
Witcher, King; and Jean McLaughlin, Queen. 

Rehersals for Rodgers and Hammer- 
stein's "Cinderella" were full of laughs, 
sweat, music and a lot of great memories. 
This cast of fifty-six worked extremely 
hard and was dedicated throughout many 
long nights. 

1. Cinderella (Katie Moore) poses for a 
picture with two future Cinderellas. 

2. Catherine Hathaway finishes her make- 
up before the opening number. 

3. Nicole Kelso fears the curling iron as she 
prepares for the stage. 

4. Royal steward (Brian Heavey) and the 
Wicked Step-Mother (Jen Grunin) look on 
as the Queen (Jean McLaughlin) signs an 
autograph for one of her young admirers. 

5. Lia Macrina spreads some fairy dust on 






her adoring fans. 

6. Sarah Hooper, Nicole Conlon, and Laura Winsor 
ook on with disgust as the prince dances with a 
possible bride. 

7. Director David Goldman helps Nicole Kelso 
get into character. 

8. The King (J.Wright Witcher) poses with one 
of his loyal subjects (Ashley Joy). 

9. Theset crew (AdrienneBossi, Megan Kelliher, 
Louisa Plouffe, Lora Marden, Jess Dye, and 
Shaela Thomas) takes a little time out to have 
some fun. 

10. The artistic staff (Mrs. Steeves, David 
Goldman, Janice Wright, Mrs. White, and Kelley 
Moore) takes a well-earned break. 

11. Aimee Ayers, Nicole Clapp, Julie Caputo, Jill 
Shapleigh, and Jill Coleman take time to smile 
and relax before going on stage. 


\\i 1 I 


1/j ?h£ 

Once upon a time 

Cinderella obeyed her wicked step-mother 
and step-sisters. The townspeople cheered 
as the heralds proclaimed, "The prince is 
giving a ball." Prince Charming found his love, 
and they lived happily ever after. 

Now, the glass slippers are back in their 
box, and the piano is silent. The Raynwater 
Players gave a memorable and professional 
show that "wowed" their audience. A stand- 
ing ovation to all! The Raynwater Players 
offer this little piece of advice to the stu- 
dents at B-R: Impossible things are happen- 
ing every day! 

1. "I want the wine of my country..." shouts 
the King (J.Wright Witcher) as he plans a 
ball with the chef (Derek Raynard) and the 
Queen (Jean McLaughlin). 

2. The heralds ( Jim Kirkcaldy and Andrew 
Leahy) sport the black and white tights as 
they proclaim. .."The prince is giving a ball." 

3. The Prince ( Matt Noblin) shows Cinderella 
(Katie Moore) around the royal garden as 
they sing "Ten Minutes Ago." 

4. "Well, not you. I want to talk to my ooown 
daughters!" barks the Wicked Step-Mother 
(Jen Grunin)to Cinderella (Katie Moore), Joy 
(Jess Murphy) and Portia (Nicole Kelso). 

5. "Another dance?" asks the Prince as Becky 
Briggs cuts in. 

4 -: 



6. The two heralds (Andrew Leahy and Jim 
Kirkcaldy) pose with the Prince (Matt Noblin) 
before searching for the owner of the glass 

7. The brass section trumpets after a procla- 
mation from the Prince. 

8. Cinderella sits in her "own little corner." 

9. MaryEllen Anderson and Lauren Sankus of- 
fer the Queen (Jean McLaughlin) a taste test 
for the ball. 

10. The Fairy Godmother (Lia Macrina) grants 
Cinderella's impossible wish. 

11. Katie Roza, Ruth Sullivan, Maryellen Ander- 
son, Carrie Pritchard, Julie Watson, John 
Dooley, and Jenn Cook rejoice at the thought of 
the upcoming ball. 

12. The cast of Cinderella gathers for a final 
group shot. Congratulations! 

Under the new direction of Virginia 
Capelo, B-R's color guard continued its show 
of excellence. Receiving new uniforms after 
f undraising helped the girls' energy rise to 
new levels. Looking forward to the trip to 
Florida in April along with the marching 
band, concert band, and chorus, they spend 
many nights practing to achieve perfection. 
Their half-time show strengthens school 
spirit at footballs games and gets rave re- 
views from the fans. 

1. Kristen Dzialo concentrates on twirling. 

2. Becky Briggs fights to hold her flag 
steady during the windy Saturday 

3. Team: Top: Heather Shapleigh, Shannon 
Smith, Stephanie Thomas, Julie Lavoy; 
Middle: Jull Shapleigh, Stephanie Heavey, 
Barbara Quinn, Jessica Polowski, Kacie 
Lamontagne; Bottom: Cristen Dzalo, Carrie 
Pritchard, Becky Briggs. 

4. Tanya Wood , Carrie Pritchard , and Kristen 
Dzialo show off their new uniforms. 

5. The team is set to move onto the field. 

6. Becky Briggs and Carrie Prichard march 
to the beat as they perform in the half-time 

B-R cheerleaders spend many hours 
practicing their routines and developing 
their agility and coordination. Cheer- 
leaders compete in local competitions 
and encourage everyone to attend games. 
The cheerleaders support the schools 
athletic teams and promote school spirit. 

1. B-R Cheerleaders fly above the rest as 
they root for their #1 school. 

2. The mighty Trojan football players team 
up with the cheerleaders to entertain at the 
pep rally. 

3. April Silva towers over the crowd as she 
beams with school pride. 

4. Team: First row: Jess Julius, Nicole Nyhan, 
Valere Vernaglia, Irene Govase; Second row: 
Meghan Callahan, Kim Pacheco; Third row: 
Ariana D'sousa, Jamie Wilcox, Jill O'Brien, 
Tara Oliveria, Lauren Maxwell; Fourth row: 
Katelyn Gale, Karen Wilcox. Chrissy Max- 
well, Kelly Ahearn, April Silva. 

5. Karen Wilcox , Kelly Ahearn, and Melissa 
Whitty encourage the team from the top of 
the elevators. 

6. Kelly Casey sends out her love to the 





B-R's Science Olympiad, led by coach, 
Ms. /Anania, president, Jimmy Moore, and 
vice-president Tim Resminihad a very strong 
season this year . Some of the events for 
the team competition were the "egg drop,", 
"metric mastery," "earth, sea, and sky," "pe- 
riodic table", and "say it again. " A few of the 
teams that earned medals this year were: 
Rob Chambers and Paul Kostas (in "bio-equa- 
tion") and the thunderous duo Jimmy Moore 
and Tim Resmini (in propellar propulsion). 

1. Tim Resmini and Jimmy Moore receive 
medals for their star studded performance 
in "propellar propulsion" 

2. Chris Daniels tower might as well be made 
of cast iron, as it easily supports the maxi- 
mum weight of a paltry 56 pounds. 

3. Jeff "Einstein" Beshansky and Stephen 
Heggarty go over polar and non-polar equa- 
tions during chem lab. 

4. Team members, Jen Sousa, Jimmy Moore, 
Peter Georgantis, and Craig Hirtle utilize 
the wisdom of Mrs. Calef . 

5. Jen Sousa and Jimmy Moore commence 
"the scrambler." 

6. Eric Edson, Jimmy Moore, and Mike 
Spagone watch as Tim Resmini prepares to 
fly his plane, "Air Resmini," in propellar 

a 1 



7. Rob Chambers and Paul Kostas ponder the 
equation of life in "Biosphere." 

8. Mike Woodworth, Beth Schultz, Drew Shah, 
and Jimmy Moore work quickly to solve the 
puzzles of metric mastery. 

9. Tim "Mr. Wizard" Resmini, contemplates 
Fermat's Last Theorem, while his apprentice 
John McCann looks on. 

10. Peter Georgantis, Melissa Bodreau, Mike 
Spagone, Tim Resmini, Craig Hirtle, Jimmy 
Moore, John McCann, and John Witherall ob- 
serve the egg drop. 

11. 1st row: Eric Edson, John Witherall, John 
McAnn, Cathy Hill, Craig Hirdle, Mike Spagone 
2nd Row: Matt Fritardo, Beth Schultz, Drew 
Shah, John Boyd, Mike Bolotin 3rd Row: Paul 
Kostas, Rob Chambers, Tim Resmini, Jimmy 




B-R is home to a very dedicated and victorious robotics team. 
The team TJ 2 is the result of a nine-year alliance between a 
member of the first B-R and Johnson and Johnson Professionals, 

Led by physics teacher Ms. Calef , TJ 2 includes all aspects of 
design, building, advertising, and funding for the robotics compe- 
titions . Forty members are divided into sub-groups. The art 
team, advised by Mr. Phaneuf , is responsible for the logo design, 
silk screening, sign construction, and tie dying. The f undraising is 
headed by Ms. Bridges. Team rank standings are determined by 
the administrative team led by Mr. Edan, and the computer group 
is advised by t^s. Botelho. The literary team which writes the 
newsletter is overseen by Ms. Sergant. Finally, the actual con- 
struction of the robot by the build team is lead by Mr. Morrison. 

This year's "bot" has already been shipped off to Rutgers, New 
Jersey for the 1999 First regional competition to be held on 
March 18 through 20. The team participates in competition, 
scouting missions, and social functions with other teams from the 
eastern U.S. and moves on to the Nationals April 22-24. Let's get 
ready to rumble! 

1. Chris Ortiz-Merrill, Michael Murphy, an dTerry Young design 
the control system for the robot. 

2. Nick Barrick, a team leader from J JPI, smiles after working on 
some preliminary activities. 

3. BR. U.S. F.I.R.S.T. Team 1999 Back Row: Dick LaJoie, Gary 
Fernandes. Charlie, Keith Hendershot, Nick Barnick, Bryan Botelho. 
Jason Gaudette, Terry Young, Tom Calef, Chris McDowell, Paul 
Zimbone Middle Row: Leon Machado, Ashley Carson, Phil 
Wadsworth, Gill Pacheco, Michael Murphy, Dave McGuire, Rob 
Mastria, Chris Flynn, Chris Ortiz-Merrill, John Ferreira, Kevin 
Mahoney, Joe Munise, Mary Auger, Ms. Bridges. Front Row: Lisa 
DeLorenzo, Rebekah Hunt, Auna Lundin, Jen Hannery, Ashley 
Whitty, Jessica Pawlowski, Scott Porto, Melissa Brassil, Julie 
Lavoie. Ms. Botelho, Anita Vemuganti, Ms. Calef 

4. At the team kick-off meeting, students, engineers and advisors 
council the model. 

5. David McGuire and Bernadette O'Connor work diligently to 
make final touches on the teams robot TJ 2 . 

6. Michelle Holmes. Auna Lundin, Jen Flannery, and Ashley Carson 
help to raise money by participating in Wheel Day along the Cape 
Cod Canal in October. 

v * J I Ml *' 

■<Sfcfr4tl •, 





Peer leaders is a group of motivated individuals 
who want to make a difference. Their main goal is 
to help others in the community and lead young 
students down the right path as they reach their 
teenage years. Throughout our early lives we are 
faced with many difficult decisions dealing with 
family, friends, school, drugs, sports, relation- 
ships, etc. Peer leaders want to lead others into 
making the choice to live a life of giving rather 
than taking. They work extremely hard at achiev- 
ing that goal by getting involved in the R.A.V.E. 
volunteer program, the D.A.R.E. program, volun- 
teering at soup kitchens, and tutoring as well as 
many other volunteer activities. 

1. Angela Berghaus sits and enjoys studying 
science with a younger student. 

2. Catherine Furtado patiently helps a young 
student with homework. 

3. Melissa Brassil and Christina Ferreira smile 
after a day of working with young kids. 

4. (front row) Julie Lavoie, Meghan Gilrein, Kelli 
McLoughlin, Jen Stack, Angela Berghaus, 
Stephanie Thomas, Jessica Pawloski (Middle Row) 
Christine Ferreira, Melissa Brassil, Meghan Cole, 
Christina Powers, Jackie LeClair, Kelly Govain 
(Back Row) Advisor Ms. Morgon, John McCann, 
Jackie Sly, Catherine Furtado 

5. Julie Adams watches on as second graders in 
Mrs. McLaughlin's c\ass work on projects. 

6. Jen Stack takes a break during a visit to Ms. 
Merritt's second grade class. 




.V I 


With central headquarters located in the mysteri- 
ous shadows of 235, the publications at BR educate, 
entertain, and influence the faculty and students. Per- 
haps the most vital to the smooth functioning of our 
school is the weekly calendar created by Lindsay Simpson. 
This not only informs everyone of every Softball game 
and Art Club meeting, but also amuses us with quotes of 
the week or seasonal graphics. The head juggler of every 
B-R publication, Ms. Diane "The Boss" McGuire created 
the B-R Journal, a newsletter for the parents of stu- 
dents who leave notices crumpled in the botom of their 
lockers, never remember to tell their folks about confer- 
ences, or somehow misplace their report cards. 

Jen Grunin has continued in her second year as 
Editor-in-Chief of the Regional Sound, where she and her 
staff received an overwhelmingly positve response from 
staff, students, and parents. The Brockton Enterprise 
has also called Srunin to write features and editorials for 
them on a regular basis. 

Because of the successful revival of last year's 
school newspaper, Ms. McGuire also begged a reluctant 
Jen Grunin to take over the Editor-in-Chief position for 
the 1999 Unitas. With the help of Tracy Scanlan and 
Lindsay Simpson (Blurb typist extraordinares and trea- 
surers), Brian Heavey and Jean McLaughlin (Senior and 
Baby Page Wizards) Mark Krikorian (head typist) Pam 
Osterhous and Jess Schmuck (right-hand reliability at 
its best) and the floating staff that ran to the Chief's 
aid with every random outburst, verbal battle, or stress 
attack that erupted, the yearbook is finally finished! 

In her nonexistent spare time, Jen with the aid of 
Mrs. White and Ms. Mc&uire also designed the program 
for Cinderella. The publications department also creates 
programs for the Academic Awards Nights. 

1. On the verge of insanity, yearbook experts Brian Heavey, Jean 
McLaughlin, Jess Schmuck, and Jen Srunin battle over who 
misplaced the faculty divider pages. 

2. Jessica Schmuck crops candids for the junior pages. 

3. With an evil eye, Tim Resmini thinks up his next caption. 

4. Melissa Mackiewitz, Brenden Lee, Brian Heavey, and Jean 
McLaughlin add the finishing touches to the memorial page. 

5. Newspaper staffers Mike Zeller, Lauren Sankus, Amanda 
Smith, and Tim Wenson look through old copies of the Regional 
Sound hoping to find some ideas for the next issue. 

6. Typing his fingers to the bone, Mark Knkorian keys in the text 

and captions to another yearbook page. 

7. With fastidious attention to detail, Pam Osterhous makes sure 
every picture sticker is correct. 

8. Looking through an old yearbook, Advisor Ms. McGuire and Editor- 
in-Chief Jen Grunin brainstorm for ideas for the 1999 Unitas. 

9. The Regional Sound Staff: First row: Kelly Gouvain. Angela 
Berghaus, Rebecca Sergi, Ashley Carson, Lauren Sankus, Stephanie 
Guarino: Second row: Tim Wenson, Mike Zeller, Danielle Dangoia, Jim 
Kirkaldy. Amanda Smith, Brendan Harmon; Third row: Advisor Ms. 
Diane McGuire, Jen Grunin, Jean McLaughlin, Brian Heavey, Tim 
Resmini. Melissa Mackeiwicz. 

10. Tracy Scanlan types the enormous pile of Senior blurbs for this 
year's Unitas. 

11. "Are you sure you want this picture?" Joanna Conroy asks meticu- 
lous Andrew Leahy. 

12. 1999 Unitas Staff: First row: Jenn Cook, Came Champagne. Tim 
Resmini, Mark Krikorian. Second row: Tracy Scanlon, Toni Lemon, Pam 
Osterhaus. Amanda Smith, Third row: Jean McLaughlin, Brian Heavey, 
Advisor Ms Diane McGuire, Jen Grunin, Melissa Mackiewicz 

13. Staff members Lora Marden. Stephanie Guarino, Rebecka Sergi. 
and Jenn Cook adimre their work in the December Regional Sound 

14. Katie Moore Sarah Kelly, and Joanna Conroy team up to choose the 
perfect photo for the Cinderella pages 

15 Disgruntled Jim Kirkcaldy threatens to cut Jen Grumn's precious 
newspaper in half with "THE BLADE" because of her heavy editing of 
his article as writers Danielle Dangoia and Ahmed Chaudry smile 


tydsmt (§®w®pv\m®nf 

Freshman Class Officers: (Left to Right) 
Todd Derbyshire, Amy Colman, Advisor Mr. 
Silvia, Molly Lawton, John Carr. 


Senior Class Officers: Brian Heavey. y 
Jean McLaughlin, Megan Kelliher, Brendai ; 
Harman, (Being Carried) Advisor Mr. Folar , 

Sophomore Class Officers: (Top) Ryan 
Schleicher, Kate Crappe, Advisor Mr. Viera 
(Bottom) Katie Barber, Emily Morey. 

Student Council: (Top) Alyssa Asack 
Jean McLaughlin, Brendan Harman, Kell> 
Casey, Kate Crappe (Bottom) Johf 
Laubinger, Josh Katz, Steve Woodruff. 

Junior Class Officers: Maura O' Day, Bil 
Nixon, Jeremy Laubinger, Jesse Mead, 

Student School Committee Advisory Board: 

Jan Smith, Jon Laubinger, Tim Lawton, 
Jesse Mead, Advisor Mr. Peabody. 




:~ran - 



National Honor Society: Members of this 

prestetious national organization must earn a 5.8 
overall GPA, and demonstrate leadership, scholar- 
ship and excellence. This year the NHA participated 
in the Toys for Tots drive which provided gifts for 
the Pediatric Floor of Brockton Hospital. Members 
are required to perform 20 hours of community 
service which includes tutoring other students, car- 
ing for the elderly, and helping in soup kitchens. The 
highlights of the year are a faculty appreciation tea 
in March and the induction ceremony for new mem- 
bers in May. (1st Row) Mary Golden, Kim Halon, James 
Emord, Lauren Sankus, Christine, Schettine, April Morin, 
Kerry Cassidy, Jean McLaughlin (2nd Row) Jan Smith, Toni 
Lemon, Erin Daley, Becky Norn's, Megan Gilrain, Lara 
Gould, Megan Kelliher, Jen Grunin, James Kirkcaldy, An- 
drea St. Martin, Kristen Saunders (3rd Row) Mrs. Calef , 
Stacey Cummings, Kelly Govain, Stephanie Guarino, Jason 
Gilbody, Christopher Murray, Thomas Cushing, Michael 
Dembro, Steven Piccariello, Timothy Pigeon, Ms. Bridges 
(Top) Douglas Bessette. 

Modem World Affairs: (Front Row) Angela 
Berghaus, Rob Cautillo, Mr. Silva, Megan Kelliher, Jim 
Kirkcaldy, Brendon, Harmon, Laura Scarlet, (2nd Row) 
Meghan Gilrein, Laura Gould, Toni Lemon, Wendy Zimbone, 
Jarod Lucia, Becky Norris, Brian Heavey, Dave Ozug 
(Behind) Kelli McLoughlin, Jan Smith. 

tydsiFit Activitisfj 

? t *,f?. 

Math Team competed in the Southeastern Mas- 
sachusetts Math League and finished 13th in a 24 
team group. Strong contributions were made by se- 
niors Tim Pigeon, Jim Emord, Chris Daniels, Lauren 
Sankus, and Tom Cushing. The fine performances of 
underclassmen give high hopes for the future. (1st 
Row) Jim Emord, Jessica Julius, Laura Karns, Lauren Sankus, 
Sara Bissonette, Jim Kirkcaldy (2nd Row) Dave Goronlu, Jim 
Gray, Brendan Casey, Liz Hardy, Stacey Perry, Ahmed 
Chaudry, Dan Doherty, NickGorga, Tim Pigeon, Jeff Saunders, 
Mike Bena, Paul Kostas, Tom Cushing, Advisor Mr. Moscardelli. 

i f » t 



S.A.D.D. The Club has encouraged students to 
avoid destructive behavior, They tried to show their 
peers that a large percentage of the student body 
agrees with their ideals. They have done this by 
building the "Chain of Life," distributing red ribbons 
at the Semi, and participating in the "Grim Reaper 
Day." More activities are planned for the spring to 
remind students f o the dangers of drinking and driv- 
ing, especially around prom time. (1st Row) Christina 
Powers, Jaclyn Sly, Barbara Quinn, Andrew Leahy, 
Laurie Lenahan, Steve Macarthy, Rob Cautillo, 
Catharine Furtado (2nd Row) Mary Golden, Umar 
Chaudhary, Julie Caputo, Lisa Poirier, Rebeckah Sergie, 
Moreane Lee, Kristen Dzialo (3rd Row) Becky Norris, 
Jim Emord, Mike Dembro, Kaitlyn Copp, Tim Resmini, 
Bill Costa. 


Student Aefivifiei 

Future Teachers of America These mo- 
tivated individuals hope one day to pursue 
a career in education. To get acquainted 
with the field, they take part in such 
activities as classroom observations, as- 
sisting in day care centers, participating 
in Read Across America, and Stand for 
Children. Not only that, the FTA does 
their best to help out \r\ the community by 
volunteering their time for food drives 
and fund-raising. (Top) Jen Mallet, Kelly 
Govain, Jen Persico, Jackie Leclair, Katelyn 
Roza (Bottom) Reggie Miles, Steve McArthy. 

3 ; ;■ 




^1^1 U^k. J 

1. \^ 

t • > ^*l 



W ^ " ' -^Rs^i 

•/, ■ 


Diversity Club: (Top) Nina Henderson, Jen 
Ocasio, Sean Williams, Siobhan Boston, 
Natalie Registre, Nichole DesRavines, Ad- 
visor Marcia Gill-Bass, Marison Ocasio (Bot- 
tom) Peter DiNapoli, Myisha Wilmore, 
Sharia Boston, Michael Stafford, Tyisha 

Say-Straight Alliance has hosted a 
speaker this year who addressed the stu- 
dents and staff about issues that affect 
the GLBT students and how to create a 
safer school environment. They also at- 
tended the Safe Schools Conference at 
Bridgewater State College. (Top) Brendan 
Harman, Advisor Ms. Kelly, (Bottom) Megan 
Kelliher, Erin Moura, Corrine Collins, Wendy 
Zimbone, Adryan Domenico, Megan O'Connor, 
Brian Mayher. 



Peer Mediation: (Front Row) Erin Munise, 
Kelly McLoughlin, Angela Berghaus, Jen 
Ocasio, Myisha Willmore, Nichole Desravines, 
Shahria Boston, Katie Asiaf (Second Row) 
Megan Gilrein, Lindsey Meany, Emily Morey, 
Katlyn Powers, ALyssa Asack, Katie Colleen, 
Geoff Churchill, Andrew Leahy, Meghan Cole 
(Third Row) Melissa Oxley, Jellena Furr, 
Peter Dinapoli, Matt Santos, Ed Callahan, 
Adam Crossman, Mike Paul, Stephanie Picher, 
Adryan Dominico, Miss Gill-Bass. 


tydl&fif ^\ctivitis£J 

ChoPUS'- (Back Row) Elizabeth Schultz, Lia Macrina, 
Joanna Conroy, Sarah Cannon, Adryan Domenico (kneeling) 
Rebekah Hunt, /Amanda Collins, Christina Powers, Catherine 
Furtado, Kate Roza, Colleen Martinez (sitting)Kim Thomas, 
Katie Burt, Tory Furtado, Rachel Hoyo, Jess Murphy, 
Kerrie Tobey, bear\r\a Fruzzetti, Melissa Webber, Erin 
Kelleher (Front Row) Derek Raynard, J. Wright Witcher, 
Brian Heavey (Not Pictured) Brad Clark, Jenn Flannery, 
Kelly Graham, Kassandra Grant, ALison Hartrey, Sarah 
Hooper, Juliette Keay, Shauna Lane, Lauren Lentini, Katie 
Moore, Katie Sypher, Julie Watson, Brian Lyman, Kendra 
Morana, Matt Barnsley, Stephanie Tucker, Chris Davis. 

Art Club would be nowhere without the undying 
support of the school administration. This year we 
emerged as an official club. During the months since 

I our recognition we have had a craft fair, Yankee Swap 
and Mardi Gras with Sandwich High School. We also 
plan to go to New York City in May. We meet 
Wednesday afternoons in Room 126. (Front Row) Kate 
Ouelette, Lisa Delorenzo, Michelle Holmes, Jillian Shapleigh, 
Corrine Giordani, Beth Schultz, Druvah Shah, Laura Scarlet (Sec- 
ond Row) Shaela Thomas, Lin Maloni, Jen Kannerey, Sam Allen, 

i Johanna Keay, Adrienne Bossi, Megan Kenealy, Rachel Goldberg, 
Jessica Golden (Third Row) Julie Duhmel, Amy Coleman, Candace 
Croteau, Karyn O'Connell, Dave Buckley, Doug Bumpus, Megan 
Kelliher, Brendan Harman (Back Row) Jill Coleman, Adryan Domenico, 
Megan O'Connor, Christina Correire, Katy Lucas, Chris Cautillo, 
Mike Graham, Tim Wenson, Mike Zeller, Mike Owens. 

3* <l 

f ' 1 A 




Concert Band: (Back Row) Director Mr. Hyman, 
Laurie Lenahan, Jackie Sly, Diana Tatro, Lia t^acrina, Matt 
Moseley, Peter Johnson, Mike Zeller, Andrew Campbell, Pat 
Lee, Derek Raynard, Andrea Stoughton (Kneeling) Amanda 
Smith, Jenn Young, Maureen Lee, Chris Flynn, Barrie Guarino, 
Jim Kelleher, Ashley Joy, Evan Biela, Jeff Mallett, Thersa 
Masselli, Matt Shaw (Sitting) Aaron Rovaldi, Jess Dye, Chris 
Ruth, Brad Clark, Matt Barnsley, Adam Lucia, Stephanie 
Thomas, Jill Shapleigh, Jesse Witcher, Rob Cautillo (Front 
Row) Amanda Collins, Charleen Christof i, Heather Shapleigh, 
Lisa Pories, Jill Coleman, Andrew Leahy, Julie Watson, Carrie 
Prichard, Kristen Dzialo, Catherine Hathaway, Abby Rovalli, 
Deanna Fuzetto, Leanne Lortie, Erin Kelleher (Not Pictured) 
Corey Smith, Jim Hamel, Alex Mullen, Angela Berghaus, Mike 
Murphy, Tanya Wood.. 

Drama This year's club presented the high 
school drama "To Tell The Truth" in the fall and 
"The Foreigner" and "Detective Story" in the 
spring. All three plays showcased the talents and 
hard work of the members. (Sitting) S.Morley,M. 
O'Brien, K. Lomba, S. O'Brien, S. Cote, N. Kelso, J. 
Murphy, A. Joy (Kneeling) M. Bailey, R. Miles, T 
Andrews, T. Gramazio, C. Schettini, J. La Pointe, A. 
Reiger, T. Matthews, J. House (Standing) L. Easton, T. 
Kelson, M. Martineau, Advisor hAr. deCastro, J. Boyd, 
P. Peruzzi, J. Long, N. Robbins, C. Madden, G. McKinnon. 




Good Luck 


the Class of 1999! 

Special thanks 
to our financial supporters! 


Kathleen Swann 


Robert Peterson 

Ms. Anne Botelho 

Jane Svelnis 

Ms. Stone 


Carol Burton 

Francis and Evelyn Ferioli 

Diane McGuire 

In this second millenium, 

uje knew we were 
sauing the best for last. 

J & L 4 us! 4 in Vtil i 

"Custom Upholstery" 
Auto • Marine • Commercial • Residential 

John Tangaro III 

1 623 Broadway 

Raynham. MA 02767 

Free Pick-Up 

Free Delivery 






Decks, Siding, Renovations 


; j 


• ■ -■ 


Too! & Hie 

Specializing in Quality Service 

P.O. BOX 3Q7 


50B 822-4489 

(508) 252-3800 = Shop & Office 
(508) 559-8547 = Mobile 
(508) 252-4500 = Fax 

Chip Ventura's Welding Co. 

Specializing in 
Heavy Equipment 

87 Tremont Street 
Rehoboth, MA 02769 

(508) 822-2941= Office 
(508) 823-3913 = Home 
(781) 924-5988 = Pager 

RUCKING inc . 

P.O. Box 648 
Raynham Center, MA 02768-0648 


enjamm s 





Monday thru Sunday 10 am • 5 pm 

TAUNTON, MA 02780 
TEL. (508) 824-6313 
FAX: (508) 880-5443 


Profit Sharing Plans 
Simple Plans 
Insurance Programs 

Buy/Sell Funding 

Asset Protection 

Business Continuation 

Benefits Evaluation & Design 


4 Brook Street, Suite 24, Scituate MA 02066 

(508) 252-4315 = Shop & Office 
(508) 561-8006 = Mobile 
(508) 252-4500 = Fax 

Chip Ventura's 


Specializing in 
Undercarriage Repairs 

87 Tremont Street 
Rehoboth, MA 02769 

Kim Lane, Jill Ledin and 
Jami Sickoll stop at 
"Dunks" for coffee and a 

friends forever 

Meghan Sullivan. 
Jami Sickoll, 
Renee Carr, Jill 
Ledin, and Leslie 
Pinkerton show 
how their friend- 
ship stacks up. 

Sharing a special 
prom night were 
Leslie Pinkerton. 
Renee Carr, Jami 
Sickoll, Jill Ledin. 
Meghan Sullivan, 
and Kim Lane. 


Sharon Bradshaw 
July 10, 1981 - June 29, 1997 

We hope your dreams of heaven are as good as the dreams you had for your life. 

Love. Mom. Tony. Kelly. Mel 
lissa. Rhonde. Amanda. Brittnee. Jim. 
and the nephew you never knew. Cameron. 

This young lady was blooming with individually. She 
loved animals, especiallly her feret Mitzy. She enjoyed 
babysitting and acquired many luxuries by working hard. 
Getting involved and achiving was natural. She was a 
member of the championship cheerleading team that won 
at Disneyworld in "94. Go. Silver City Cougars! 

Don't be fooled by 
this prim look, she 
enjoyed helping the 
children at Handi- 

K:ds with their 
horse-riding therapy. 

There she fell in love 
with a horse named 

V ! 


Demanding attention from Mom at Disneyworld. this little 
future artist will dream Disney demands her talent. 

Sharon's family would like ro give special thanks to : Liz Killea. Jill Rose. 
Heather Henessey. Nicole Hendrickson. Melissa and Shelley Cuellar. Michele 
Oicles. and Jen Benoit. 


Sror.sore:: '?'. Sharor."s :„::::> 

^r <** 

e>> > > \> I\^ 










j^- Gave) 

^lf I y^ 

Congratulations, Class of '99! 

Best Wishes to Peter Maffeo, Jen Grunin, 

Tim Andrews, Jean McLaughlin, Josh 

Katz, and Ben McKenna! 

(£)\T£ IX 

pear Wi** 
\t>u Xesen/Z- 

m t mf^ 

Serving It Your Way 

For Almost 50 Years 
Lorenzo's Italian Restaurant 

Route 28 • Middleboro, MA 02346 
(508) 947-3000 

?fr> 9l r% 








)^M ^ 


K-/ 7 . n i iJ 






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